Chapter 128 You’re the One Who Isn’t Qualified


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Qin Wu only spoke from the side, but before he could say anything, Zhang Teng and Chu Yunfan entered the stage of close combat.

Zhang Teng pounced over, faster than Chu Yunfan had expected.
The saber swept down in front of Chu Yunfan’s face, and the terrifying wind blew onto Chu Yunfan’s cheek until it hurt.


Many girls had already turned their heads away.
They did not dare to look at the scene of blood splattering.


However, things were out of their expectations.
Zhang Tengfei’s saber had not been able to hurt Chu Yunfan in the end.
Because at the critical moment, Chu Yunfan raised his saber and blocked the incoming attack.

The two blades rang out as they collided.
Their blades trembled.

Zhang Teng had a stunned expression on his face.
He was no longer the same as before.
He had unleashed the terrifying strength of a sixth-level Qi Sea Stage martial artist.
Even with the addition of this terrifying
strength, Chu Yunfan had been blocking him.
Chu Yunfan’s body only swayed slightly, and he had already dissipated the strength of the blow.

“Who told you that you were the only one who was hiding his strength?!”

As Chu Yunfan said this, his left hand condensed into a fist and then suddenly shot toward Zhang Teng’s chest.

“Ferocious Tiger’s Heart Plow!”

This move was a move of the Devilish Tiger Punches.

Zhang Teng hurriedly stomped his foot, and his body flew out like a feather.
In midair, he spun a few times and then fell to the ground.
His expression was still one of disbelief.
Chu Yunfan, who was only at the
fifth-level Qi Sea Stage, actually had such terrifying physical strength.
He was actually able to match up to him even after he had erupted with the strength of the sixth-level Qi Sea Stage.

He had heard of someone who could surpass the level, but he had been counterattacked.
Zhang Teng could not accept it.
Suddenly, Chu Yunfan suddenly stomped on the ground, and the terrifying aura on his body was finally released.
It was as if a fierce tiger had been unleashed from its cage.

The Mighty Eternal Emperor Method that he cultivated was several times that of someone of the same realm.
It was even comparable to the peak of the sixth-level Qi Sea Stage.
And this was his true trump card, and
also the reason why he dared to fight Ou Yang.

He had long heard that Ou Yang and Zhang Teng’s cultivation had reached the sixth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
However, Zhang Teng did not have a true understanding of his strength, and this was Chu Yunfan’s

Chu Yunfan instantly pounced out like a fierce tiger.
This was the first time he had taken the initiative to attack in this battle.

In a few breaths, Chu Yunfan had already arrived in front of Zhang Teng who had just stabilized his footing.
Facing Chu Yunfan, who was charging forward, he did not hold back at all.
He slashed out his saber to meet
the incoming attack.




Everyone could hear the sounds of metal clashing coming from the arena.
Not only did the exchange between the two parties not decrease due to the short pause earlier, it actually became even more intense.
It went up another level.

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Facing the two people who had brought out their true abilities to fight, the students were all stunned.

“What level of battle is this? Are they really from the same world as us?”

“These two are indeed monsters!”

“The real monster is Chu Yunfan, right? With the cultivation of the fifth level of the Qi Sea Stage, he can actually fight Zhang Teng to a standstill!”

After the initial shock, many people turned their eyes to Chu Yunfan.

Zhang Teng was not a pushover, but he was actually being defeated by Chu Yunfan who was one level lower than him.
This was the most unbelievable thing.

At the podium, Qin Wu finally revealed a gratified smile.
He looked at Jin Feng, who had been staring at him with his mouth agape.

Jin, I’ve said it long ago.
Don’t jump to conclusions too early!”

Jin Feng’s expression gradually returned to calmness.
He said, “Mr.
Qin, indeed, even I have to admit that this student of yours is very powerful.
To be able to force Zhang Teng to this extent, his future may be
boundless, but at this time, it’s impossible to win against Zhang Teng.
The eruption of a fifth-level Qi Sea Stage martial art won’t be able to last long.
He’ll lose sooner or later!”

Qin Wu raised his eyebrows and said, “I don’t think so.
Hehe, I won’t talk about this.
I don’t want to lose face again.”
“You…” Jin Feng was infuriated by Qin Wu’s words, but he was speechless.
Zhang Teng did not have the upper hand in the situation.
As a teacher, Zhang Teng did not have the confidence to say anything nice.

He turned his head to look at the arena, hoping that Zhang Teng could perform better, However, Zhang Teng, whom he had placed high hopes on, could not reverse the balance of the situation in the arena.
Instead, he
revealed a disadvantage.

Zhang Teng was beginning to lose some of his stamina.
There were already signs of this before, but he suddenly revealed the strength of a sixth-level Qi Sea Stage.
That had masked this problem.
And after a long time,
it was beginning to reveal itself again.

“What kind of joke is this?! I am a sixth-level Qi Sea Stage! How could my physical strength be inferior to yours?!” Zhang Teng roared angrily and flew toward Chu Yunfan once again.
Chu Yunfan was still as he had been at the beginning of the battle—he was barely winded.
It was because of this that he looked even more detestable to Zhang Teng.
“Struggling is useless!” Chu Yunfan sneered, and the saber in his hand moved even faster.

His physical strength was much longer than the average Qi Sea Stage, and his recovery speed was even faster when he was circulating the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method.
That was why he looked as if he had not
consumed much strength.
In fact, what he had consumed was not less than Zhang Teng.
Maybe even more.
In terms of cultivation level, Zhang Teng was at a disadvantage.

Seeing that Zhang Teng’s aura was starting to become uneven, Chu Yunfan knew that it was time to win.



The saber in Chu Yunfan’s hand became even faster and more powerful, and he kept going.

Zhang Teng could no longer keep up.
In the beginning, he was able to attack and defend himself against Chu Yunfan.
But gradually, he could not keep up.
He was puzzled.
How could Chu Yunfan have so much physical
strength? Could it be that he was really a monster with extraordinary talent?

Zhang Teng could feel that he was getting more and more tired.
He had experienced this kind of battle before.
It was when he was fighting with Ou Yang.
The longer it went on, the more difficult it was to control the

Finally, he was caught off guard and was ruthlessly whipped by the back of Chu Yunfan’s saber.
Zhang Teng grunted and his entire body flew backward.
He wanted to get up again, but he saw that a saber was already right in front of his face.
If he moved again, he would be chopped down.
The outcome was already decided!

“Just now, you said that I’m not qualified to fight with Ou Yang? Actually, you’re the one who isn’t qualified!”.

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