Chapter 151 Hunters’ Association

Although Chu Yunfan was currently using medicinal pills to help him breakthrough, it was under the condition that he could completely digest the medicinal pills and control his strength.

Under such circumstances, the medicinal pills would only assist him in his training.
If he were to disregard the actual situation and casually consume Nine-Orifice Origin Spirit Pills, his cultivation would increase by leaps and bounds.
However, he would not be prepared.
He did not have the mental ability to control this level of strength.
This would instead become a stumbling block on his path.

This was also why he did not choose to refine Nine-Orifice Origin Spirit Pills and continuously consume medicinal pills with powerful medicinal effects.
It seemed pretty good, and his cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds.
However, the Alchemy Emperor had already clearly revealed the outcome of this method.
Among the many emperors, he was the weakest one.
He had heaven-defying alchemy skills, yet he died in such a sullen manner.
This was something that Chu Yunfan had to do his best to avoid!

Chu Yunfan checked and found that the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill was a special supply for the army.
To get one on the black market, one would need more than six million.
Thinking about it this way, when he had asked Xue Bailong to exchange three million for a Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill, Chu Yunfan had actually gained a huge advantage.

After the labor cost was taken into account, two and a half million yuan was enough to make one pill.
This way, Chu Yunfan could probably concoct four Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pills.
In addition to the other recovery pills that he had bought, he had spent all his money.
Even the scholarship that the school had given him had been spent.

Chu Yunfan had thought that he had become a rich man.
He had not expected to become a completely penniless person again in such a short amount of time.
And this was a huge amount of wealth that an ordinary office worker would not be able to earn in their entire lifetime.
He saw the huge dividing line between the world of ordinary people and the world of experts, alchemists, rich people, and political figures.
It was like a chasm.

Although they all lived in the same city, unknowingly, they had long been divided into two worlds.
It was cruel and realistic.
Chu Yunfan had also unintentionally stumbled into this unfamiliar world through the inheritance of the Alchemy Emperor.
He had thrown out millions—tens of millions, in fact-and had spent money like water.

This was a life that Chu Yunfan had never thought of before.
If it was not for that accident, he would probably have lived on the other side of the dividing line forever.
Every month, he would work hard for a salary of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan made a phone call to his parents and chatted with them.
This winter vacation, he would not go to Jinghua City to spend the Spring Festival with them.
Instead, he planned to go out into the wild to monsters to better himself.
Although his parents were somewhat reluctant, they did not say anything.
They knew that their children had grown up.
It was time for him to fly.
But they still urged Chu Yunfan to be careful and not force himself.

Chu Yunfan hung up the phone and sat quietly for a long time.
He knew that to protect this little warmth, he had to be stronger.
He did not know when the Monster Sect would make a comeback, and the target of the sect was his sister.
He had to have enough power to protect his family before that.

The night passed without a word.
Early the next morning, the Moon Shadow Armor and the ingredients for the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pills that he had ordered the day before had arrived at the entrance of his villa through express mail.

Chu Yunfan began to concoct pills and did not leave the house.
The process of his cultivation was so intense that he had even rejected Liu Yushu’s, who was his neighbor, invite to dinner.
He did not have the time.
Every minute and every second was precious to him.

On the morning of the third day, Chu Yunfan finally walked out of the training room.
Although he had cultivated for a whole night, he felt refreshed.
It was even more comfortable than a night’s sleep.

After having breakfast, changing into the Moon Shadow Armor, packing the four Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pills and some other recovery pills, Chu Yunfan set off.
When he arrived at the Hunters’ Association, it was already swarming with people.
Compared to the Alchemist Association, the Hunters’ Association was bigger.
Even the Mercenary Union and even the Pioneer’s Guild were developed based on the Hunters’ Association.
This was because almost 90% of the members of the Mercenary Union and the Pioneer’s Guild had become hunters before joining these organizations.

It was early but Tang Siyu was already waiting.
She looked different from her usual.
She was wearing a set of bright red armor.
It was similar to Chu Yunfan’s Moon Shadow Armor, but it had slight differences.
It accentuated her tall and curvy figure.
She was different from her usual fairy-like indifferent self.
At this moment, Tang Siyu looked like a legendary valkyrie.
It was obvious she had made preparations for this trip to the wilderness.

“I’m sorry.
How long have you been waiting?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“No, I just got here,” Tang Siyu said as she shook her head.

Chu Yunfan looked at Tang Siyu’s outfit and could not help but say, “This outfit is pretty sweet.
Your figure is not bad either!” Tang Siyu could not help but tug at the ends of her hair.
Her face blushed a little in embarrassment.

At this moment, the sound of hurried footsteps and panting could be heard.
The two of them turned around and saw Gao Hongzhi running toward them.
He was not wearing his usual martial arts uniform.
Instead, he was wearing light blue armor.
It was difficult for his huge body to fit into this light armor “Sorry, I’m late.
I was too excited last night and actually lost sleep!” Gao Hongzhi ran up to the two of them.



“It’s okay, let’s go,” Chu Yunfan said.

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The three of them entered the Hunters’ Association.

At this time, the association was already full of people.
On the screen in the hall of the association, missions kept rolling in one after the other.
They were all related to monsters.
Depending on the monsters they killed and the corpses they brought back, hunters would receive different levels of rewards.
The stronger the monster, the harder it was to kill.
However, the reward was also higher.
Many large corporations would issue missions here.
As long as the hunters could kill the monsters they wanted, the hunters would obtain quite a tidy sum.

Therefore, the Hunters’ Association was the fastest way for many powerful warriors to obtain funds.
Therefore, the auras of the people who entered and exited the association were all extremely valiant.
The trio was completely inconspicuous among them.
“You’re here too?”

Just as the trio was through the hall and heading to the building where they were to apply to become monster hunters, an extremely surprised and somewhat angry voice came from not far away.

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