Chapter 183 The Attention of the Experts

I believe that guy’s name is Chu Yunfan.” That person was also a little uncertain because they had never taken No.
13 High to heart.

Their target had always been No.
5 High and No.
7 High.
As for the others, they were not even worth considering.

Therefore, this person was not entirely certain that the fellow’s name was Chu Yunfan.

Everyone’s gaze focused on the young man who had just spoken.

“Lu Xiuran, do you recognize this Chu Yunfan?” someone asked.

This was Lu Xiuran, one of the top ten students of Yucai High who had fought with Chu Yunfan previously.

Lu Xiuran nodded and then said, “Fang Ziyan and I were the ones to send the invitation card to No.
13 High.
We had an encounter at that time!”

“Who is Chu Yunfan? I only know of Ou Yang from No.
13 High who’s quite strong.
The others are much weaker.
From under which rock did this Chu Yunfan crawl out of?” At the head of the group, a young man who looked about 18 or 19 years old, dressed in gorgeous training clothes and had a tall and strong figure, suddenly asked.

Everyone’s gaze turned toward this young man.
They unconsciously gravitated toward this young man.
Each of these young men was stronger than the other.
They were the elites among the elites.
They also competed amongst themselves and would not submit to each other.
But at this moment, they were following this young man’s lead.
If outsiders were to see this, they would definitely be shocked.

However, everyone present was used to this, because the young man who had spoken was someone named Ran Jun.
His name was well-known even in the high schools of other districts.
He had represented Yucai High in various competitions many times.
He deserved his title of number one!

During his first year of high school, he had occupied first place among the first years.
When he entered his second year, he was first among the second years.
When he entered his third year, he came to rule the entire school.

No one had ever been able to shake his position.
No ordinary person could surprise him.
But now, Ran Jun has expressed his admiration!

“Chu Yunfan ranked first in No.
13’s final exam last semester!” Lu Xiuran said.
He was the only one who had interacted with Chu Yunfan, thus he was the only one who had looked up Chu Yunfan’s information.

In reality, he did not know much at all.
According to the information he found, Chu Yunfan seemed to have suddenly appeared this semester.
Before that, there had been not even a whisper about him.
“What? From No.
13 High, I only know of Ou Yang and Zhang Teng.
I’ve never heard of anyone else,” someone said.
He was completely puzzled.

“Your information is outdated.
This year, not only did Ou Yang take second place, but even Zhang Teng was defeated.
He only managed to rank no.
4 in No.
13 High!” Lu Xiuran said as he glanced at that person.

It seems that this year’s students from No.
13 High will be able to create some waves.
We’ll see when the time comes,” Ran Jun said with a smile, but that was all.

In his eyes, no one in No.
13 High had ever been worthy.
In his eyes, there were only two extremely powerful peers from No.
5 High and No.
7 High.

“I advise you not to underestimate him.
I reckon that other than Ran Jun, I don’t think anyone here should be confident about defeating him easily,” Lu Xiuran advised them.

However, he did not know that his advice was actually underestimating Chu Yunfan.
He did not know how much Chu Yunfan had grown.

“He’s just a country bumpkin from an ordinary high school.
How powerful can he be?” another youth said proudly.
He was not bothered to take Chu Yunfan seriously.
Even Ou Yang, who had previously dominated No.
13 High, was nothing in his eyes.
He was just a slightly visible opponent, so he was not nervous at all.
“Lu Xiuran, I see you’ve been scared out of your wits!”

Immediately, the crowd burst into laughter.

Lu Xiuran shrugged and did not retort.
He also did not take Chu Yunfan seriously.
After a winter break, he was completely different from a month ago.

“I heard that Chu Yunfan doesn’t take Yucai High seriously.
After he knocked out Fang Ziyan, he dared to say that the students of our school are weak and can’t withstand a single blow!” the student who opened the door said.

“How dare he!”

“He just defeated Fang Ziyan.
Does he think he can defeat the entire Yucai High?”

“He’s too arrogant.
We must teach him a lesson!”

“Didn’t he defeat Fang Ziyan with one strike? When I meet him and defeat him with one strike, let’s see what else he has to say!” These elite students of Yucai High were clearly angered by Chu Yunfan’s words.
They were determined to teach Chu Yunfan a lesson at the exchange meet later.

“Chu Yunfan? Hmph!” Ran Jun sneered/ He then closed his eyes and continued meditating.

At the same time, in the lounge of No.
5 High, there were also more than ten elite students sitting cross-legged.
Each of them carried a powerful aura and possessed a strong cultivation base.
Electricity seemed to crackle through their eyes.
Compared to the top 20 of Yucai High, they were clearly superior.
However, they were not training.
Instead, they were discussing something.

“Have you heard? Hehe.
Someone couldn’t help but start a fight even before the exchange.”

“Although it’s not interesting to fight right now, it’s still a good opening to add to the fun.”

“The key point is that one of the top 20 of Yucai High was defeated by someone.
On top of that, they were defeated in one move.
This time, their reputation is about to take a nosedive.”

These students had gloating expressions on their faces.
After all, they and Yucai High were competitors.
Although their old rival had always been students of No.
7 High, Yucai High had been very aggressive these past few years and could not be underestimated.
They were naturally happy to see Yucai High make a fool of themselves.

At this moment, in front of the French window in the lounge, a slender and tall girl with a pretty face was sitting cross-legged on a futon.
She was patiently flipping through a book as the sun shone down on her.
It was a scene to behold.
“Chu Yunfan, huh? Interesting,” she said as the corner of her mouth curled up into a smile.

However, her mind soon went back to her storybook.
It was as if no one in the world could wake her up from the world in the book.

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