Chapter 190 Chu Yunfan Steps Into the Ring

“Is that Chu Yunfan from No.
13 High?” Yu Xinyuan asked the youth next to him as he grinned.

Yu Xinyuan was No.
7 High’s number one, but he looked quite old.
Compared to the one in second place next to him, he looked more than ten years older.

“That should be him.
13 High’s number one should have some ability.
I’ve watched Ou Yang fight before.
He’s not bad, but he only managed to place second.
Looks like the rumors had some truth to them,” number two said.

He did not dare look down on Chu Yunfan.
Average high schools could not compare to the important districts and cities, but it was inevitable that one-or even a few monsters would appear.
This had been a pretty common occurrence in the past.
No matter what though, the top figures were still from No.
5 and No.
7 High.
Of course, Yucai High might be included in the future.

“Interesting!” Yu Xinyuan said with a faint smile.
Then, he ceased to pay attention.

To him, Chu Yunfan ignited just a spark of interest.
It was not worth paying much attention to.
His only opponents were Ran Jun and Tong Xinran who were on the same level as him.

“What’s the general process of this exchange meet? Do any of you know?” Chu Yunfan asked from the other end.

Ou Yang looked at Chu Yunfan with a strange expression.
He said, “You’re probably the only one who doesn’t.
Seriously, I heard you say last year that if you don’t win the championship, then everything would be meaningless.
I thought you’d be more serious about preparing, but it turns out that you’re not prepared at all.
This information is readily available on the internet!”

Chu Yunfan immediately chuckled and said, “Of course, I prepared.
These are just minor details.
When one’s strength reaches a certain level, everything will naturally follow.
If one’s strength doesn’t reach a certain level, forceful fighting will be in vain!”

Ou Yang smiled slightly and said, “Since it’s an exchange meet, it’s impossible to be too strict.
In fact, there aren’t any strict procedures.
It’s roughly divided into three stages.
The first stage is the top 20 of each family taking turns to go on stage and display their strength.
This stage is basically the warm-up stage.

“Then, after the warm-up, it’ll be the elite competition.
The people who will be sent out will be the elites of each school.
The rankings of the schools will also be determined at that stage.
The better the performance in the elite competition, the higher the school’s ranking will be.

“After the elite competition, it’ll be the championship competition.
From this year’s perspective, the championship competition will be between Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, and Tong Xinran.
Whoever wins will be the champion of this year’s school exchange meet.
The outcome of these three will determine the rankings of the three schools,” Ou Yang said slowly, “Although the rankings are different each time, it’s basically a competition between these three schools.
It comes as no surprise really.”

Ou Yang then looked at Chu Yunfan and laughed, “Don’t you want to win the championship? If you want to win the championship, you’ll have to get past those three!”

Chu Yunfan smiled slightly.
He already had a preliminary impression of these three in his heart.
No matter who the person in front of him was, he had to defeat them.

“Everyone, this year, I’ll be the one to kick start this event.
Who wants to come and face


At this time, a student from one of the schools was the first to step forward.

Following his appearance, the warm-up for this exchange meet immediately began.

Just as Ou Yang had said, it was just a warm-up.
The students who stepped up were all at the fifth and sixth levels of the Qi Sea Stage.
The warm-up matches were off to an enthusiastic start.
If they did not get on the stage now, they might never have the chance to again.

One after another, the matches went on for a full two hours.
The students from No.
13 High also stepped up one after another.
Only Chu Yunfan, Tang Siyu, Gao Hongzhi, Ou Yang, and Zhang Teng did not enter the ring.

After all the ordinary students had stepped forward, the freckled young girl from No.
25 High stepped into the ring to end the warm-up and start the elite competition.

As expected, everyone had been waiting for this.
All of the students who stepped up were at the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage, and their strength was obviously different.

Zhang Teng was the first amongst No.
13 High to step into the ring.
He fought two matches in a row, defeating two opponents at the seventh level of Qi Sea Stage before retreating.

After a few more rounds, Gao Hongzhi stepped into the ring.
Relying on his Firestorm Spear Technique, he defeated half a dozen experts consecutively until the chief of another school defeated him

And then, the exchange meet entered the next stage—the elite competition.

At this time, all the students who stepped up were at the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage and above.

“Chu Yunfan, do you dare to come down and fight?”

Just when Chu Yunfan was feeling a little bored, a shout suddenly came from within the ring.
It came from Lu Xiuran who had come up with his sword.

Everyone was used to this.
After all, apart from interacting with each other, the exchange meet was also a chance to resolve personal grudges.

“Chu Yunfan? Is he the one who sent Fang Ziyan flying with one strike?” “I believe that’s him.
Tsk, tsk.
I was there at the time.
That slash was really amazing!”

“There are still three people from No.
13 High who have yet to enter the ring.
How is No.
13 High so strong this year?!”

Many people had noticed that there were still three people from No.
13 High who had yet to participate.
That meant that these three were at least at the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage and above.

25 High’s number one, Yin Chen, who had ranked higher than No.
13 High last year, had already entered the ring, while No.
13 High’s number three, Tang Siyu, had yet to enter.
With such strength, No.
13 High had already leaped into the middle range of all the schools in an instant, and was only second to the schools in the main districts and cities.

“Didn’t Chu Yunfan send Fang Ziyan flying with a single strike? Clearly, he’s very strong.
Lu Xiuran is one of the top ten in Yucai High.
This will be another fierce battle!”

“It’s finally getting interesting!”

Many students began to discuss animatedly.

On the stands at the side of the field sat the teachers of Yucai High.
In the middle of the seats, there was a middle-aged man in a suit.
This man was thin and wore glasses, looking rather delicate.

Beside him sat the principal of Yucai High, the vice-principal, the school affairs director, and other high-ranking officials of the school.
He seemed to be their leader.

“Principal Tan, is that Lu Xiuran a student of your school?” the middle-aged man asked.

“That’s right, Mr.
That’s one of the top ten students of our school at the end of last semester!” the principal of Yucai High hurriedly replied.

And the other student is called Chu Yunfan?” Mr.
Lin flashed a smile that showed much interest.

“I think so,”

The principal’s awkwardness was palpable.
He did not know who Chu Yunfan was.

“Chu Yunfan… Interesting…” Mr.
Lin looked at the figure sitting on the futon.
A smile flashed across his face, but there was an inexplicable meaning in his eyes.

As he watched, Chu Yunfan slowly got up and stepped into the ring.

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