Chapter 156 Encircling and Hunting Strong Enemies

This person was obviously experienced.
He followed them at a distance that was neither too far nor too close.
He would not be discovered, but he would not lose them because he was too far away either.

He was like an experienced lone wolf, following them from afar.
His eyes flickered with a terrifying light.
He had received instructions from his superiors.
As long as the thin man was alive, it did not matter if the other two were kept alive or not.
If there was a chance, he was to take action.
If there was no chance, he was to wait for them to come over.
If the opportunity was right, he could act.

A sinister smile spread across his face.
If that fatty was killed, so be it.
Though that little girl was really beautiful.
Before killing her, he would enjoy himself first.
She looked almost like a goddess.
It was not that he had never seen beautiful women in his life, but none of them belonged to him.
As he thought about this, the abandoned city appeared in front of him.

He looked around carefully.
After making sure that there were no monsters around, he let out a sigh of relief.
He had a lot of experience being in the wild.
It was because of this that he knew how dangerous the wild was.

However, he was distracted for a moment as he observed the surroundings, and the trio had disappeared.
He became a little anxious.
He did not care about following them from afar anymore and hurriedly tracked them.

He was fast.
His Energy Refinement Stage cultivation gave him a very strong physique.
In a matter of seconds, he had already charged into the edge of the abandoned city.

At this moment, the roars of monsters could be heard from afar.
This abandoned city had already become a monsters’ paradise.
Of course, because it was close to Calm Ocean City.
Every once in a while, the army would send out a sweep to prevent the birth of any overly powerful monsters.
But even so, it was still quite dangerous for martial artists in the Qi Sea Stage and the Energy Refinement Stage.
It was one thing for an old Energy Refinement Stage cultivator like him who had been active in the wild for a long time, but the mortality rate of a novice in the Qi Sea Realm was extremely high.
He himself did not know how long he had fought and how many times he had narrowly escaped death to reach his current cultivation level.

“Please don’t die in the mouth of a monster!”

The man thought that if Chu Yunfan died, he would not be able to answer to his superiors.

He swept through a building.
With his rich experience, he found the building through the trios’ footprints.

“Thanks to you, we did not die, but you might!”

Suddenly, a figure jumped out of the stairway.
A spear came out of its hole in an instant, stabbing toward the man’s head.

The tall man instantly backed up.
He had enough battle experience and could react in an instant even in the face of such a sudden attack.

However, the attack he faced was not so simple.
When he moved backward, a sword appeared behind him.
The sharp sword ray made the back of his neck feel cold.
He stopped in his tracks and moved to the left.
Because his right was a wall, he could not move to the left.
This man’s strong physique was fully displayed.

At the Energy Refinement Stage, a human’s body could do things that were unimaginable to humans in the past.
However, the man had not escaped just yet.
As he moved horizontally, another blade light enveloped his face and chopped down.




This strike was extremely fast!

There was no way for him to escape.
Dodging the two moves just now had used up all his strength.
He was at the stage where his strength was exhausted and was yet to regain it.
How would he have the strength to dodge? Even if he wanted to dodge, there was no way.
The slash was too fast.
He could only try his best to dodge it!


The saber light slashed at his body.
It did not hit his armor as he had hoped.
It managed to hit the gap in his armor even though it was not big.
The owner of this saber light was fast and accurate.
There was no mistake at all.
It was as if he had practiced countless times!

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A heavy object hit the ground.
It was an arm.
One of the man’s arms had been cut off.

“As expected, we still have to start from here!”

A clear voice rang out.
The man realized that a young man’s face had appeared in front of him.
It was his target.

“Damn it!”

He realized that he had been surrounded.
His three targets had surrounded him from three sides.
If they were to attack him from behind, he was confident that he could kill him within a few moves.
Even if he were to face them head-on, he was confident that he could finish off these rookies who had not been on the battlefield before.

However, the current situation was completely different from what he had imagined.
His worst-case scenario was that they would discover him and attack him forcefully.
“How did you discover me?” the man asked in a low voice.
His other hand pulled out a weapon.
It was a saber.

The blood on his shoulder had already stopped flowing.
He had forcefully controlled the muscles near the wound site.
From the beginning of martial arts cultivation, he had cultivated his physical body.
In theory, even those in the Physical Stage could also achieve such a level.
It was just that their speed would not be as fast.

“Yunfan, he’s stalling,” Gao Hongzhi reminded


“I know.” Chu Yunfan chuckled, “Do you want to know why you were discovered by us? It’s because your superior, Chu Zhiguo, has already given up on you.
He chose to reconcile with me.
And my only request is for you to die!”

As Chu Yunfan said this, the saber in his hand thrust forward.
In an instant, it slashed in front of that man.

“Impossible, you’re lying to me!” The man rushed forward and drew his blade to fight Chu Yunfan.

Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu launched an attack at the same time.
The trio attacked at the same time, but they could not suppress the man although he was heavily injured.
He only had one hand left, but his defense was impenetrable.
He beat back the trio in an instant.

This made Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi’s expressions very ugly.
They knew that there was a gap between them and these experienced hunters, but they had never thought that in such a situation where they had the advantage, they would be unable to take him down.

Chu Yunfan sneered.
He had long guessed that it was Chu Zhiguo, and now he was just confirming it.

“You’re bluffing!” the man roared.

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