Chapter 198 Who Else?

“I didn’t expect you to defeat Ran Jun.
I underestimated you.” Yu Xinyuan grinned.

“It doesn’t matter.
Whether you underestimate me or not, it won’t change the final result,” Chu Yunfan said as he shrugged.

Yu Xinyuan guffawed.
“Good, I like your confidence.
But I’d prefer to knock your confidence into the abyss!”

“If you can do it.
Let’s give it a try,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly, “Ran Jun had this thought too.
He thought he could do it, but he couldn’t.
What do you think?”

“Since that’s the case, let’s cut the crap!” Yu Xinyuan sneered.
Then, he made his move.
He was like a tornado as he slashed out.
Then, the halberd in his hand swept directly toward Chu Yunfan.




Yu Xinyuan was fast.
Right from the beginning, he erupted with ninth-level Qi Sea Stage leveled strength.
The battle between Chu Yunfan and Ran Jun made him realize that preserving his strength in a fight against Chu Yunfan was undoubtedly courting death.

“Ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Another one! This year’s students are even more powerful than last year’s school exchange meet.
Only two ninth-level Qi Sea Stage experts were born last year.”

“That’s right.
Excluding Chu Yunfan, there are three top figures this year.
Tong Xinran hasn’t made a move yet, but she’s as famous as the other two.
I’m sure she isn’t far behind.”

“At this rate, in another ten years, there might even be Energy Refinement Stage experts at the competition!”

“It isn’t an impossibility!”

“Is it too embarrassing to join the championship without being at the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage?”

Yu Xinyuan’s halberd exploded with terrifying power as soon as it was launched.
The True Energy covering it could be seen with the naked eye from afar.

Chu Yunfan’s expression was indifferent, but it was not that he did not value it.
He knew that very few people would choose the halberd as a weapon.
Although it was very powerful, the requirements to use it were extremely high.
Not only did it require the user to be extremely powerful, but it also required the user to be extremely skilled in martial arts.
Otherwise, the user would not be able to unleash the full power of the halberd.

At the same time, it was different from the long mace which had a heavy momentum.
The halberd could apply a heavy momentum, but it could also be used in accordance with various techniques.
When used properly, its power was extremely shocking.


Chu Yunfan pulled out his saber from behind his back and suddenly slashed out.


The saber fiercely slashed onto the halberd.

A huge explosion rang out and created a monstrous wave of energy.

Yu Xinyuan held the halberd with both hands.
After his attack was blocked by the saber, it instantly changed into a swift and sharp attack, stabbing toward Chu Yunfan.

“I’m not Ran Jun who only knows how to use brute force!” Yu Xinyuan shouted.
His halberd was like a huge dragon that stabbed straight for Chu Yunfan.

This attack was quick and precise.
Yu Xinyuan’s attack was focused on both speed and strength as compared to the strength-oriented Ran Jun.
There was no distinction between the two methods.
The only difference was the people who used the method!

Chu Yunfan did not slow down as he went up to meet Yu Xinyuan’s attack.




The sounds of collision rang out one after another.
They seemed to have entered a stalemate.
The halberd in Yu Xinyuan’s hand was like a flood dragon.
It weaved around in a pattern so tight that it sealed off all of Chu Yunfan’s attack angles.
The advantage of long weapons was fully displayed at this moment.
No matter how sharp and powerful Chu Yunfan’s strikes were, this weapon was undoubtedly infinitely powerful.
As long as Chun Yunfan was unable to break through the defense of the ancient halberd, there was no way for him to obtain a sufficient advantage.

Since he had been restricted to the outer circle, Chu Yunfan could only passively take a beating.
Sooner or later, Yu Xinyuan would break through his defenses.

“It’s useless.
You can’t get past my halberd.
My weapon has both offense and defense.
No one can break through it!” Yu Xinyuan said with absolute confidence as he watched Chu Yunfan try to approach.
He felt that this was very funny.

“Is there really no one who can get past it?”

out of him.

“Flow Cut!” Chu Yunfan roared as he swept out with his blade.

All the power in his body was concentrated on this strike.
It was as if it could split a river in an instant.

The Flow Cut Slash!

“It’s coming, it’s the Flow Cut!” Ou Yang’s eyes widened.
He recognized this attack.
It was the Flow Cut that had defeated him back then.

At that time, many people thought that Chu Yunfan had won by a fluke.
It was because of this move that Ou Yang was unable to fully display his seventh-level Qi Sea Stage strength.
But Ou Yang knew that the current Chu Yunfan no longer needed to rely on this move to defeat him.

However, this did not mean that Ou Yang had forgotten about this move.
Ever since he was defeated by the Flow Cut, he had been thinking about it day and night, pondering over how to counter it.
In the end, he realized that it was simply impossible.

There were no two ways about it.
Unless he was much stronger than Chu Yunfan, it was impossible to counter the Flow Cut!

“What is this?” Yu Xinyuan was also shocked by Chu Yunfan’s sudden strike.
However, his instinct still made him raise his halberd to accept the battle.


As the sound of metal clashing rang out, Yu Xinyuan felt that he could not hold on to his halberd any longer.
It was sent flying out of the ring and his entire palm split open.
His vision blurred, and he saw a figure appear in front of him.

“D*mn it! Even if I don’t have my halberd in my hand, you won’t be able to defeat me so easily!” Yu Xinyuan roared.

His large hand suddenly swept toward his opponent.
Even without the halberd, he was still extremely terrifying.

In the face of Xinyuan’s sudden attack, Chu Yunfan shouted, “King of the Jungle!”

Chu Yunfan clenched his fist and also threw a punch.


The fist and palm collided.
Yu Xinyuan felt his tingling arm become completely numb.
The power of this punch was too shocking.

Bam, bam, bam!

Yu Xinyuan was hit by the punch.
He could barely withstand it and retreated.

Chu Yunfan chased after him.

“King of the Jungle!” Chu Yunfan roared.

His next punch landed directly on Yu Xinyuan’s body.

Yu Xinyuan had no time to react and was hit in the chest.
After a muffled groan, he flew out and fell heavily onto the field.

He wanted to get up but found that he could not move no matter how he tried.
It was just too painful.

Only then did everyone realize that Yu Xinyuan had lost.

Chu Yunfan stood tall in the ring and said, “Who else?”

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