Chapter 139 The Malice of Another School

The next day, Chu Yunfan woke up.
Some of the medicinal effects from the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill still lingered within his body, and he processed quite a bit of it every day during his sleep.
According to this rate of progress, it would take three to five days for him to reach the peak of the fifth-level Qi Sea Stage.

He had absorbed a lot of the medicinal effects of the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill during the intense battles with Zhang Teng and Ou Yang yesterday.
He would make another breakthrough in a few days.
There was about to be a month of winter vacation.
It was enough for his cultivation to advance to a higher level.
He had ways to go before reaching his goal.
If his goal was Federation University, he was still far from it.
Even if it was only one of the top ten universities, the past year’s recruitment criteria were that one had to be at least in the Energy Refinement Stage.
Although there were still a few months left, Chu Yunfan still felt a great sense of urgency.

Although it was only morning, there were still many students walking in and out of the school gate in an endless stream.
There were smiles on their faces.
The New Year was almost upon them.
Except for a small number of students who did not do well in the exams, most of the students had smiles on their faces.

Chu Yunfan’s arrival once again attracted the attention of many students.
News of him winning the championship yesterday had gone through an entire night of stewing and had no intention of stopping.
On the contrary, everyone was even more enthusiastic than the day before.
Everyone knew that the number one of the school had changed yesterday.
The number had been Almighty Ouyang for a few years, but now, the number one was Almighty Chu.
It sounded a little awkward, but the students quickly got used to it.
“Is that Almighty Chu? He really looks extraordinary!”

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“What? Yesterday, you told me that you thought that Almighty Ou Yang would definitely win!”

“I admit that I was wrong.
I didn’t expect that Almighty Chu would be so powerful.
I’m going to become a fan.
You guys didn’t see it yesterday.
His saber skills are so cool!”

As everyone was discussing, a student hurriedly ran toward Chu Yunfan.
When he saw Chu Yunfan, he could not help but be delighted.
He opened his mouth and said, “Almighty Chu, you’re here.
That’s great!”

Chu Yunfan looked at the student.
He looked unfamiliar.
Chu Yunfan did not recognize him.

“Can I help you with something?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“Yes, Almighty Chu.
Come take a look, quickly.
The people of Yucai High School are being showoffs.
They’re treating No.
13 High as we have no champions among us!” The student said, slightly out of breath.

Chu Yunfan frowned.
However, he followed in the direction that the student pointed and entered the school’s arena.
Despite the early morning, the arena was already bustling with people.
In the ring, a young man about seventeen or eighteen with a handsome face and a hint of wildness was dressed in a gorgeous martial uniform that was embroidered with gold dragons.
He had his hands behind his back and his nose was pointed to the ceiling.
At his feet, a student was clutching his chest, his face full of pain and defeat.

Chu Yunfan recognized that student.
He was a student from Class 1.
He had ranked 20th in the ranking battle of the entire school.
In No.
13 High, he was definitely an elite among the elites, an expert among the experts.
And now, he had been easily defeated by someone.
The person who achieved this was obviously that youth.

“This is the No.
20 of No.
13 High? You guys really are getting worse year by year.
This kind of person wouldn’t even be able to enter the top 100 in Yucai High.
He’s just a piece of trash, and you guys are treating him like an elite.
How ridiculous!” The youth said with a sneer.
The ridicule on his face was clear for everyone to see.

“D*mn it, he’s too arrogant!”

“How can he be so strong!”

“I just checked online.
This guy’s name is Fang Ziyan, and he’s No.
20 in Yucai High’s ranking battle.
I read his information on their official school website!”

“They both ranked 20th in the ranking battle, but there’s such a huge gap.
13 High is just an ordinary high school, and Yucai High is the focus of the district.
Especially in the last few years, Yucai High has produced a lot of experts.
It’s said that they’re applying to become the main school in the city, but they have not been approved yet.
In fact, their school is already the focus of the city!”

Many students felt indignant, but their strength was not as good as that person who had been defeated.
If they stepped forward, they would simply be courting death.

“Why would they come to our school? Could it be that they are here to challenge us?”

“I heard that they’re here to send invitations to the Yunning District School Exchange Meet.
This year, Yucai High is the organizer.
But it’s clear that they’re not here to send invitations.
They’re here to give us a show of strength!”

“I remember the exchange meeting.
Last year, we were at the bottom.
Our ranking has not been very good in the past few years.
I am unwilling to accept this!”

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“How boring.
Are they all trash of this level? I heard of someone named Ou Yang and another named Zhang Teng from your school.
They seem to have some ability.
Get them to come forward.
Don’t send out the trash!”

Fang Ziyan stood with his hands behind his back.
His expression was extremely arrogant as he looked around for Zhang Teng and Ouyang.

Chu Yunfan watched from the crowd and his lips curled into a sneer.
Did this mean that Zhang Teng and Ou Yang, who were ranked at the top of No.
13 High, were the only ones qualified to fight with this fellow who was ranked 20th?

The exchange meeting had yet to begin and the psychological battle had already begun.

Fang Ziyan’s arrogance was clearly a means to cause trouble.
There was probably a psychological warfare factor in this.
He wanted to catch No.
13 High off guard from the start and put them in their place.

Just now, Chun Yunfan had heard someone mention this exchange meeting between the different schools.
He went online to check and immediately understood the significance of this exchange.
It was equivalent to a miniature confrontation between the different schools.
Chu Yunfan immediately understood the significance of the school’s selection of the top 20.
It was to find participants for this school exchange meet because the admission qualification for the exchange was to be within the top 20 of each school.

This exchange was held annually either in No.
5 High or No.
7 High.
This year was an exception.
Yucai High had taken over the hosting rights.
Compared to No.
5 High and No.
7 High, Yucai High was still a newcomer.
This was clearly a show of strength.
Today, they said that they were here to deliver invitations, but it was clear that they had come with ill intentions.

And the teachers of Yucai High who had come with them did not stop them.
This carried a lot of meaning.

However, Chu Yunfan turned his gaze to the side of the arena.
At Fang Ziyan’s side stood another fellow who was half a head shorter.
He wore a blood-red martial arts uniform with gold borders.
He did not look as flamboyant as Fang Ziyan, but Chu Yunfan could sense the arrogance in his bones.
This youth was probably even stronger than Fang Ziyan.
To send two elite students to deliver an invitation, no one would believe it if they claimed it was not intentional.

“Kid, don’t be too pleased with yourself.
I’ll teach you a lesson!” At this moment, a huge figure flew into the ring, as light as a feather.
It was Gao Hongzhi.

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