Chapter 158 If Such People Were Left Alive, It Would Just Be a Source of Trouble

An hour later, when Chu Zhiguo and Zuo Wenbin arrived, they saw only a pile of broken pieces of armor on the ground.
The man’s corpse had been devoured by the monsters that rushed over because of the smell of blood.

There were not even any bones left.
In the past, it was very difficult for wild beasts to bite and swallow bones.
But for monsters, it was not a problem at all.
One bite could crush a person’s bones.

Chu Zhiguo and Zuo Wenbin, together with the members of the mercenary team who had rushed over, all had ugly expressions on their faces.
They could imagine the scene of the man’s corpse being torn apart and swallowed by the monsters.
If it was not because the armor was very difficult to bite through and could not be digested, even the armor would probably be swallowed by those monsters who were willing to eat anything.

“He’s dead.
Not even his bones are left!”

Zuo Wenbin sneered, “What fast speed!”

‘How useless.
He can’t even guard three children!’ Chu Zhiguo cursed in his heart.

Behind him, the members of the mercenary team all had ugly expressions on their faces.
The person who died was their teammate.
And Chu Zhiguo looked like he was cursing him that he was useless.
They were very angry, but Chu Zhiguo did not care.
He knew that these people did not dare to provoke him because they relied on the Tengda Group to survive.
It was not easy for them to find a large company that could support them.
Without the Tengda Group, there would be many Energy Refinement Stage experts out of a job.
Among the people, only Acquired Stage experts like Zuo Wenbin were valued by the Tengda Group.
“Those little b*stards have obviously found out this fellow was hanging behind them.
They are fast, accurate, and ruthless!” Zuo Wenbin said.
He looked at the situation around him.
Through the walls and some marks on the ground, he could reconstruct the battle that had taken place Although there were only a few clues, it was enough for him to judge a lot of things.
He was very experienced in battle, and he was very clear that the gap between the Qi Sea Stage and the Energy Refinement Stage was not something that two or three people could easily make up.

Moreover, one was an experienced old hunter, and the other three were rookies who had yet to graduate from high school.
Just the difference in battle experience should have been enough for the Energy Refinement Stage to crush the Qi Sea Stage.
Combined with the situation, it was not difficult for him to guess that the person had been heavily injured before the battle began.
In other words, he had been ambushed.

Those three little b*stards must have long discovered that someone was following them, but they pretended not to know.
Then, the trio had lured the man in and killed him with one final strike.

Fast, accurate, and ruthless!

They had not hesitated in the slightest.
The trio did not seem like rookies who had not graduated from high school at all!

Such enemies were either not to be offended, or if they were offended, it would be best to offend them to the death and kill them right away.
This was the fastest and best way.


When he thought of this, Zuo Wenbin’s eyes flashed with terrifying killing intent.
Killing people was a very simple thing for him-it was not the first time after all.
Since he wanted to work for the Tengda Group, it was only proper for him to remove any threat to the group.
If such people were left alive, they would only become a threat to the group!

We must find them.
However, don’t make it obvious.
Search quietly to avoid alerting them.
After you find them, inform me immediately.
If they try to escape, do it immediately.
It doesn’t matter if they are dead or alive!” Zuo Wenbin immediately decided.

Chu Zhiguo did not refute.
Although he was the young master of the group, he had to obey Zuo Wenbin.
Although he was arrogant, he was not stupid.
He would not take his own life as a joke.
Here, the experienced and powerful Zuo Wenbin was the leader.

“Yes, sir!”

These mercenaries spread out to look for traces of Chu Yunfan and his friends.

However, this was not simple.
Although this was an abandoned city, it had been a big city with a population of one million many years ago.
Looking for people here was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
However, Zuo Wenbin was unwilling to give up this opportunity.
If he did not take care of the other party, he would feel uneasy.

At this time, Chu Yunfan and the other two had already entered the depths of the city.
They knew that Chu Zhiguo and the others would definitely not let this matter slide.
Therefore, entering the depths of the city was the safest.
The complicated terrain became their cover instead.

“Here, the most suitable method to hunt monsters is to use a sniper rifle.
We could ambush from the high buildings and snipe from below.
We’d be successful no matter what,” Tang Siyu said as she pointed at the surrounding high buildings.
“It’s a pity that we don’t have a gun license.
Moreover, we didn’t come here to hunt monsters.
We didn’t even prepare a transport vehicle.
Even if we killed them, we wouldn’t be able to transport them away.
The main purpose is to train ourselves,” Gao Hongzhi could not help but say.

“Oh, right.
Before the battle, take these two pills.”

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As Chu Yunfan said this, he took out two pills from the pill bottle in his pocket and handed them to the two of them.
Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi were not unfamiliar with this pill.

“Aren’t these Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pills? It goes for millions on the black market.
Where did you get them?!” Gao Hongzhi exclaimed.

He still remembered the compensation from the army had been Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pills.
Lately, his cultivation had improved greatly because of the medicinal efficacy of the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill.

Tang Siyu also glanced at Chu Yunfan with some hesitation.
A Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill, which was worth millions of Yuan, was not a small sum of money.

“I have my ways.
I made it according to the cost price.
The price is not that high.
Take it first.
When you are about to break through, swallow it and you’ll be able to break through smoothly,” Chu Yunfan said, “If you don’t win the championship at the school exchange meet, it’ll be meaningless!”

“Okay, I’ll take it!” Gao Hongzhi nodded.

There was nothing to be polite about between him and Chu Yunfan.
If he had one, he would definitely leave one for Chu Yunfan.
It would be too pretentious to say anything now.

However, Tang Siyu was a little hesitant.
She and Chu Yunfan did not have that good of a relationship.

Chu Yunfan grabbed Tang Siyu’s white palm and placed the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill on it.
He said, “Don’t forget.
Our lives are at stake here.
A mere Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill is nothing!”

To Chu Yunfan, a Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill that cost two million was indeed nothing.
Just by buying a villa, he had spent tens of millions.

“Life… Okay then.”

Tang Siyu finally nodded and accepted the pill.
Her eyes shone brightly as she looked at Chu Yunfan with an inexplicable expression.

Other than her mother, no one had ever treated her so well and asked for nothing!

“I’ll pay you back—” before Tang Siyu could finish her words, Chu Yunfan had already walked away.
Let’s go kill some monsters!”

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