Chapter 136 Main Point

Qin Wu looked at the three students under him.
Although Ou Yang was temporarily in the lead, in terms of both strength and cultivation level, Tang Siyu and Chu Yunfan’s improvement speed was very fast.

It could be said to be shocking.
Especially Chu Yunfan, who had even pulled off unexpected moves.
He had relied on that saber technique to defeat Ou Yang in one strike.
Although it was due to Ou Yang not being prepared, when it came to seizing the opportunity to fight, it could not be said to be inaccurate.
Chu Yunfan had stood out for several months.
After the winter break, he would probably become even stronger.
This time, Qin Wu could look forward to the exchange meeting.

Jin Feng sneered.
No matter what, Chu Yunfan was still Qin Wu’s student.
What did it have to do with him? He looked at Zhang Teng and suddenly had an idea.
At this moment, Zhang Teng was already starting to lag behind the three of them.
However, he could not continue like this.
This was the only good seedling in his class, Class 1 was relying on him to support it.

Jin Feng looked at Qin Wu again.
His eyes were filled with an unwillingness to admit defeat.
He thought to himself, ‘Just wait.
This ranking is only temporary.
We haven’t reached the college entrance examination yet.
It’s still too early to say all this.’

At this moment, the principal, Hua Chengtian, walked over.
With a kind smile on his face, he looked at Qin Wu and said, “Mr.
Qin, you did well.
You nurtured a few outstanding students.
On behalf of the school, I thank you!” Qin Wu hurriedly stood up, looking rather flattered.
He said, “Principal, you’re too polite.
I didn’t do much.
It was all the result of their own hard work!”

Hua Chengtian smiled and said, “Their achievements have their own reasons, but as their homeroom teacher, you naturally have a share of the credit.
You don’t have to be so modest!”

Then, Hua Chengtian looked at the somewhat disappointed Jin Feng.
He said, “Mr.
Jin, although your class lost this time, I think your performance is not bad.
In particular, many of the students in your class performed very well this time.
You, as a homeroom teacher, have also done well!”

“Principal, you flatter me!” Jin Feng hurriedly said.
Hearing Hua Chengtian’s words, some of the depression in his heart finally dissipated.

“All right, now that the ranking battle has come to an end, you guys go ahead and get busy.
Oh right, remember to have the top 20 students come to the principal’s office at 9 in the morning tomorrow!” Hua Chengtian said.

“Yes, Principal!”


Qin Wu and Jin Feng hurriedly nodded and said.

After saying that, Hua Chengtian turned around and left.
As the principal, he naturally had to inspect many places on exam day.
It was impossible for him to just watch the martial arts stream’s competition.
He also had to go and see how the liberal arts stream’s exams were going As Chu Yunfan walked, Gao Hongzhi, who was beside him, was shouting happily.
He was very excited.
And around Chu Yunfan, the other students looked at him with respect and admiration in their eyes.
He had defeated Ou Yang, who had firmly occupied the top spot in the entire grade since he entered the school, and was now the number one person in the entire school.

In other words, Chu Yunfan had become the number one person in the entire school.

Even though many of Ou Yang’s supporters felt that Chu Yunfan had won by luck and that Ou Yang had not displayed his true strength, they had to admit that Chu Yunfan, who was able to defeat Ou Yang who was at the seventh-level Qi Sea Stage while being only at fifth level was indeed enough to rank at the top of the school.
At the very least, it was enough to be on par with the great god Ou Yang.

Chu Yunfan glanced at Gao Hongzhi from the corner of his eyes and was also happy for him.
Although he was not like Chu Yunfan who had ascended to the top, he had actually ranked eighth.
This was something that he had never thought of.

With his talent, although Gao Hongzhi was not bad and his family was well-off, he was not too outstanding in front of many geniuses and elites.
But now, he was actually able to get into the top eight.
It was a miracle.
No wonder he was so happy.

Opposite him, Tang Siyu was walking toward them.
Tang Siyu’s body was soaked in sweat.
She was currently taking an energy elixir to recover her stamina.
It was obvious that the big battle with Zhang Teng just now had exhausted her strength.
It was not as easy as the rumors claimed.

After all, Zhang Teng should have already stepped into the sixth-level Qi Sea Stage for quite some time.
And Tang Siyu should have just stepped into this realm in these last few days.
In comparison, she was still at a disadvantage.

“Hehe, I’m going to call my dad and tell him the good news.
He usually says that I have nothing to do all day and have no future.
He’s now going to tell me that I have a future.
You guys go ahead and chat!”

Gao Hongzhi looked like he understood.
Then, he winked at Chu Yunfan and left.
Chu Yunfan almost cursed.


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“You won? Congratulations!” Tang Siyu smiled and tidied her hair.

“Didn’t you win too? We’re both the same!” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

Tang Siyu nodded slightly and said, “It’s still not enough.
It’s still far from Federation University!”

If an ordinary person were to hear this, they would probably feel shocked.
It had been a few years since anyone from their school had been admitted to Federation University.
Even the original number one student of the school, Ou Yang, did not dare to say that he would be admitted to Federation University.
He could only say that he had a very high chance of being admitted to one of the top ten schools.

However, Chu Yunfan did not feel that there was anything wrong with this.
His goal was also to get into Federation University, so he did not feel there was anything wrong with this statement.

“It’s still not enough.
However, there are still a few months before the college entrance exam.
We still have time to work hard!” Chu Yunfan said.

He sensed that when Tang Siyu had said her earlier words, her mood was a little gloomy, but it was more determined.

At this time, Qin Wu had already come to the field and shouted, “Class 2.
Gather around!”

Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu immediately went forward when they heard this.
In a short while, the people of Class 2 had gathered, and on the other side of the field, the students of Class 1 had also gathered.

“In this ranking battle, I am very satisfied.
Everyone performed well, especially Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu.
Their performance was especially outstanding.
Let us applaud them!”

As he said this, Qin Wu took the lead and started clapping.
The other students also started clapping as they looked at Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu.
“Of course, the other students also performed well.
In this ranking battle, we have completely defeated Class 1!”

As soon as Qin Wu finished speaking, there was a burst of cheers from the students.
There was no better praise than this.

Qin Wu was in a good mood too.
The result of his bet with Jin Feng had been revealed.
He had won 100,000 yuan, so of course, he was in a good mood.

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