Of course, after successfully refining the pill, Chu Yunfan had passed the beginner-level alchemy apprentice test.
Nevertheless, he was unsatisfied and planned to take further tests.

Following the Alchemist Association’s rules, the tests that could be done through the virtual network stopped at advanced-level alchemy apprentice certification.
If one wanted to become a legitimate alchemist, they would have to take the test at the Alchemist Association.

According to the rules set by the Federation government, alchemy apprentices could only refine medicinal pills for themselves.
Only legitimate alchemists, those who had at least trainee certification, could sell the pills they refined to others.


When one was still an alchemy apprentice, they were merely giving instead of receiving any rewards.
On the other hand, as soon as one became an official alchemist, they could sell the medicinal pills that they refined on the network.

At that point, they could recover some of their costs.
The higher the level of an alchemist, the more they would make.
As soon as one passed the alchemy trainee test and became an official alchemist, they were basically an honored guest by all factions.

Within Calm Sea City’s population of up to 10 million, very few of them had the qualifications to become an official alchemist.
One could only find intermediate-level alchemists in Donghua City.
An alchemist at such a level was basically a tycoon with a net worth of 100 million and great influence.

Being on the path of alchemy was in Chu Yunfan’s plan.
Regular people would need to practice many times in order to pass the test, but he did not have such concerns.
Given the situation, he would rather take all of the tests at once.

Therefore, he hesitated no more and clicked on the Alchemy Assistant to register for the intermediate-level alchemy apprentice test.

After the beginner-level alchemy apprentice test, the intermediate test required that he refine one more medicinal pill.
It was merely a basic medicinal pill, so it was very easy.

To Chu Yunfan, who inherited the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, it was as easy as drinking and eating.

“You’ve obtained the Alchemist Association’s intermediate-level alchemy apprentice certification.
Please head over to the local Alchemist Association to pick up your license!”

Immediately after obtaining the intermediate-level alchemy apprentice certification, Chu Yunfan began the advanced-level alchemy apprentice test.
Just like the intermediate test, the advanced test only required one more medicinal pill refinement.

Although only one more basic medicinal pill refinement was needed, as he did the refinement continuously, it was actually pretty difficult for newbies who had just gotten familiar with alchemy.

In Chu Yunfan’s case, it was nothing complicated.
He merely followed the steps of adding herbs, fire, and water.
He completed it with ease.

“You’ve obtained the Alchemist Association’s advanced-level alchemy apprentice certification.
Please head over to the local Alchemist Association to pick up your license!”

After obtaining the intermediate-level and advanced-level alchemy apprentice certifications consecutively, Chu Yunfan logged out of the virtual network.
It was already 5 a.m.
when he checked the time.

His parents would wake up two hours later, but he had yet to sleep.
Instead, he began to meditate.
He realized now that since his body had been modified by the mysterious energy, he would be energetic for the whole day after meditating for an hour.

He read on the network that it was a deep sleep.
Regular people could only maintain their energy the next day after sleeping for eight hours.
However, if one could maintain a deep sleep for the long run, one could replenish the sleep that the human body needed with minimum deep sleep.


Meanwhile, being in the flow state in meditation was his equivalent to deep sleep.

He could seize the opportunity to cultivate with the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method.
It was no wonder that the method was an amazing one.
He realized that the power he could gain by cultivating with the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method was a few times greater than before.
It had halved the time he needed.

As it was, he ended the cultivation after meditating for an hour.
It was because he was too hungry.

In the modern cultivation theory, they determined that the True Energy coming from Internal Energy cultivation was bioenergy.
In other words, the amount of True Energy one produced from cultivation would be the amount of energy one had exhausted.

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Therefore, it was hard for regular people to cultivate for a long time because they would starve.
Moreover, the cultivation efficiency of the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method was several times greater than regular methods.
It would mean that it was equivalent to cultivating for a few hours at once.

Chu Yunfan was considering whether he should purchase some elixir that replenished one’s energy.
Such elixirs were tasteless and colorless.
They were created by distilling a large amount of food countless times.

It was a miracle only possible with modern technology.
When the Kunlun Era had just begun, the cultivators were all big eaters.
These days, they could rely entirely on elixirs.
One tube would be enough energy to last the entire day.

That being said, this elixir was expensive, costing up to 1,000 coins per tube.
If a martial artist was cultivating, they would need a few tubes per day.
The accumulated sum would be terrifying.

Due to the technology explosion, modern society had found solutions to the difficulties faced in the Ancient Zenith civilization.
Even commoners had access to it, as long as they had the money.

He definitely could not afford it in the past.
However, now that he was Liu Yushu’s private coach, he made 6,000 per day.
He could still afford that.

With such an energy elixir, his cultivation speed would have a significant elevation.

Early in the morning, right after finishing breakfast and informing his family, Chu Yunfan left home.
He took the bus to get to the Alchemist Association.

His family was rather poor, so the place they lived was considered a secluded part of Calm Sea City.
On the other hand, the grand Alchemist Association would naturally be in the city center.

After riding the bus for an hour, Chu Yunfan had finally arrived at the crowded city center of Calm Sea City.
Although the city with a population of up to ten million was nothing in the Kunlun Era, it would definitely be considered an international metropolis back in the Common Era.

It was already crowded although it was only morning.
Many regular office workers from the urban district had come there to work.
Numerous well-known organizations and companies were located in the city center.

Very soon, Chu Yunfan found the Alchemist Association with the help of GPS.
At that moment, there was already a queue and crowds at the association.

Many people would go there to ask for help, while others had come a long way to purchase medicinal pills.
The common medicinal pills were sold cheaper at the Alchemist Association.
There were also many high-grade pills that were unavailable elsewhere.

Very soon, an Alchemist Association attendant saw Chu Yunfan and asked, “How can I help you, sir?”

“I’d like to refine medicinal pills.
I wonder where do I register myself to rent your alchemy lab?” Chu Yunfan saw and asked directly.

He had never been to the Alchemist Association, so he had no idea what kind of procedures there would be.

“You’ll need the certification of a beginner-level alchemy apprentice or above to rent the alchemy lab at our Alchemist Association!” the attendant said after glancing at Chu Yunfan.

He was rather doubtful for no reason other than Chu Yunfan looking too young.

“Of course I have the qualifications, but I took the tests on the network.
I didn’t come here before to pick up my license!” he said to the attendant.
Naturally, Chu Yunfan knew what he was doubtful about.

“That won’t be a problem.
It’s recorded in our database as long as you got the certification on the network.
I’ll take a look later since it’s tied to your citizen identity!” The attendant said swiftly.

“Sure, show me the way!” Chu Yunfan said, “Oh yeah, order the herbs I need as well!”

You can reserve the herbs on the network.
After you’ve booked the alchemy lab, someone will send them over to you!” the attendant replied immediately.

The attendant brought a tablet over.
There were all sorts of herbs listed on it along with their prices.

Chu Yunfan picked the herbs quickly while walking.
The price was roughly the same as what he saw on the network.
Since it came from the Alchemist Association, the herbs’ quality was guaranteed.

The attendant took the tablet and looked.
He had been working at the Alchemist Association for some years, so he could determine what pill would be refined from the herbs the alchemists ordered.
Although it was slightly different, he could tell that Chu Yunfan was refining a Body Refining Pill.

He was secretly surprised.
Only intermediate-level alchemy trainees and above would have the ability to refine Body Refining Pills.
Meanwhile, the man before him appeared so young.
He did not seem like an intermediate-level alchemy trainee at all.

Nevertheless, since he had been working at the Alchemist Association for some years, he knew what to ask and what not to.

He turned around immediately and sorted things out for Chu Yunfan.

Very soon, an alchemy lab was prepared, and even the medicinal herbs Chu Yunfan ordered were sent.
Indeed, the Alchemist Association was efficient in this aspect.

After entering the lab, Chu Yunfan wasted no time.
He lit the fire for the alchemical furnace and added water.

Very soon, the water in the furnace came to a boil.
He began to grab a bunch of the herbs in a pile and tossed them into the furnace.

He had integrated the Alchemy Emperor’s memories entirely, as if he had performed refinement himself many times.
He knew how many herbs to grab, just like a master who had years of experience.


To an alchemist, those were the basics.
One could roughly tell the year and place of the herbs production from a glance.
It was elementary.

Conversely, modern alchemists would not practice that since they used advanced technology.
They had digital scales anyway, as well as alchemy apprentices to assist them.
Everything from when to add the herbs, categorization, weighing, and cutting was done by the apprentice.

Chu Yunfan’s skills were as smooth as flowing water each time he added water and herbs.
There was nothing to criticize at all.

The process of pill refinement was boring, so Chu Yunfan decided to meditate.
He waited for the pill refinement to complete while meditating.

Very soon, an hour had passed.
The charming fragrance of the pill spread out from the cauldron.
At the same time, the alchemical furnace was opening gradually.

A brownish-yellow medicinal pill slowly rolled out of the opening..
Chu Yunfan did not even have to open his eyes, as he knew that the Body Refining Pill had been successfully refined just from the scent alone.


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