Chapter 163 Beast Swarm and Escape

When an Acquired Stage expert attacked, it was needless to say how powerful he was.
His entire person was like a human-shaped monster as he swept past.
At the same time, the terrifying wind that he formed caused people’s faces to turn red.

“Calm down.
I must calm down!”

A clear current flowed through Chu Yunfan’s mind, causing him to stop panicking instantly.
He became absolutely calm.
His head was like a supercomputer as he began to calculate.

Zuo Wenbin rushed forward and struck out with his palm.
He thought that he would definitely be able to hit Chu Yunfan, but he saw Chu Yunfan’s figure dodge his attack very naturally.
His actions were as smooth as flowing water.
Zuo Wenbin attacked continuously.
But every time he thought that he would be able to hit Chu Yunfan, Chu Yunfan would always be able to dodge.

Zuo Wenbin did not know that when he attacked, the air current was too strong.
The originally terrifying air currents had instead become a good helper for Chu Yunfan to dodge his attacks.
But even so, the air currents created by an Acquired Stage expert still made Chu Yunfan’s internal organs tremble.

Chu Yunfan retreated continuously-fighting while running.
After making sure that Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu had already run far away, he finally turned around and ran crazily.

“Trying to run now?!” Zuo Wenbin roared and chased after Chu Yunfan.
The two of them-one chasing and one running-quickly exited the square.
The other mercenaries could not keep up with their speed.
As an Acquired Stage expert, Zuo Wenbin had an endless supply of True Energy in his body.
Every step he took was a huge leap.
However, Chu Yunfan was not a pushover.
His movement technique and cultivation were fully displayed.
In addition, he could avoid Zuo Wenbin’s attacks at critical moments.
Zuo Wenbin was unable to do anything to him.
Zuo Wenbin’s strength was far above Chu Yunfan’s.
However, it was meaningless if he could not hit him.

“You’re dead meat.
I don’t believe that you can escape from my grasp forever!”

Zuo Wenbin no longer cared about chasing after Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi.
In comparison, Chu Yunfan was the real threat.
The more he chased after them, the more shocked he was by Chu Yunfan’s movement techniques.
The killing intent in his heart grew stronger.

Chu Yunfan was still calm.
The True Energy in his body had been mobilized to its peak.
He could feel that the barrier of the sixth level of the Qi Sea Stage was loosening, and there were signs of a breakthrough.
The two of them chased and fled, and soon they entered deep into the city.


A booming thunder-like sound came from the distance.

Very soon, black shadows approached them.

“Monster swarm!”

The two of them blurted out.
Those black shadows were numerous monsters.
It was a terrifying monster swarm.

What was the most terrifying thing on the battlefield in the wild? It was not any powerful Innate Stage monster, but a monster swarm.
Even the weakest monsters—like the Redback Jackals that were not particularly powerful-if they were stirred up by a monster swarm, that number was enough to drown any expert.
And monster swarms in the wild often happened for no reason.
No one knew what the reason was, nor was there any sign of it before it happened.

“Let’s see where you can run to,” Zuo Wenbin sneered and stopped.

In front of Chu Yunfan was the monster swarm, and behind him was Zuo Wenbin.
No matter which direction Chu Yunfan chose, it was a dead end.
However, the monster swarm that came from afar made him feel terrified.
There was not much time left before they arrived.

Chu Yunfan was in a dilemma.
However, he could not care too much.
He rushed in the direction of the monster swarm, which was better than facing Zuo Wenbin behind him.

In a short while, Chu Yunfan was completely swallowed by the monster swarm.

“You’re seeking your own death.
What a pity that you fell into the mouth of the monsters.
Otherwise, I’d definitely let you have a taste of the punishments I’ve thought up for you!”

Zuo Wenbin immediately turned around and fled.
After confirming that Chu Yunfan was dead for sure, he did not hesitate and sped up to escape.

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At this moment, Chu Yunfan, who was confirmed to be dead, was in the midst of the monster swarm.
Countless monsters pounced at him.
He unleashed the three top-tier movement techniques he knew to the limit, and then he crazily shuttled through the monster swarm.

Fortunately, these monsters seemed to be driven by something as they ran into the distance.
After failing to hit him in one strike, they did not stop and continued to charge forward.

But even so, Chu Yunfan was still hit several times, and his arm was also scratched several times by sharp claws.
With his current movement technique, ordinary monsters could no longer do anything to him.
But the problem was that these monsters were everywhere, and there was no room for him to dodge.
Even if he had an astonishing movement technique, he was not able to use it.

He was still heavily injured.

“I have to think of a way to get out.
Otherwise, I’ll die!”

Chu Yunfan calmly assessed the situation.
If he was continuously attacked by the monster swarm like this, he would definitely die.
Even Innate Stage experts would die if they encountered monster swarms.
As he dodged, he used the force of the collision to run toward the nearby building.
He could feel that there were even more terrifying monsters running behind these monsters.

After a long while, Chu Yunfan finally stepped into the building and killed a few small monsters that were chasing after him.
Then, he hurriedly ran upstairs until he reached the fifteenth floor before he finally stopped.

“Huff, huff, huff!” Chu Yunfan panted heavily.

Although the Moon Shadow Armor was fine, his body was still bruised by the monsters.
There was blood all over his body.
They were all at the intersection of the armor.
He had been scratched by the sharp claws of the monsters.

“I finally escaped.
Hahahahaha! Zuo Wenbin, Chu Zhiguo, you guys must not have thought that I could escape death, right? Since I survived, I’ll definitely think of a way to kill you guys!” Chu Yunfan experienced near-death, and he managed to escape.

He began to spray healing mist all over his body.
Outside the building, countless monsters were still running, and the monsters that appeared were becoming more and more terrifying

In the beginning, they were only in the Physical Stage.
Then, Qi Sea Stage, Energy Refinement Stage, and even Acquired Stage monsters appeared.
Each of them was more terrifying than the last.
Chu Yunfan even saw terrifying flying monsters flying past the window.

Suddenly, he saw a huge monster fly past.
It was the terrifying Iron Feathered Eagle.

What made him even more surprised was that on the back of the Iron Feathered Eagle, there was a human figure.

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