Chapter 194 Appetizer, Arrogance

Ran Jun’s words instantly roused the entire stadium!

“It’s finally starting.
The championship battle.
The previous elite match had been won by a person from an ordinary school.
This is so embarrassing.”

“What is up with No.
13 High? They’ve managed to produce monster after monster!”

“But no matter how monstrous they are, they’re still just that.
They have to follow the objective laws.
Even though the starting point of the two opponents are the same and they’re equally talented, the gap in resources provided to No.
13 High compared to Yucai High is like the size of an ocean.”

Many students agreed with this statement.
Those who were equal in strength may receive very different educations that would lead to completely different lives.
This was the reason why they were desperately trying to get into one of the top ten universities of the Federation.

There was only a slight difference in ranking between a focus university and one of the top Federation University.
However, after four years, this slight difference was enough to determine the fate of those from the different schools for the rest of their lives.
Learning martial arts was different from learning literature.
No matter how talented one was, they had to yield to the lack of resources.

“Ran Jun’s appearance certainly will put an end to the delusions of these ordinary school elites.
After all, an ordinary school is just that -ordinary.
It’s already very impressive that they have made it this far.” a student fromYucai High said.

“Is that the most outstanding student that your school has nurtured this time around?” Mr.
Lin, who was seated at the podium, asked with a smile on his face.

“That’s right.
That’s the child that we’ve been carefully nurturing for three years.
Compared to the geniuses and elites of No.
5 and No.
7 High, he’s not the slightest bit inferior!” Principal Tan of Yucai High answered, “He’s poised to win the championship this year!” “Is that so? Then I’ll wait and see.
The Education Bureau has always tried to support outstanding students whenever possible.
Compared to Donghua City, the educational resources of Calm Ocean City are still lacking.
Our city even has trouble retaining some of these outstanding students who are attracted away by Donghua City.
This is like a warning to those of us who work in the education field,” Mr.
Lin said with a sigh.

“You’re right, Mr.
These are all problems left over from history.
We have to solve them one by one.
Fortunately, the educational resources now are much more balanced than before,” the educational affairs director of Yucai High said.

Lin stopped speaking then.
He merely took to gazing at the field.

Chu Yunfan had stood up.

“Yunfan, go for it.
You must defeat him!” Gao Hongzhi was the first to speak up and support


“Chu Yunfan, you must fight for our school!” Ou Yang said.

“That’s right.
You must prove to them that an ordinary school can produce talents too!”

“You can do it! We support you!”

Chu Yunfan smiled and said, “I’ll do my best!”

He walked to the center of the field and passed Tang Siyu who was retreating.
He asked in concern, “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.
I’m just exhausted,” Tang Siyu’s forehead was covered in sweat as she panted slightly.

She had fought too many battles and was now exhausted.
Other than that, she did not have any major problems.
Then, go and rest.
I’ll help you get revenge,” Chu Yunfan said.

“All right.”

After Tang Siyu finished speaking, she returned to her seat and sat down cross-legged.
She meditated to steady her breath and took some energy pills to replenish her strength.

Chu Yunfan stepped into the ring.
Across from him, Ran Jun sneered and said, “Help her take revenge? You’re sure talk big.
Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

“Whether I’m talking big or not, we’ll know after we’ve had a go.” Chu Yunfan smiled and was not even the slightest bit perturbed.

“Things are starting to get interesting.
This Chu Yunfan is quite mysterious.
I wonder how much of Ran Jun’s strength can he pull out?” Yu Xinyuan watched from afar and an inexplicable smile spread across his face.

In the seats of No.
5 High, Tong Xinran finally ended her silent contemplation and turned her gaze to the field.
Her expression had become serious, and she was no longer as indifferent as before.

“You just fought.
Do you want to take a break? Otherwise, people might say that my victory is unfair,” Chu Yunfan said as he looked at Ran Jun.

Ran Jun guffawed as if he had just heard the funniest thing.
“Let’s not talk about that battle that didn’t waste much of my physical strength.
Let’s talk about this unfair victory.
Do you think you can defeat me?”.

Ran Jun pulled out a weapon from behind him.
It was a long mace that was over four feet long and was entirely bronze in color.

“I wasn’t expecting you to use a mace.” A playful look flashed through Chu Yunfan’s eyes.

Just by looking at Ran Jun’s figure, one would not have been able to tell that he was someone who used a mace.
Anyone who could use a mace to perfection, without exception, was a person with boundless strength.
This was because maces had no edges.
It was meant to stab or beat the opponent to death.
Those who were not strong enough would not be able to wield such a weapon.

Ran Jun saw that Chu Yunfan was able to deduce something from just his use of the mace and was a little amused.
Chu Yunfan really had some skills.

“Previously, you sent Fang Ziyan flying with one slash and suppressed Lu Xiuran with one hand.
Clearly, you’re also the type with boundless strength.
Unfortunately, I’m the same type.
Now let’s see if you can defeat me,” Ran Jun said.

“Isn’t that too despicable? Isn’t this forcing Yunfan to give up his advantage and compete with him in strength?” Gao Hongzhi said unhappily.

The others also quickly understood Ran Jun’s subtext.
It was clear from his use of the mace that Ran Jun had great martial arts skills.
And Chu Yunfan was different.
He used a saber, and it was not as simple as just being strong.

Ran Jun was trying to mess up Chu Yunfan’s performance with just a few words.
Each word he uttered was sharp.

“Don’t be impatient.
There’s nothing strange about it.
It’s not just a competition of strength.
Otherwise, everyone would just compare their strength and level of cultivation.
Why would there be any need to come out and compete then?” Tang Siyu said, “Moreover, Ran Jun thinks that he can win everything, but that’s not necessarily so.” “That’s true.” Gao Hongzhi seemed to have thought of something and immediately fell silent.

Chu Yunfan pondered for a moment and then understood the underlying meaning of Ran Jun’s words.
He said, “You want to compete with me in strength? In the first place, I shouldn’t even be competing with you.
But before the main meal begins, I guess an appetizer would be good.”

“Appetizer?! Such arrogance!” Ran Jun immediately took a step forward and yelled, “Then eat my mace first!”

Ran Jun was fast, and at the same time, his movements were extremely powerful.
True Energy covered the long mace which tore through the air and flew toward Chu Yunfan’s face.

“This mace of mine is called Earth Breaker!”

At this moment, Chu Yunfan followed up.
A black-light swooped out and met this mace.


A huge explosion sounded.
The collision of True Energy sent out a terrifying airwave.

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