Chapter 187 Everyone’s Anticipation of Chu Yunfan

They were wide-eyed with shock.
It was not that they had not practiced movement techniques before, but they had not put much effort into perfecting them.
Moreover, they did not know of any movement technique that could produce three phantoms.
Without a doubt, it must have been a ranked technique.

However, they could not ascertain the grade of the movement technique Gao Hongzhi had used.




Yin Chen’s dual blades were fast and ruthless.
It was no wonder he dominated No.
25 High.
He was indeed strong.
Compared to No.
13 High’s original number one, Ou Yang, he was not the slightest bit inferior.
His strength was clearly above Gao Hongzhi’s.

However, Chu Yunfan did not step forward to stop him.
This was because fighting an expert who was slightly stronger than oneself would greatly boost one’s strength.

This was a rare opportunity!

Gao Hongzhi was clearly not as relaxed as when he was fighting against the other two people earlier.
Yin Chen’s attacks barely left him any room to catch his breath.
The dual blades were like a pair of flood dragons as they struck out over and over again.
They suppressed Gao Hongzhi completely.

Gao Hongzhi was not willing to give up so easily.
Although he was at a disadvantage, he continued to attack with his Firestorm Spear Technique.
He wanted to use Yin Chen’s hands to hone himself.
Fighting with an expert was obviously different from the last two fights.
Gao Hongzhi, who had retained most of his physical strength after two consecutive battles, had only fought for a short while before he was already covered in sweat.
He looked like he had been fished out of the water.

Finally, Gao Hongzhi jumped out of the ring.
Waving his spear, he said breathlessly, “I admit defeat.
You win!”

Yin Chen’s expression did not change.
He was at the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
What was there to be happy about beating Gao Hongzhi who was at the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage? On the contrary, he had been delayed by Gao Hongzhi up to this moment.
This was a humiliation to him.

Yin Chen stopped attacking, then looked at Chu Yunfan and said, “It’s your turn next!”

He could see that both Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu were obviously led by Chu Yunfan.
Since that was the case, he would catch the ringleader and defeat him.
That way, Chu Yunfan would not be able to be so smug anymore.

“Yin Chen, be careful.
That person is not just anyone.
His name is Chu Yunfan.
He won first place in No.
13 High’s last semester exam and is now in the first seat,” one of the students from No.
25 High said.
He found the information disclosed on No.
13 High’s official school website.

“What? No.
13 High’s first seat has been replaced?”

“From what I remember, hasn’t it always been Ou Yang?”

The other students of No.
25 High finally reacted, but they still found it hard to accept.
Their worldview was shattered.
They always believed that Ou Yang was number one in No.
13 High.
So where did this guy come from?

The students of No.
25 High who had been cheated by Gao Hongzhi earlier finally understood that they had kicked an iron plate.
No wonder they had been cheated.
Ou Yang’s position in No.
13 High was similar to Yin Chen’s position in No.
25 High.
Now That Chu Yunfan had defeated Ou Yang, his position was on par with Yin Chen’s.

They had dared to mock him.
Was that not overestimating their abilities?

Yin Chen looked at Chu Yunfan with a different expression.
He had fought with Ou Yang many times, so he knew that Ou Yang was not easy to deal with.
And this guy was able to defeat Ou Yang.
This meant that his strength might even surpass Ou Yang.

“This is fine.
It saves me the trouble of looking for Ou Yang.
The two of us can fight and settle our grudges,” Yin Chen said as he pointed his dual blades at Chu Yunfan.

However, Chu Yunfan looked at him indifferently.
He did not have any intention of attacking.
He only looked at Yin Chen and said, “You want to challenge me? I’m afraid that you are not qualified.”

Yin Chen’s expression instantly turned ugly.
He said, “You dare to look down on me?”

“I’m not looking down on you.
I’m just telling the truth,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Good, good, good!” Yin Chen sneered.
The two sabers in his hands struck out like lightning and swooped down at Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan did not move.
However, a sword appeared in the sky and blocked the attack from the two sabers.

“How about we have a go first?” Tang Siyu appeared in front of Chu Yunfan.

The person who had blocked Yin Chen’s sabers was Tang Siyu.

“Okay, I’ll defeat you first.
Let’s see how long he can hide behind you!” Yin Chen roared and the two blades rushed toward Tang Siyu at lightning speed.

Another unknown person.
Yin Chen thought that he would be able to quickly dispatch Tang Siyu.
However, the more they fought, the more shocked he became.
Not to mention the sudden appearance of the No.
13 High’s new number one, even the appearance of this unbelievably beautiful girl was astonishing.

This beauty whom Yin Chen had never heard of before was also at the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
She was on par with him.
And as soon as she made her move, it was clear that she possessed a deathly sharp sword technique.

In a matter of moments, Yin Chen was suppressed.

“How is this possible?!”

The students of No.
25 High were shocked.
They rubbed their eyes as they watched Yin Chen being suppressed by Tang Siyu.
It had not yet sunk in how the situation had changed.
The invincible Yin Chen was suppressed just like that.
The gap between the two sides was obvious.
Otherwise, Yin Chen would not have been suppressed right from the start.
It was not that there was a big gap in their skills.
It was purely the difference in battle techniques, battle awareness, battle experience, and all other aspects.

The students of No.
25 High were at a loss.
They wanted to cheer for Yin Chen, but that beauty from No.
13 High was simply too beautiful.
Tang Siyu’s attacks were swift and fierce, but her movements were as beautiful as a fairy’s.
There was not a trace of smoke or fire in her movements, making her pleasing to the eye.

If their opponent was such a beauty, it would be very difficult for them to feel disgusted.

The students from No.
25 High were shocked, and the students from No.
13 High were even more so.
They still remembered last semester’s final exam.
Although Tang Siyu had displayed her power, in the end, she was still suppressed by Ou Yang Chen and was eventually defeated.
However, after just a month of winter break, Tang Siyu was now able to suppress Yin Chen who was as famous as Ou Yang.
This meant that Tang Siyu’s strength might have even surpassed Ou Yang’s.
In addition, Gao Hongzhi had also undergone a transformation.

In their hearts, they could not help but question, ‘What have they experienced?’

Although Chu Yunfan had not made a move, he was probably stronger than Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi.
They had all clearly seen the other two following Chu Yunfan’s lead.

At this moment, they felt anticipation in their hearts.
If Chu Yunfan made a move, it would probably be even more powerful.

If he made a move, what shocking scene would that be!

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