Chapter 150 Preparation Before Departure

After buying the villa, Chu Yunfan acted quickly.
He immediately found a moving company and moved all the things in his house to the villa.
It was mainly his clothes and personal items.
The furniture was not moved because there were plenty of those already in the villa, and they were all ten times better than the old furniture!

There was no need to hire servants either.
The community provided professional services.
Of course, most of the rich would not use the people provided by the community because they were all high-ranking and powerful people.
They had too many secrets.
However, Chu Yunfan did not care about this.
His family did not have any secrets.
If there were, it was all on Chu Yunfan.
There was nothing to be afraid of.

As for setting up some businesses, he would have to wait for his parents and sister to return from Jinghua City.
At that time, he could hire a professional servant or use a robot servant.

In modern society, technology has developed greatly.
Robots that originally only existed in sci-fi movies had entered the homes of many rich people.
Although they were not intelligent, they could handle simple tasks.
There were specialized robots for cleaning and security.
As long as one had money, they could be bought.

After everything was settled, it was already late the first night.
Chu Yunfan was not used to being alone in this huge villa, but he still had things to do.
He had made an appointment with Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi three days from then to get the monster hunter license so that it would be easier for them to enter and leave the city.
After that, he would have to spend the next month in the wilderness.
Of course, he could not go unprepared.

He immediately went online and checked.
When he walked around the city, he would usually be wearing a martial arts uniform.
But now that he wanted to enter the wilderness, his opponents would not be humans, but those powerful monsters.
He had to consider his level of protection.
He had to prepare a full set of armor.

Currently, there were two types of armorheavy armor and light armor.

Heavy armor was like the armor in many people’s imaginations.
It was like wrapping oneself into a tin can.
However, even with modern technology, it was difficult to reduce its weight.
That was the only way to bolster its defensive power.

Usually, this equipment was only used by the elite troops of the army.
It was not suitable when going solo.
The army would attack in groups, holding the fort in the most dangerous places.
For example, during a monster swarm, the troops would use this kind of heavy armor to hold the front lines and resist the monster swarm invasion.

This kind of heavy armor was not suitable for the common folk.
Just wearing heavy armor for a long time consumed a lot of physical strength.
In the wild, this kind of armor was usually the quickest way to die.
Further up the development of this type of heavy armor would be mecha.
However, mecha were equipment similar to fighter jets and could not be considered armor.

Other than heavy armor, there was light armor that common folk and ordinary soldiers wore.
Light armor weighed no more than 30kgs, usually around 6 to 12kgs.

For people who had not practiced in the Common Era, a 30kgs armor was considered heavy armor.
However, for modern martial artists whose physical fitness was at an all-time high, it was considered light armor.

These light armor usually do not cover the entire body.
They would only cover some critical areas to gain defensive power.
For example, the chest, back, arms, legs, etcetera.
The area of coverage could be freely chosen.
Moreover, the movement was more flexible.

Even with just light armor, one would gain the ability to resist the sharp teeth of monsters for a short period of time.
As long as one was not directly bitten or caught where the armor did not cover, one could resist for a short period of time.
However, it was only for a short while.
Only by wearing heavy armor would one be able to resist those terrifying monsters.
Chu Yunfan started to look online, and many types of light armor appeared before him.
Soon, he chose a set of light armor.
This set was made by the same company that made his Shadowless Saber.
It was called the Moon Shadow Armor.
In actuality, the Shadowless and the Moon Shadow were of the same set.
Not many people could afford both at the same time.
That was why they were sold separately.
This armor set was called the Moon Shadow Armor and was completely black.
It weighed around 15 kilograms and covered most of the body.
However, it was still quite flexible.
According to estimates, it could even withstand the impact of an Acquired Stage monster without being damaged.

Of course, true defensive power could not be calculated in this way.
If Chu Yunfan really got into trouble with an Acquired Stage monster, the armor would be fine, but his internal organs would be crushed.

As for Innate Stage monsters, that was not within the scope of consideration.
Innate Stage monsters had another name, which was monster kings.
Within a certain range, they were all kings.
For monsters of that level, there would usually only be one in a larger range.

Looking at the price—three million-which was the same price as the Shadowless Saber, Chu Yunfan did not hesitate and placed the order.
He had about fifteen million on hand currently.
After spending the three million, he still had twelve million left.
He was still quite rich.

As for Bai Hong’s bonus, it would not arrive that fast.
The new version of the Body Refining Pills was still being advertised.
It would take at least half a year before the first bonuses would enter his account.
The remaining twelve million was to buy pills to replenish True Energy, as well as pills to heal injuries, and so on.
These are more popular, and a large number of cheap pills.
If Chu Yunfan were to concoct the pills himself, it would be cheaper, but he was too lazy.

In addition to these basic medicinal pills, he also plans to concoct another kind of medicinal pill.
It was the army tribute that he had taken before—the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill!

Although he only had the complete version of the formula for the Nine-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill, the Alchemy Emperor in his mind had deduced alchemy to perfection.
After he had swallowed the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill, he had already deduced the formula of it.

After all, compared to the Nine-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill!, the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill was weakened and simplified.
As long as he knew the basic information, it was not difficult for Chu Yunfan to deduce it.
The Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill was the most suitable pill for the current Chu Yunfan to use to break through.
Although the Nine-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill was good, the price of tens of millions of yuan still made him fearful.
Moreover, there was no need for that.

In his previous life, the Alchemy Emperor had stacked a lot of medicinal pills together.
The matter of him being killed in an instant would always be a lesson to Chu Yunfan.
He would not repeat the mistakes of the Alchemy Emperor.

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