Chapter 178 Testing the Storm

As a famous school in the Yunning District of Calm Ocean City, Yucai High was undoubtedly as grand as the rumors claimed.

It occupied a large area that was even bigger than the universities back in the Common Era.
It had all kinds of facilities.

After a month of winter break, Yucai High welcomed its students once more.
Although school had yet to start, many students had rushed here early in the morning.
Today was the day of the school exchange meet.
Although it was not the first time that the school exchange conference was being held, there was no doubt that this time was different.

This was the first time that Yucai High was hosting the exchange meet.
For the students of Yucai High, it was very refreshing.
This meant that their school could be compared to No.
5 and No.
7 High.
Therefore, many students were very enthusiastic and came to the school to help at the end of the winter break.
In addition to the elites and geniuses of the various schools, the entrance of Yucai High was swarming with people.

“That’s the top 20 of Tianyun High School, right? They don’t look like much.
Maybe they aren’t as great as our school.”

“Don’t look down on these top 20.
Although they are the 20 of an ordinary high school, they are more powerful than most of our students.
Ordinary high schools have many talents too!”

“However, the most outstanding students will definitely not be in an ordinary high school.
At most, they’ll be about the same as those in our school’s focus classes!”

“Which school do you think will be the first place this year? No.
5 High or No.7 High?”

“Why can’t Ran Jun of our school be the champion? Ran Jun’s strength is well-known within the Yunning District!”

At the school gate, many students of Yucai High were discussing animatedly.
They all had their own opinions on who would be the champion this year.

In the distance, three figures appeared in front of everyone.

They were two men and a woman.
One of the men was plump and had a broad smile on his face.
The other man was tall and muscular and had a delicate and pretty face.
The woman was tall and slender.
She wore a snow-white martial arts uniform that hugged her well-proportioned body.
Her facial features were exquisite and her skin was as white as snow.
She looked like a heavenly fairy.

“Who are these people?” a student asked.
When his gaze landed on the girl, he could not tear his eyes away.
“I saw the school emblem on their chests.
They are students of No.
13 High.
They should be among the top 20 of that school!”

13 High? Is that the school that’s ranked last every year? I didn’t expect such a beauty to appear in that school!”

“That must be the school belle of No.
13 High.
To be able to enter the top 20 of No.
13 High, strength and beauty are indeed equally important!”

Many students were discussing animatedly.
The trio was Chu Yunfan, Gao Hongzhi, and Tang Siyu.
But most gazes were on Tang Siyu.
After all, compared to the other two, Tang Siyu’s appearance was superior.
Even in No.
13 High, Tang Siyu had become a goddess in the hearts of many people because of her outstanding performance in last semester’s final exam.

“I found it.
That girl’s name is Tang Siyu.
Don’t underestimate her.
She isn’t just in the top 20.
She was ranked third in last year’s final exam at No.
13 High!”

Some of the students had immediately fished out their tablets to look into Tang Siyu.
After all, these were not secrets.
This kind of information could be found on the official websites of all the schools.

“Top three.
That’s quite impressive.
She can at least be mid-rank of our school’s focus classes!” some students said in disbelief.
To them, this was a great compliment.

Within Yunning District, other than No.
5 and No.
7 High, Yucai High had never put the students of other schools in their eyes.

“Hehe, they’ve reached the test machine.
Do you think any of the three of them can pass the test?”

“That’s hard to say.
If they want to pass, they must be at least at the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Then they would be considered the best among the top 20 of each school.
This is going to be good!”

Chu Yunfan and his friends walked to the entrance of Yucai High and registered themselves.
They were from No.
13 High who had come to participate in the school exchange meet.
However, they were told that before entering the school, they had to go through the test machine in front of them.
However, whether they passed or not, it would not affect their entry into the school.

This test machine was like a pillar that was as tall as a person.
There were a few lights on the top of the pillar.
Once they passed the test, the lights would light up.
The more lights were lit up, the stronger one’s strength was.
These strength test machines had been very popular in recent years, so it was not out of the ordinary.

Chu Yunfan thought to himself, if it did not affect entering the school, then why would there be a test? He remembered that there had not been such a test in the previous years when No.
5 and No.
7 had hosted the event.

But in an instant, he understood.
They were gathering intelligence!

Although they were all in the top 20 of each school, there was no doubt that there were strong and weak points in the top 20.
Even the strongest person in a bottom-ranked school like No.
13 High was worth paying attention to.
Through this test machine, the strong and weak were quickly identified and targeted arrangements could be made.

‘Yucai High really has put in a lot of capital.
Looks like they want to amaze everyone.’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.
Suddenly, a wave of mocking voices came from not far away.

“Yo, isn’t that the people from No.
13 High? Are they stuck at the test machine?”

A group of five or six students walked out of the school and looked at Chu Yunfan’s group of three provocatively.

“Tsk, tsk.
How pitiful.
Don’t tell me none of them can pass the test machine.”

“It’s not impossible.
I heard that only Ou Yang has reached the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage this year.
There’s no way they can pass!”

“If I were them, it’d be better to not embarrass myself and just sneak out through the side door.
There’s no hope of passing the test anyway!”

There was an outpour of sarcastic remarks from the group.

Chu Yunfan rolled his eyes and asked, “Who are you guys?”

The students were stunned.
They did not expect Chu Yunfan to ask such a question.

“You don’t know us? How arrogant!”

Chu Yunfan rolled his eyes again and asked, “Who are you? Why do I have to know you? No.
5 High? No.
7 High? Yucai High?”

“Yunfan, don’t you know? They’re No.
25 High School.
They ranked above us at the last school exchange meet!” Gao Hongzhi cackled.
“You scared me to death.
I thought you guys were students from No.
5 High or No.
7 High.
Turns out you’re just students from the second-to-last school!”

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