Chapter 182 A Sensation Amongst the School’s Experts

In other words, not only was he unable to get revenge but he had also been slashed for nothing and was now marred with a reputation for bullying the weak.
All of this was because of Fang Ziyan who was lying on the ground.

Even though he usually doted on Fang Ziyan, at this moment, he could not help but feel resentful that his student had failed to live up to his expectations.

If you want to launch a sneak attack, so be it.
But you were even beaten to the ground.

Suddenly, he recalled the last time they were in No.
13 High.
If you want to provoke, so be it.
But you’ve been so badly beaten.
In the end, you made Yucai High lose all face.
This situation was very similar to back then!

“Even so, you can’t beat up someone to this extend,” Mr.
Li said stubbornly.

Chu Yunfan sneered and said, “What? He ambushed me, and I can’t defend myself?”

“Is this called self-defense?”Mr.
Li said with a dark look on his face.

“You can’t blame me.
These are the standards of Yucai High’s students.
They’re weak, and can’t even block one of my attacks.
Can you blame me for this?” Chu Yunfan said with a


The students of Yucai High glared at Chu Yunfan.

However, Chu Yunfan had no intention of changing his mind.
From the very beginning, Yucai High had been acting unethically.
They sent an invitation to them and tried to show off.
They were even trying to gather information about them at the entrance.
From all aspects, they were unfriendly and petty.
Since Yucai High was being so inhospitable, Chu Yunfan was not bothered to act kindly.

At this moment, Mr.
Li realized that Fang Ziyan had been knocked unconscious by Chu Yunfan’s attack.

It had only been one slash!

His first reaction was not that Fang Ziyan was useless, but that Chu Yunfan was too strong.
He was familiar with how strong Fang Ziyan was.
He was one of the best students in Yucai High.
However, when faced with Chu Yunfan, he could not even withstand a single blow.

When did such a character appear in No.
13 High?

“I think there’s been a misunderstanding,” Mr.
Li gritted his teeth and said word by word.

The evidence was against them.
If this matter continued, they would be at a disadvantage.
Moreover, this was a very shameful matter.
As one of the top 20 students in Yucai High, Fang Ziyan was knocked out by a single slash.
And as a teacher at Yucai High, Mr.
Li was even injured by Chu Yunfan.

If everyone thought that Chu Yunfan was strong, they would only think that Yucai High was just so-so.
This was not an outcome that Yucai High would not accept.

This was the main point to whether or not they could be promoted to the top of the city.
If such a thing happened, how could they gain any traction in the future?

“Misunderstanding? Just treat it as a misunderstanding then!” Chu Yunfan sneered.

He was not bothered to continue this charade.
What could he possibly achieve even if he kicked up a fuss? Although he had his reasons, it was Yucai High that suffered a loss.
He knew that they would not be punished too much.

Chu Yunfan made up his mind.
Was Yucai High not trying to use this opportunity to establish its prestige? In that case, he would destroy it.
That would be far more embarrassing for Yucai High than kicking up a fuss over this.

“I hope that such a misunderstanding won’t continue.
Otherwise, my saber will kill someone next time,” Chu Yunfan tucked his saber into the scabbard on his back.
He turned around and said to Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi.
“Let’s go!”

“Such insolence! How could such an arrogant student come out of No.
13 High!”

“What’s this guy’s background? How dare he be so impudent in Yucai High!” “This is really interesting.
Now, Yucai High’s reputation is going to take a plunge.
Their elite student was knocked out by a single blow, and even their teacher was injured.
This is a great humiliation!”

All of a sudden, all sorts of discussions broke out.
The students of Yucai High felt that this was a great humiliation.
However, they had lost, so they could not say anything.
Moreover, it was Fang Ziyan who had launched a sneak attack on Chu Yunfan.

Meanwhile, the students of the other schools were watching a good show.

After Mr.
Li sprayed some healing spray on himself, he hurriedly instructed two students to carry Fang Ziyan to the medical room for treatment.
Due to the school exchange meet, the medical room had been opened in advance.
They were afraid that someone would be injured and that there would be no place to treat them.
Unexpectedly, the first person to use the facility was a student from their own school.

“Hahaha, this is so satisfying.
I love to see them wanting to tear us apart but not being able to!” Gao Hongzhi laughed.
He felt that he had avenged half of his previous grievances.

“But we have to be careful.
Yucai High will definitely be hostile to us from now on.
Who knows where they might be waiting for us.
Just be careful,” Chu Yunfan said.

At the exchange meet later, the people from Yucai High might target us.
We have to be prepared for a big battle,” Tang Siyu said.

“I’ve long been prepared.
This meeting will be the place where I make a name for myself.
Hahaha!” Gao Hongzhi said with a smile.

The news of Fang Ziyan being knocked out in one strike quickly spread amongst the schools.
This school exchange meet was not a friendly exchange, but a gathering of elite students.
It was a gathering where strength spoke for itself, and all parties were very sensitive to this.
This matter had attracted the attention of many experts the moment it started.

In the lounge of Yucai High, about a dozen students were sitting cross-legged in a corner.
All of them had a powerful aura about them that was extremely terrifying.
They were the elites amongst the elites.
The students sitting here were the top 20 of Yucai High who were participating in this year’s exchange meet.

“Oh no, Fang Ziyan was defeated.”

The door of the lounge opened and a person walked in in a panic.

“Who defeated him?”

This news did not cause much of a stir.
Fang Ziyan was the weakest among them, so it was not strange that he had been defeated.
At each school exchange meet, the elites of every school were present.
Yucai High was not arrogant enough to think that no one could defeat one of their top 20.
No.5 High and No.
7 had great students after all and were the former focus high schools.

He was defeated by someone from No.
13 High,” that person said, “And he was sent flying after just one strike from the opponent!” “One move?”

“How is that possible? Even we wouldn’t be able to defeat Fang Ziyan in one move.
That’s impossible!”

“Isn’t No.
13 High ranked last? How could there be such a person?”.

At this moment, the elite experts of Yucai High finally started showing some interest.

With Fang Ziyan’s strength, although he was not bad, it was normal for him to be defeated.
However, the real problem was that he had been defeated in one move.

Suddenly, someone opened his eyes and asked, “Is that person called Chu Yunfan?”

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