Chapter 162 In Danger

Chu Yunfan, who was standing in the middle of a group of Redback Jackals, was now much faster.

Just as Gao Hongzhi had guessed, Chu Yunfan had mastered the third transformation of the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations.
At the same time, it was also the limit of what he could endure.
If he went any higher, it was not that he could not use it.
The profound mysteries of the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations were deduced over and over by him.
He could use the fourth transformation, but he would pay a high price.
But even so, it was enough.
With just three movement techniques, Chu Yunfan’s combat strength was much stronger than when he first entered the field.

In the past five days, his cultivation had improved to the peak of the fifth transformation of the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations.
He had learned a few more movement techniques, and his combat strength had greatly increased.
He was now able to protect himself against a few of his former opponents at the same time.


With the current trio’s lineup, if they were to meet the man from before, they would waste even less time.
The victor would be determined very quickly.
This was a growth that could not be achieved by cultivating at home.

Chu Yunfan had learned the basics of this movement technique, and he was no longer lenient.
The Shadowless Saber in his hand continued to slash down-often cutting the Redback Jackals in half at the waist.
His attacks were fast, accurate, and ruthless.

Five days ago, he did not have much combat experience and would still cut the heads of the Redback Jackals.
Little did he know that the Redback Jackals had copper heads, iron bones, and tofu waists.
But now that he had fully grasped their anatomy, he attacked their waists.
One slash could cut these monsters into two.

The waist was the Redback Jackals’ weakness, so it was the target of protection for these Redback Jackals.
Ordinary people would not be able to have these monsters expose their waists, but Chu Yunfan had a different kind of exquisite movement technique.
With just one step, he would be able to catch the Redback Jackals off guard.
These Redback Jackals were no match for him.
One slash at a time, and soon, corpses littered the ground.

“Huff, huff!” Chu Yunfan panted heavily.

In just a short moment, he had already recovered.
The True Energy that he had consumed had mostly recovered.
With a bottle of energy elixir, he should be able to recover fully.

The next step was to find a safe place and make a breakthrough.
The three of them had already reached the peak of their respective realms.
Once they made a breakthrough, their combat strength would increase significantly.

When he said that he wanted to win the championship at the school exchange meet, he was not just saying that.
However, he knew that there was still quite a big gap between him and the experts of the various schools in the Yunning District.
Fortunately, he could see it through Ou Yang.
The gap was not as big as the road to despair.
He could still catch up with them.

At this moment, the sound of hurried footsteps could be heard.
They saw a group of people appear on the other side of the square.

“It’s difficult to find you three.
I didn’t expect you guys to hide here!”

It was a group of mercenaries.
The people in the lead were none other than Chu Zhiguo and Zuo Wenbin.

Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu were alarmed by this sudden turn of events.
They quickly gathered with Chu Yunfan.

Zuo Wenbin’s pupils contracted as he looked at the corpses on the ground.
It was not because of the Redback Jackals that had been killed.
The key point was that they had been killed with a single slash.
It was clear that the attacker was fast, accurate, and ruthless.
Judging from the situation when he had just entered, they must have been killed by Chu Yunfan.

Compared to strength, combat experience was more important in the wild.
Rookies often lacked this the most.
However, Chu Yunfan’s rapid growth made him vigilant.
Meanwhile, Chu Zhiguo’s face carried a hint of joy.
He had finally found Chu Yunfan and was able to eliminate him.
Then, the hard work he had put in these past few days would not have been in vain.
Originally, they were in despair at being able to track the trio.
But then, they found traces of them.

Looking at the many mercenaries who were about to surround them, Chu Yunfan immediately made a decision, “You two go first, I’ll cover the rear!”

“No, this is too dangerous!” Gao Hongzhi immediately said.

“I don’t agree either!” Tang Siyu said.

“Is this the time to show off?” Chu Yunfan immediately said, “If we let them surround us, none of us can escape.
Besides, don’t forget what we’ve been practicing for the past few days.
Don’t underestimate me!” “If the three of us stay together, none of us can leave.
I have to divert my attention to take care of you.
I can escape by myself,” Chu Yunfan said in a low voice.

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The two of them thought about it and agreed.
They both knew Chu Yunfan’s attainments in movement techniques.
If they stayed behind, they would become a burden to Chu Yunfan.
If that happened, no one would be able to escape.
“None of you will be able to escape.
Attack!” Chu Zhiguo shouted.

The mercenary group immediately rushed forward, while Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi turned around and left.
They could only do so for now.
Chu Yunfan drew his sword and slashed out, blocking the two mercenaries who were leading the group.



The two collided and Chu Yunfan retreated as they clashed swords.
The two mercenaries pounced on him.
However, what made them feel strange was that the two of them had clearly surrounded Chu Yunfan.
Logically speaking, he should have no way to escape.
However, whenever the time came, Chu Yunfan used all sorts of unimaginable footwork to dodge their attacks.
Every time, their attacks would miss.
Very quickly, the other mercenaries caught up and tried to chase after Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu.
However, they were all stopped by Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan retreated while fighting to avoid being completely surrounded by these mercenaries.
These mercenaries were all extremely fierce and ruthless.
They were experienced people who had survived hundreds of battles.
Moreover, they were affected by the death of their companion, so they were even more furious.
However, no matter how they attacked, they could not do anything to Chu Yunfan.

“That is…” Chu Zhiguo looked at Chu Yunfan’s unbelievable dodging actions and could not help but be shocked.

“It’s a movement technique.
What brilliance.
We can’t let him live any longer!” Zuo Wenbin recognized that Chu Yunfan was using a movement technique.
Although he could not identify the specific grade, he knew that it was brilliant.
The killing intent in his eyes became even stronger.
“All of you are trash!” Zuo Wenbin shouted.

He suddenly stomped his feet and his body flew out like a cannonball.
Then, his body descended from the sky and slammed down fiercely on Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan almost immediately felt an extremely dangerous aura and he instantly moved a few meters away.


Zuo Wenbin landed heavily on the ground.
The entire ground shook violently.

He was like a human-shaped monster.
As soon as he stabilized his footing, he rushed at Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan was instantly in danger!

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