Chapter 137 Where Did He Get the Money to Buy a House?

“Next up is the winter break.
For the next month, I hope that everyone will not slack off too much.
You should continue to train at home.
Although you can have fun during the new year, if you miss out on a good university because of this, you’ll only have yourself to blame for the rest of your lives.
If you work hard just for this next month, you’ll be able to completely relax when you get into university.” Qin Wu said.

“You may disperse now.
But tomorrow, you have to come and get your report cards.
Also, all the students who made it into the top 20, please report to the principal’s office at nine tomorrow morning!”

The students lifted their hands to the sky and cheered.
Finally, the holiday was here.
Although they could not relax just yet, they were free to arrange their own schedule and sleep for a few extra hours.
As for the work that the teachers would give them, they could worry about it later.

“Yunfan, my dad wants to invite you out for a meal,” Gao Hongzhi said, “Although it’s obvious that I’m a genius, I was able to make it into the top eight because of your training.
So, I want to treat you to a meal to thank you!”

“Okay, thank you,” Chu Yunfan accepted as he nodded.

By the time school was over, the sun was already setting.
After dinner with Gao Hongzhi’s father, the crescent moon was hanging high in the eastern sky.
The silver moonlight shone on the road and merged with the street lamps-their glow indistinguishable from one another.
Chu Yunfan’s face was tinged red.

During dinner, he had drunk some wine under Gao Hongzhi’s and his father’s persuasion.
However, his face was only slightly red.
In fact, his mind was still very clear.
After all, with his cultivation base, just a little bit of wine could not affect his mind! He quietly circulated the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method and the slight flush on his face disappeared.

Chu Yunfan paused for a moment before he dialed Liu Yushu’s number.
When he had been Liu Yushu’s sparring partner, he had got her number.

“Now this is rare-you calling me!” Liu Yushu could not help but feel a little surprised when she saw Chu Yunfan’s name flash on her phone screen.

Although a few months had passed, she still had a deep impression of Chu Yunfan.
After all, it was rare to see someone like Chu Yunfan who had a breakthrough in martial arts by just doing simple things such as eating and drinking

No, it should be said that she had only ever seen one such person.

“Hahaha, don’t we only go to the temple when we need to pray? I have something that I need your help with,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.
“What is it? Tell me,” Liu Yushu said.

If it were anyone else, she might not have been bothered with them, but Chu Yunfan was different.
She thought that Chu Yunfan was someone she could befriend, so she decided to listen to him.

A moment passed before CHu Yunfan said, “I want you to keep an eye out for any villas in your neighborhood that are about to be sold.”

“Oh? Why? Are you going to buy it?” Liu Yushu was stunned.
After racking through her brain for all the possible things that he would need her help with, this was the least likely thing on her mind.
That was why she joked that he was going to buy one of them.

From her point of view, Chu Yunfan was probably asking on behalf of someone else.
After all, although Chu Yunfan did not tell her about his family’s situation, she guessed that they were just ordinary townsfolk.
How could they afford a villa in their neighborhood.
Even the cheapest one was not something that Chu Yunfan’s family could afford.

“Yes, yes.
I want to buy a place,!” Chu Yunfan answered.

Liu Yushu was stunned for a moment.
Chu Yunfan had once again acted out of her expectations.
He really intended to buy a unit.
If she had not been familiar with Chu Yunfan’s personality from their past interactions, she would have thought that Chu Yunfan was pulling a fast one on her.

“You really want to buy a unit? But the price of the villas here isn’t cheap!” Liu Yushu asked after a brief pause.

“Yes, I really want to buy one.
The price isn’t a problem,” Chu Yunfan stated, “I’ll have to trouble you with this matter!”

Liu Yushu came back to her senses and confirmed that Chu Yunfan was not joking.
Then, she said, “Oh, it’s no big deal? I’ll get someone to check it out.
Good for you.
Did you make a fortune recently?”.

Chu Yunfan smiled faintly and said, “I’ve indeed made a small fortune!”

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Of course, he would not place all his hopes on Liu Yushu.
He would continue searching on the Internet later.
However, Chu Yunfan liked Liu Yushu and her family who were staying in Spirit Moon Community, so he came to ask her for help first.

“This is not a small fortune, is it?” Liu Yushu could not help but say, “Congratulations!

“All right, I have to go now.
I’m currently attending a banquet.
I’ll call you when I have news!”

“All right, no problem.
Sorry for the trouble!” Chu Yunfan nodded.
After all, buying a house was not something that could be done in a day or two.

After hanging up the phone, Liu Yushu patted her chest to quell her shock.
Chu Yunfan, who had previously offered to be her sparring partner for the price she had offered, suddenly had the ability to buy a house in their neighborhood after just a few short months.

Was this a dream?

At this moment, Liu Yushu’s father, Liu Weiguo, had walked to his daughter’s side with a glass of wine in his hand.
They were at a banquet, and the main purpose of the banquet today was to celebrate Liu Yushu’s excellent results in the final exams of Calm Ocean No.
1 High School.
For the first time, she had entered the top ten.

Although she was in the top ten, one had to take into account her school.
Calm Ocean No.
1 High School was the best school in Calm Ocean City, and those who could enter that school were among the best.
Those who could make it to the top ten had a high chance of getting into Federation University in the future.
It could be said that they were favored by the heavens.

Liu Weiguo’s family and friends, as well as some business partners, came to express their congratulations.
The banquet was lively, and Liu Yushu, the star of the banquet, was the focus of everyone’s attention.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Weiguo asked.
“Are you not feeling well?”

“No!” Liu Yushu replied as she shook her head, “Dad, do you still remember Chu Yunfan?”

Liu Weiguo thought for a while and finally remembered.
Isn’t he the one who learned martial arts very quickly? I still have some impression of him!”

“He just said that he wants to buy a house in our neighborhood.
He asked me to keep an eye out for him.” Liu Yushu hesitated for a moment but in the end, decided to tell Liu Weiguo about the matter.

Liu Weiguo immediately frowned and asked, “Are you sure he wasn’t joking with you?”

He remembered meeting Chu Yunfan’s family.
They were indeed just ordinary citizens.
They could not even be considered ordinary rich.
They should not be able to afford a house in their neighborhood.

“It’s not a joke, I’m sure of it,” Liu Yushu said, “I just don’t know where he got the money!”

Liu Weiguo immediately said, “Where he got the money doesn’t concern us.
Just get the butler to look into it.
Let’s go.
Everyone is still waiting for you!”

To Chu Yunfan, buying a house was a top priority, but to Liu Weiguo, it was a small matter.

Liu Yushu nodded and followed Liu Weiguo into the hall.

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