Chapter 143 Three Strikes Against Fang Ziyan

Just as Tang Siyu finished speaking, the situation in the arena took a turn.
Fang Ziyan, who had been able to hold his ground against Chu Yunfan, was at a disadvantage.

“D*mn it! How is he so strong?!” Fang Ziyan roared angrily.

He had not thought much of Chu Yunfan.
After all, he was ranked in the top 20 of his school.
In an ordinary high school like No.
13 High, only Ou Yang and Zhang Teng—the first and second rank of this school—were worthy of his attention.
If it were an ordinary person, he had no intention of even looking at them.
Who knew that this guy who suddenly appeared out of nowhere would be so troublesome? He could suppress Fang Ziyan with just one hand.
“Who the hell are you?!” Fang Ziyan roared furiously.

At this moment, there were countless chips in his saber.
It had been scrapped badly.
Ang Ziyan was not in the mood to care about the loss of his saber.
In any case, it was already damaged.

At this moment, he was completely focused on Chu Yunfan.
Only one thought went through his mind, ‘I must kill him! Kill him! Kill him!’

It was as if a devil had possessed him and was bewitching him to kill the person in front of him.
However, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to break through Chu Yunfan’s defenses.
With his saber, Chu Yunfan was able to block all of Fang Ziyan’s attacks.
Every time they collided, Fang Ziyan’s arm would go a little more numb.

Soon enough, Fang Ziyan’s palms started to go numb.
It had split open, but he barely noticed the blood from his wound flying everywhere.
At the edge of the ring, the youth looked at Chu Yunfan in shock as if he could not believe his eyes.
He was very familiar with Fang Ziyan’s level of strength.
To be able to be within the top 20 of Yucai High meant that Fang Ziyan was indeed strong.
Even he would have some difficulty against such an opponent.
But Chu Yunfan was easily beating back Fang Ziyan.

“Just who is this person? How could he be so strong?” The youth muttered to himself.

He knew what Zhang Teng and Ou Yang looked like.
After all, they were all the top students from different schools, so it was inevitable that they would have some interactions.
He was certain that Chu Yunfan was not one of them.
How did these two experts suddenly appear in No.
13 High? Other than Chu Yunfan, the strength of the girl who threw the sword just now was also not to be underestimated.
The speed requirement her sword would have had to possess to save Gao Hongzhi at such a critical moment was immensely high, and the strength it had to carry was also extremely great.
Only then could she have possibly saved Gao Hongzhi.

The youth was unfamiliar with these two people.
They must have just risen to prominence.
Otherwise, he would have gotten wind of such news.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan finally spoke.
He said, “Fang Ziyan, you’re taking advantage of your strength to bully others.
You are taking advantage of your cultivation level and have come to No.
13 High to bully us.
Today, I’ll teach you a lesson.
I’ll let you know that there’s always someone better than you.
First, I’ll destroy your saber.
This can be considered a lesson for you!”

“What?! You destroyed my weapon on purpose?! D*mn it!” Fang Ziyan was furious when he heard those words.
He understood Chu Yunfan had planned everything from the beginning.
It was all on purpose.

Fang Ziyan thought that his saber was being damaged because of the intense battle.
But now, he realized that Chu Yunfan was doing it on purpose.

“Of course, it was on purpose.
Otherwise, I would have already defeated someone like you in three moves!” Chu Yunfan proclaimed.

“Defeat me in three moves? Who do you think you are? Dong Fanghao?” Fang Ziyan was furious.
He felt as if his dignity had been trampled on by Chu Yunfan.

“I don’t need to be Dong Fanghao.
Three moves are more than enough for me to beat


As Chu Yunfan said this, he attacked once again.
His speed increased again.

‘He’s so fast!’ Fang Ziyan felt his vision blur and Chu Yunfan’s blade was already right in front of his face.
He instinctively raised his saber to block the incoming strike.
Then, he felt a terrifying strange force travel up his arm.

His entire palm was torn open, and fresh blood spurted out.

Clang, clang, clang!

Fang Ziyan took a few steps back before he managed to stabilize himself.

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“Second move!”

Chu Yunfan’s ice-cold voice sounded like an evil spirit from hell.

A flash of light cut through the air!




It was so fast that everyone could only see a blur before Chu Yunfan’s saber slashed down on Fang Ziyan once again.
Fang Ziyan barely managed to raise his saber to block the attack, but how could he block it this time? His arm was already numb, and he could not control his saber at all.
He could barely hold on to the hilt of his saber.


The saber in Fang Ziyan’s hand flew away and landed on the floor of the arena with a clang.

“Third move!”

Chu Yunfan’s next attack came down even faster.
Even Fang Ziyan was in despair.
He closed his eyes.
For the first time, he knew what Gao Hongzhi had felt earlier.
He also understood what those people who had been defeated by him had thought.


Suddenly, a loud shout was heard.
Then, a flash of light tore through the air and an attack came straight at Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan’s saber slashed down on Fang Ziyan’s body.


Fang Ziyan screamed and dropped to the ground.
Blood flowed down his shoulder.
A huge wound similar to the one on Gao Hongzhi’s shoulder had appeared.
The intense pain caused Fang Ziyan to roll around and scream in pain.

After doing all of this, Chu Yunfan still had time to raise the saber in his hand to block the incoming sword.
Clang! The saber and sword clashed, and the figure that had suddenly attacked was blocked from his sight.
Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan’s body swayed slightly for a moment before he completely stabilized himself.
He raised his head to look at his attacker.
It was the youth that had been standing in a corner of the ring.
At the crucial moment, the youth made his move.
He tried to get Chu Yunfan to focus on him and save Fang Ziyan, but unfortunately, he failed.

“You didn’t have to make a move.
I wouldn’t have killed him.
There’s no need for that,” Chu Yunfan said matter of factly.

The blood on the edge of his saber quickly slid off, leaving the blade as clean as before.
Then, Chu Yunfan inserted it back into the scabbard.
This was a form of modern high-tech.
These high-tech weapons accumulated no dirt or dust.
Even if the weapons were stained with blood, they would quickly flow away and not be stained in the slightest.

The youth had an ugly expression.
He had made a move, but he had failed.
And Chu Yunfan had no intention of killing Fang Ziyan in the first place.
In other words, he had achieved nothing.
When he saw the wound on Fang Ziyan, how could he not understand that the other party had no intention of killing him? Instead, he was taking revenge for that fatty.

Same wound.
Same position.

At this moment, the youth’s eyes fixed on Chu Yunfan.
He cupped his hands and said, “I admit this loss.
I’m Lu Xiuran.
May I know your name?” “Chu Yunfan.”

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