Chapter 167 The Opening of the Mountain River Diagram

Whether it was humans or monsters, the Innate Stage was on a completely different level.

Once one advanced to the Innate Stage, the human would be considered a big shot among humans, and such a monster would be considered a monster king.
Within a certain area, all monsters would have to listen to its orders and would not dare resist it.

In the monsters’ bodies, after breaking through to the Innate Stage, a crystal known as a Demon Core would form in their bodies.
This Demon Core contained powerful Innate Stage True Energy.
It was the most valuable of items.
For example, if the corpse of the Threetail Silver Fox could be sold for 100 million, then this Innate Demon Core would be worth at least 50 million.
In fact, these Innate Demon Cores were often priceless.
If an Innate Stage expert killed an Innate Stage monster and sold it, it would definitely be sold to the highest bidder.

An Acquired Stage expert would have a chance to break into the Innate Stage using the Innate Demon Core.
This was the most precious part.
It was a pity that Chu Yunfan could not take the entire corpse of the Threetail Silver Fox.
However, he could take the Innate Demon Core of the Threetail Silver Fox.

This was possible.
Although it was a pity, there was nothing he could do.

He walked to the side of the Threetail Silver Fox and with great difficulty, used the end of his Shadowless Saber to cut open the skin under the belly of the Threetail Silver Fox.
This was the softest part of the Threetail Silver Fox.
The rest of its body was covered in thick fur.
It was difficult for a saber or sword to cut it anywhere else.

He cut open the belly of the Threetail Silver Fox bit by bit.
Very soon, he found the Innate Demon Care within the Threetail Silver Fox.
It was about the size of a fist.
Compared to the Threetail Silver Fox, it was quite small.
This Innate Demon Core was completely silver-white in color.
It perfectly matched the Threetail Silver Fox.
He could feel extremely powerful energy contained within it.
Chu Yunfan was not planning to sell this item.
He might have the opportunity to use it in the future.

However, just as he was about to put away the Innate Demon Core, it began to fog up.
The fog appeared and immediately surged into his mind.
In an instant, he was transported to another place.
It was an extremely strange place.
The moment he entered it, it was as if he had entered the ocean.
His surroundings were filled with viscous liquid.

When he realized what it was, he was shocked.
This viscous liquid was Spirit Energy.
It was liquefied Spirit Energy.

Immersed in the liquefied Spirit Energy, Chu Yunfan felt extremely comfortable.

This was a space about ten meters in length, width, and height.
Everything in this space was gray.

“This is inside the Mountain River Diagram.
I can enter the Mountain River Diagram?” Chu Yunfan said in surprise.

He knew from the memories of the Alchemy Emperor that the power of the Mountain River Diagram was quite great.
It was well-known among the many emperors.

Otherwise, there would be no way to take away the Godhead.

The Mountain River Diagram formed its own space.
When the Alchemy Emperor was at his most powerful, he could form his own dimensional space.

Of course, that was when the Alchemy Emperor was at his most powerful.
Later, Chu Yunfan found out about the existence of the Mountain River Diagram.
Although he could sense the existence of the diagram, he did not have any way to activate it.
Occasionally, when he was comprehending it, the Godhead in the Mountain River Diagram would put out streams of clear current to help him.

And now, he had managed to enter the Mountain River Diagram.
He had unlocked a portion of the Mountain River Diagram with the Innate Demon Core of the Threetail Silver Fox.
The Innate Demon Core of the Threetail Silver Fox was only enough to open this small portion.
It was unable to unleash the true power of the diagram.

However, Chu Yunfan was not discouraged.
Since he was able to unlock it, albeit just a sliver, he was certain he would be able to unlock the rest in the future.
And the main point was that he now knew he needed to hunt down Innate Stage monsters and obtain their Demon Cores.
Although, that would be a difficult task now.
The Threetail Silver Fox alone was already a bargain for him.
He did not know how long it would take before he could face Innate Stage monsters head-on.
However, having a direction and a goal was much better than running around aimlessly like a headless chicken.

Although the Monster Core that was worth millions had disappeared just like that, Chu Yunfan only felt his heart ache for a moment before he quickly understood.
This was the way of the world.
There were losses and gains.
How could they gain something without paying a price? That was impossible.

Based on the current situation, he did not know how long it would take for him to return to the Mountain River Diagram, which was a dimension of its own.
It was extremely powerful and invincible.
At the moment, it could only be used as a storage space.

He was in no hurry though.
The Mountain River Diagram was so powerful that he did not dare to use it.
The more powerful it was, the more energy he would need to use it.
With his current cultivation level, his energy would be sucked dry in a minute.

Even if it was just a storage space, it was still a pleasant surprise.
Even in modern times, humans have yet to overcome the difficult problem of space technology.
Other than some spatial magic treasures that they had dug up, they could only rely on the technology of replication.
Each spatial equipment was made one after another, and each one was sky-high in price.
Ordinary people would not be able to afford it.
As for mass production, it would probably take some time.
Even tens of billions of dollars was not enough to buy a space of this size.

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It was truly priceless!

Chu Yunfan immediately left the Mountain River Diagram and entered back into the underground treasury.
The corpse of the Threetail Silver Fox was laying on the ground.
He reached out and touched the corpse.
With just a thought, he managed to store it in the Mountain River Diagram.

It was much more convenient with such storage space.
Chu Yunfan realized that he might be able to hide in the Mountain River Diagram at critical moments when he was trying to avoid powerful enemies and would be able to avoid confrontations with them.

This was equivalent to having another ultimate life-saving move.

It was just that entering and leaving the Mountain River Diagram required a considerable amount of True Energy.
Even so, it was still a huge life-saving trump card.

Chu Yunfan searched the vault again and found the corpse of a small Threetail Silver Fox in the corner of the room.
It was only the size of a fist.
The small thing had been killed by the aftershocks of the battle.
It had no value at all.
He then turned around and left.
If he delayed any longer, even if Chu Zhiguo and the others did not return, other monsters would surround him and attack him once they picked up on the scent of the blood.

Previously, with the awe-inspiring might of the Threetail Silver Fox, those monsters would not dare to come over.
But now, it was hard to say.

He ran and arrived at an office building.
After closing the door, Chu Yunfan disappeared and entered the Mountain River Diagram.

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