1600 Nine Seals Golden Core Technique

After entering the array, Chu Yunfan felt that the surroundings were filled with endless fused origin energy.
This orange-yellow energy filled the entire space.

All materials and treasures had their own.
However, this Origin Energy Fusion Array was different.
It mixed together all kinds of materials and treasures into fused origin energy.
In this process, a lot of essence would be lost.
The real refined essence might not even be one-tenth of the original essence.
However, there was no doubt that the refined fused origin energy was indeed a high-level energy that was far superior to spirit energy.

“Spread out and absorb as much as you can!” Chu Yunfan shouted and dashed off.

Ye Qiushui flew into the distance.

Chu Hongcai was left alone.
He immediately sat down cross-legged and began to absorb the fused origin energy in the array.
When he absorbed a mouthful of fused origin energy, he felt a majestic energy surge into his body, almost ripping it apart.

He did not dare to be careless.
This fused origin energy was originally meant for those experts who had already stepped into the peak of the Golden Core Stage and transcended the Core Stage to use.
To a Divine like him, even a little bit was extremely dense energy.
He hurriedly stopped absorbing the fused origin energy and began to digest the energy that he had absorbed.


It didn’t take long for Chu Hongcai to feel that he had reached the peak of the seventh Divine Abilities Stage.
Moreover, the speed at which his cultivation was increasing at a crazy rate didn’t stop.
In just a moment, he had already broken through to the eighth tier.

This speed made him surprised and happy.
This level was not so easy to pass.
He did not expect that with the help of the fused origin energy, he could break through so easily.
The cultivation of the Divine Abilities Stag was essentially a process of continuous purification, refinement, and enhancement of one’s mana.
When one’s mana reached a certain level, they could be condensed into one point, which was the Core Stage.
At that time, it would be like forming golden core.
From then on, his life would be up to him and not the heavens.
Chu Hongcai had entered a higher realm and was overjoyed.
He finally understood what Chu Yunfan meant when he said that there was a great opportunity here.
If he could cultivate here for a long time, it would not take him long to break through to the Core Stage, or even the Golden Core Stage.
This was something he had never dared to think about before.

Just as Chu Hongcai was about to crazily absorb the fused origin energy, Chu Yunfan’s voice suddenly sounded in his ear, “Steady now.
Lay a good foundation and break through to the Core Stage.”

After hearing Chu Yunfan’s words, Chu Hongcai stopped and consolidated his foundation.
The fused origin energy was at a high level and helped him purify the mana in his body.
After his breakthrough, his mana had at least doubled and its purity had also more than doubled.
All of this added up to his combat strength soaring.
Now, he alone could easily defeat dozens of himself.
It would be difficult to find an opponent within the same level.
This was something he had never experienced before.

All of a sudden, a divine will drilled into his mind.
Those were the cultivation tips after the eighth Divine Abilities Stage, as well as some mana formulations to condense a golden core.
Without a doubt, these were all exclusive tricks that could not be bought with money.
If he had only had the hope of breaking through to the Core Stage, now that he had these techniques, he could say that he was almost 100% sure of breaking through.

Cultivation was about resources and inheritance.
When one had both, even a pig could make rapid progress.

Chu Hongcai knew that Chu Yunfan was helping him, so he didn’t dare to delay.
He quickly digested the techniques that Chu Yunfan had passed on to him while absorbing the fused origin energy to strengthen his body.
His aura was growing at an astonishing speed.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Ye Qiushui sat down cross-legged excitedly and began to circulate her sect’s cultivation technique.
Suddenly, her entire body emitted a faint water-like luster.
Her cultivation was much stronger than Chu Hongcai, but it was also because of this that the speed at which she absorbed the fused origin energy was much faster than him.

Chu Hongcai had to stop and digest every single mouthful of energy he absorbed to consolidate his cultivation.
She could continuously absorb the energy for a long time.

Ye Qiushui suppressed the surprise in her heart.
She could feel that the blood and Qi in her body were trembling violently.
This was the fused origin energy washing the divine power in her body and cleansing her body.
She was being cleansed by a high-level energy, becoming stronger and purer.

Inside her body, there was a solid golden core that was constantly spinning.
It was only one step away from turning into a golden core, and that would be the true Core Stage.

The difference between the Golden Core Stage and the Core Form Stage was like heaven and earth.
Unless it was a freak like Chu Yunfan, it was impossible for an ordinary person to defeat a Golden Core.

She was now just a step away.
As long as she could continue to absorb the fused origin energy, she would be able to step into the Golden Core Stage.
However, the problem was that she did not have much time.
Soon, Liang Rui would come back after receiving the news.
At that time, she would no longer have a chance.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiushui felt a little anxious.
Suddenly, a voice was heard.

“Calm down and concentrate.
I’ll teach you the method to break through to the Golden Core Stage.”

Hearing Chu Yunfan’s words, Ye Qiushui was instantly delighted.
Even in her sect, how everyone broke through to the Golden Core Stage was a secret because it was related to the difference in the golden core that each person condensed.
If someone with ill intentions knew about it, it might be used against her.
A considerable price needed to be paid to the sect to obtain the tricks of those old seniors who had already passed away.
There was no free lunch in this world.

It was just that she had just broken through to the half-step Golden Core Stage not long ago.
She had not thought that she could break through again in such a short time, so she had not obtained these methods.
And without one, it was wishful thinking to condense a golden core in a short time.
And Chu Yunfan’s words had undoubtedly solved her urgent need.

Soon, Chu Yunfan passed on a method to form a golden core.
When Ye Qiushui saw this technique, she was shocked.

The Nine Seals Golden Core Technique!

The technique that Chu Yunfan had passed down was actually the Nine Seals Golden Core Technique.
As far as she knew, even her sect master had used this technique to condense a golden core.


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