Chapter 145 The School Exchange Meet That Was a Month Away

“Hold accountable? Good.
At the same time, we can hold him accountable as well!” Chu Yunfan said as he pointed at Fang Ziyan who was lying on the ground.

“Your student is too much.
He’s acting so impudently.
Don’t tell me you guys aren’t going to teach him a lesson?!” The middle-aged teacher said angrily.

Li, that’s not the full story though, is it? Yucai High instructed them to come to our school to cause trouble.
Now that your student wasn’t as skilled as he thought and has been defeated, you wish to make it my fault?” Chu Yunfan pointed at Fang Ziyan and said, “Before I injured him, he injured one of our schoolmates!”

“That’s right, that person is me.
Look, he wounded me.
If you want to hold Chu Yunfan accountable, then I think Fang Ziyan should be held accountable too!” Gao Hongzhi immediately stepped forward and said.

Qin Wu and Jin Feng immediately knew that Chu Yunfan was not lying when they saw the injuries on Gao Hongzhi’s body.
Immediately, Qin Wu and Jin Feng’s expressions became unsightly.
Seems like when they were receiving Mr.
Li earlier, a very interesting story had happened outside.
They did not need anyone to explain any further.
They could imagine what had happened.
This unlucky student who was on the ground must have been instructed to show off to No.
13 High and establish the status of Yucai High.

Yucai High was not as important as No.
5 High School or No.
7 High School.
Everyone knew that they were awesome, and they injured many students of No.
13 High.
If Gao Hongzhi’s weapon had been a little cheaper, someone could have died.

If someone were to die while under their care, it would be a grave matter.
This was not a battlefield.
Out there, it did not matter if hundreds or even thousands of people died.
However, in the city, the death of a person would be a huge case.

Although no one had died, Qin Wu and Jin Feng’s expressions were extremely unsightly.
Especially when they learned that their student had been bullied by an outsider.
However, looking at Chu Yunfan’s expression, it was obvious that he had taught that fellow a lesson.
Chu Yunfan had also slashed Fang Ziyan, and it was now considered even.
Li, what do you think regarding this matter?” Jin Feng asked.
At this moment, he looked at Chu Yunfan and felt that this student was suddenly very pleasing to the eye.
A student from Class One quietly told him that a student from his class had also been injured.
Chu Yunfan was avenging both of them.
Jin Feng felt quite satisfied after hearing about this.
The teacher, Mr.
Li, really wanted to reply with “How am I to suddenly answer this kind of question?”

Right now, he could not advance nor retreat.
When he had secretly instructed Fang Ziyan to look for trouble earlier on, he had long expected that he might encounter interrogation from the teachers of No.
13 High.
After all, no teacher would just watch as their students were bullied.
Li had thought of many ways to deal with the situation, but none of the imagined scenarios in his head had been like this.
His student had been thoroughly defeated.
Yucai High had come to provoke Yucai but instead, was taught a lesson.
Could it get any more embarrassing than this?

Li could only say with a straight face, “What else can I say? It’s normal for students to fail in a sparring session.” Qin Wu nodded in satisfaction.
Although he could not get justice for Gao Hongzhi, at least the matter of Chu Yunfan severely injuring Fang Ziyan could be put to rest.
This student had really helped elevate his status.
Thinking of this, Qin Wu was extremely satisfied.
He knew that the people from Yucai High were not easy to deal with.
They were elites among the elites.
Chu Yunfan had not disappointed him.

“Since that’s the case, there’s nothing more to say.
It’d be better to just let the children go for treatment.
It just so happens that a staff member from our infirmary is here,” Jin Feng said.

Despite the glare that Mr.
Li was giving Chu Yunfan, he could only agree.
This matter could not be blown up.
Otherwise, they would undoubtedly expose that they had instructed their students to provoke No.
13 High.
If that happened, it would ruin Yucai High’s image.
“Chu Yunfan, right? In a month, we’ll have the chance to fight at the school exchange meet!” Lu Xiuran said to Chu Yunfan as he walked past.
He then took Fang Ziyan to be treated.

“All right.
The few of you should hurry to the principal’s office.
The principal has something to talk to you about,” Qin Wu said to Chu Yunfan and his friends.

Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu hurriedly walked toward the principal’s office.
As for Gao Hongzhi, he had to first go get treated.
When Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu arrived at the office, they discovered that the other top 20 students of this year’s school ranking battle were already present.
Other than Gao Hongzhi and the student who was 20th from Class 1, everyone else had already arrived.
It was obvious that they were the last few to arrive and had been delayed by matters outside.

When the principal, Hua Chengtian, saw that the two of them arrived, he nodded and said, “Seems like there’s still two more who aren’t here yet.”

“Principal, earlier…” Chu Yunfan raised his hand and told them what had happened.



The other top 20 students revealed indignant expressions.
They were all outstanding students of No.
13 High, and Fang Ziyan’s actions were simply a slap across their faces However, when they heard that Chu Yunfan had defeated Fang Ziyan and wounded him, they revealed a look that said that he deserved it.
Since they had come to cause trouble, they should be prepared to be beaten up.

The group of students felt that they had to look at Chu Yunfan in a new light.
Fang Ziyan was an elite student of Yucai High, and he was no match for Chu Yunfan.

“Yes, I know about the matter.
You did well and protected the honor of our school,” Hua Chengtian praised, “Since two of our classmates are injured, let’s forget them.
I’ll get your homeroom teachers to fill them in later.
Now, let’s get down to business.”

Everyone quieted down and looked toward Hua Chengtian.

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“The teacher and students of Yucai High that Chu Yunfan mentioned are here to deliver us an invitation.
This invitation is for everyone here,” Hua Chengtian said, “Every high school in the Yunning District is invited to a school exchange meet every year.
The ones who will be participating in this event are all of you.
Only the top 20 students of each school are qualified to participate in this meet.
Our school has specially selected our top 20 students for this meeting!”

Among the crowd, some had just learned of this matter.
At this moment, they had a look of realization on their faces.
So this was the reason.

“The meet will be held in a month at the start of the new semester.
You have a month to prepare.
I hope that everyone will be able to bring honor to the school at the school exchange meet.
At the same time, you’ll bring honor to yourselves,” Hua Chengtian said, “The school will award 200,000 yuan to those who participate in this meet!”

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