Chapter 184 The Menacing Troops of No.
25 High

On the grass beside the school path laid a robust figure.
It was an eighteen or nineteen-year-old youth with a rough face.
He looked slightly older than his actual age.

As he lay on the grass, his ears were filled with the chatter of passing students.

“Fang Ziyan was defeated by a student from No.
13 High.”

I heard that he talked down to our school.
What an arrogant guy.”

“Many people are ready to fight him.
It’s fine if he doesn’t step forward.
But if he does, someone will definitely teach him a lesson.”

“Chu Yunfan? That sounds interesting.
13 High managed to produce such talent.
It’s unbelievable!” The muscular figure stood up.
“Looks like this year is going to be interesting.
It won’t be as boring as I thought!”

The figure quickly disappeared down the path.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan did not know that he had caused a commotion among the experts of Yucai High.
Everyone turned their gazes to him.
However, even if he knew, he would not feel the pressure.
Just as he had said before, if he did not get first place, everything would have been for naught.
Since his goal was to be the champion, then he would definitely attract the attention of these people.
What was the big deal about that?

Chu Yunfan arrived at the lounge designated for No.
13 High by Yucai High.
At this moment, there were several other students waiting in the lounge.
When they saw Chu Yunfan, they all nodded and greeted him.
After all, the current Chu Yunfan was completely different from before.
Now that Chu Yunfan was first in the entire school, his status could not be compared to before.

After Chu Yunfan returned the greeting, he glanced at the crowd.
Compared to a month ago, they had all made some progress.
However, compared to the progress of Chu Yunfan and the other two, it was nothing.

This was how the world was most of the time.
It was not that they had not worked hard, nor was it that they were standing still.
It was just that some people’s progress was faster.
As others strode forward, the gap between the two sides would naturally widen.

He asked around.
Ou Yang had yet to arrive, and Zhang Teng seemed to have found someone else to mingle with.
Zhang Teng’s connections were not limited to No.
13 High.

Just as Chu Yunfan and the other two had sat down, it didn’t take long before the door to the lounge was pushed open again.
A group of more than a dozen people jumped in and swarmed the people within the lounge Chu Yunfan saw them and instantly recognized them.
Were they not the students from No.
25 High who had been cheated by Gao Hongzhi in the bet?

Why were they here?

Chu Yunfan would never admit that he and Gao Hongzhi had scammed them together.
It was all Gao Hongzhi’s doing.

The arrival of these students from No.
25 High immediately aroused the vigilance of the students of No.
13 High.
The relationship between the two sides was quite hostile.
And now, No.
25 High’s students had come looking for them with such an aggressive look on their faces.
They could not help but feel nervous.

“Who was the one who cheated you?”

Among the students of No.
25 High, an ordinary-looking fellow with an ordinary figure said to the students of No.
25 High.

Although he looked ordinary, his whole body carried a fierce aura.
Nobody dared to look down on him.

The eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage!

Chu Yunfan immediately made a judgment.
This seemingly ordinary young man was at the eighth level of the Sea Qi Sea Stage.
He was even stronger than Ou Yang had been a month ago.
This fellow was on par with Tang Siyu and himself.

This must be the first seat of No.
25 High.

Behind him stood a man and a woman.
The man had a shaved head and a strong figure.
He was like a monk who had broken the precepts, and he possessed a valiant aura.
The woman had an ordinary figure and faint freckles across her face.
But her expression was ice cold.

These two people were both at the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage, and they were not inferior to Ou Yang from a month ago.

“It was the three of them who cheated us of our money!”

One of the students from No.
25 High who had been cheated pointed at Chu Yunfan and the other two.

25 High, what do you want?” Zhu Yi from Class 1 asked as he stepped forward.

“This matter has nothing to do with you.
Get lost,” the student who looked like a monk said with a warning look as he immediately blocked Zhu Yi.

“Oh, you went to tell on us?” Gao Hongzhi sneered.
“We cheated you of your money.
It was really funny.
It was you who wanted to gamble.
Did I force you?”

“If you hadn’t deliberately cheated us, we wouldn’t have been cheated out of all that money by you!” the student immediately retorted.
In their eyes, Gao Hongzhi had clearly laid a trap and waited for them to fall into it.
It was absolutely detestable.

“Hehe, you’re stupid, and you’re blaming others for being smart? Did you have good intentions by agreeing to this bet? You just want to see No.
13 High become a joke.
But unfortunately, you didn’t succeed in acting cool and instead were made to look like a fool!” Gao Hongzhi said mockingly as he sneered without any pity.
“I don’t care what kind of bet you made.
Whatever it is, I want you to hand over the money.
Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite,” the leader said.

“You want to fight? We’re not afraid.” Gao Hongzhi pulled out his spear that was folded and hidden at his waist.

“You’re Yin Chen from No.
25 High, right? I’ve heard of you.
I don’t care how domineering No.
25 High usually is, but if you cause trouble here, we won’t back down.
If you want to fight, we’ll play along,” Zhu Yi said as he also stepped forward.

His relationship with Chu Yunfan and the other two was not good.
In fact, there was a lot of bad blood between them.
However, Yin Chen from No.
25 High was clearly here to cause trouble.
If they did not retaliate, they would lose face.

“Get lost.
Who do you think you are? Even Ou Yang and Zhang Teng wouldn’t dare to talk to me that way,” the ordinary-looking leader said.

“So you’re Yin Chen from No.
25 High.
How about this? Let’s have a competition.
If you win, you can have the money back.
If you lose… Hehe, then you’ll have nothing more to say,” Gao Hongzhi said.

“Okay, let’s have a competition!”

Yin Chen thought for a moment and was not bothered to add anything else.
If it were any other school, he might have been concerned.
But against the defeated No.
13 High, what was there to be afraid of?

“Let me fight the first battle!” Gao Hongzhi sneered and stepped forward.

At this time, the lounge had been cleared out.
The lounge, which had originally been a training room, was restored to its original state.

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