Chapter 166 The Patient One Reaps the Benefits

The Threetail Silver Fox was an Innate Stage monster.
Even though its strength decreased greatly after giving birth, it was still not something an ordinary Acquired Stage expert could compete with.

Very soon, many wounds appeared on Zuo Wenbin.
Even if he was only grazed by the Threetail Silver Fox, the wounds were still terrifying.
There were even some places where bones could be seen.
But even so, he knew that this Threetail Silver Fox was already at the end of its tether.
Under the siege of the group, this Threetail Silver Fox attacked left and right, but there was no way for it to escape.
Gradually, the Threetail Silver Fox which had been cornered would die sooner or later.
All it needed to do was to wear it down bit by bit.
This was because the Threetail Silver Fox too had many large wounds on its body that were terrifying.
Its blood kept flowing out and could not be stopped.
As time passed, the Threetail Silver Fox would definitely die.

“Hahaha, the Threetail Silver Fox is going to die.
Our family is going to prosper.
We’re going to be on TV.
This Threetail Silver Fox has caused so many casualties to us humans.
Now that it is going to die by our hands, we’re going to be famous!” Chu Zhiguo roared.
His face was filled with excitement.
It was clear that his fear of the Threetail Silver Fox had been diluted by the huge profits that might follow.

When the other mercenaries heard this, they could not help but feel their blood boil.
Killing an Innate Stage monster would make them famous throughout the entire mercenary world.

Zuo Wenbin listened to the battle as he thought to himself.
This young master usually acted rashly, but when it came to the critical moment, he knew how to inspire people.
And now was the critical moment.
Whether he could kill this Threetail Silver Fox or not, this was the defining moment.
The Threetail Silver Fox seemed to have reached the point of exhaustion.
It was shot in the left eye by a mercenary with a crossbow.
The intense pain made the Threetail Silver Fox furious.
However, Zuo Wenbin knew that this was a critical moment.

“Everyone, hold on.
This Threetail Silver Fox won’t be able to hold out for long.
Holding out means victory!”

“Yes, it’s the critical moment!”

From the corner, Chu Yunfan raised the crossbow in his hand and aimed it at Zuo Wenbin.


The sound of a crossbow whizzing through the air could be heard.
A terrifying arrow shot toward Zuo Wenbin with tremendous force.

Chu Yunfan had never learned how to use a crossbow, so he naturally could not hit every target.
However, this was enough for him.
Zuo Wenbin sensed the arrow instantly.
He instantly sidestepped and dodged the terrifying arrow.

“The perception of an Acquired Stage expert is indeed terrifying.
Fortunately, I didn’t expect this arrow to kill you,” Chu Yunfan said coldly from afar.

Zuo Wenbin, who had dodged the arrow, did not have the time to be proud of himself.
He also did not have the time to think about why there was an arrow coming at him from behind.
He thought that some mercenary had wrongly shot at him.
His vision turned black.
Then, he saw that the Threetail Silver Fox had pounced in front of him and bared down on him.


Zuo Wenbin was clawed.
The armor on his body was torn apart, and half of his body was badly mutilated.
He was instantly sent flying.

“Run!” Zuo Wenbin shouted as he fell heavily to the ground.

A pained expression appeared on his face.
This was something that he had been planning for a long time.
This failure was not just a failure in hunting monsters.
It also meant that his hopes of advancing to the Innate Stage had been dashed.
That was a rank that he had always dreamed of stepping into.
Once he became an Innate Stage expert and was willing to work for the military.
He would start as a major general.
If he was willing to work for the world’s top five hundred corporations, he would be a revered expert and earn numerous riches.
Most importantly, after breaking through to the Innate Stage, his lifespan would greatly increase.
His lifespan would be at least two hundred years.

Who would not yearn to extend their lifespan and enjoy wealth?

And now, all his dreams were shattered.

When the others saw this scene, how would they dare to stay? The reason why they dared to go against this Innate Stage monster was because of Zuo Wenbin.
Now that Zuo Wenbin was heavily injured, how would they dare to stay?

They shot out in a flurry as they repelled the Threetail Silver Fox.
They took advantage of the chaos to bring Zuo Wenbin away.
Chu Zhiguo took the lead and ran out of the vault without any hesitation.
Without Zuo Wenbin to help him block, this place was like hell.

In a flash, he had already run away.
He did not notice that there was a figure lurking in a corner.

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The Threetail Silver Fox did not chase after them because it was seriously injured.
One of its eyes had even been shot blind.
It only wanted to recuperate.
As long as it could survive today, even if one of its eyes had been shot blind, it was still one of the most terrifying rulers of the abandoned city.

However, it was clear that today would not go as it wished.
Just when it thought that the wave of attacks had ended, a crossbow arrow came out of nowhere.
It couldn’t dodge.
There had been no warning.
Its other eye was shot.


The Threetail Silver Fox roared.
It was enraged, but its two eyes were already blind.
It could not see anything at all.
It could only walk around aimlessly as if it wanted to kill the imaginary enemy.
Then, another arrow hit even deeperpiercing through its brain.

The Threetail Silver Fox struggled for a while.
But in the end, it collapsed.
Even if it was a monster at the Innate Stage, its brain was still its weakest point.

Once its brain was pierced by an arrow, it would still die.

Chu Yunfan walked out from the corner.
After confirming that Chu Zhiguo and the rest had indeed been scared out of their wits and fled, he then entered the underground vault.

This place had been turned into his nest by the Threetail Silver Fox.
The ground was littered with corpses.
Most of these mercenaries had been struck by the tail of the Threetail Silver Fox and were beaten to death.
The strength of the Threetail Silver Fox’s tail was too terrifying.
It was like being swept by a pillar.

Chu Yunfan walked toward the Threetail Silver Fox.
Looking at its huge body, he could not help but feel that it was a pity.
The price of an Innate Stage monster was indeed high.
He did not know the exact number, because it was different according to the type of monster.
However, they were worth at least tens of millions, maybe even billions.

However, he could not carry such the huge Threetail Silver Fox that was as big as a small hill.
However, there was one thing that he could still take away, and that was the Innate Demon Crystal of the Threetail Silver Fox.

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