Chapter 127 The Person Who Controls the Rhythm of the Battle


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hang Teng saw Chu Yunfan’s calm expression.
He then gave a faint smile.
His opponent was obviously mocking him.

“You’ve only taken one strike from me.
Don’t get cocky!”

hang Teng was furious.
He exploded.
He was being mocked by someone he had never seen in a good light.

hang Teng once again pounced toward Chu Yunfan.
Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan was calm and unhurried as he began to exchange blows with Zhang Teng.



The brilliant moves from the two sabers danced through the air.
They collided fiercely with each other and retreated at the slightest touch, weaving a death net in the sky.
“Both of them are so strong and so fast.
I can only see afterimages!”

Anormal class student watched and felt incomparably shocked.

A battle of this level was more than just a little stronger than their normal class.

“This is what a peak duel should be like!”

“Leaving Ou Yang’s battle and coming here to watch was indeed the correct decision!”

While the students were shocked, the teachers were also watching this battle that could be called a peak duel.

Jin Feng’s gaze was mainly on Zhang Teng.
Zhang Teng had chosen the Wild Waves Saber Technique under his suggestion.
When Zhang Teng was deciding on what technique he wanted to cultivate, he had come to
seek Jin Feng’s guidance.
So Jin Geng was very clear about the details of this saber technique.

Zhang Teng was great.
He had already cultivated the Wild Waves Saber Technique to the Perfection Stage.
When he executed this saber technique, it was like a raging sea that swept down with terrifying power.
Even if
one was in the same realm, it would be very difficult to block these strikes.

However, he found it strange that even though Zhang Teng was using the Wild Waves Saber Technique to the extreme, he still could not gain the upper hand when facing Chu Yunfan.
No matter how Zhang Teng
attacked, Chu Yunfan easily blocked all the incoming attacks.
He was not disadvantaged in the slightest!

“Chu Yunfan has already stepped into the fifth level Qi Sea Stage?”
As the exchange of blows went on, Jin Feng was able to pick up on some clues about Chu Yunfan.
He realized that this boy had already stepped into the fifth level Qi Sea Stage.
“However, even if Chu Yunfan is at the fifth level Qi Sea Stage, Zhang Teng’s cultivation level should be higher.
Moreover, the grade of his Wild Waves Saber Technique is much stronger than basic saber techniques!”

Jin Feng was also a little confused.
It seemed that Chu Yunfan was at a disadvantage in every aspect, but the result of the battle was completely different from what he was predicting.
He could not help but focus his
mind and look at it calmly.
With his level of cultivation, of course, he could easily spot the problem.

“It’s the Roaring Winds Saber Technique and the Earth Splitting Saver Technique.
Although these two sets of techniques are only the basic techniques, Chu Yunfan has cultivated them to the peak of perfection.
these two sets of saber techniques are used alternately, they completely change the rhythm of the battle.
Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow.
Zhang Teng actually can’t predict the pace of the battle!”

Jin Feng came to this conclusion, but he was shocked.
This was because Zhang Teng had always relied on his powerful strength to firmly grasp the pace of the battle.
Someone was able to snatch this away from Zhang
Teng’s hands.
Other than Ou Yang, this was the second person who was able to achieve such a thing.

This Roaring Winds Saber Technique and the Earth Splitting Saber Technique kept switching in and out, completely throwing off the rhythm of the battle.
It sounded very simple, but the number of people who were
able to do this could be counted on one’s fingers.
It was not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

For the first time, Jin Feng began to take this student who had emerged from Class 2 seriously.
He did not treat him as a dark horse, but as a student who had a bright future ahead of him.
From beside Jin Feng, Qin Wu also saw the method Chu Yunfan used, and there was only admiration in his eyes.
This battle wisdom indeed did not disappoint him.

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“This method of using two techniques alternatively may look good, but it has a fatal weakness.
When the two techniques are being alternated, a big flaw would be revealed.
Zhang Teng is not a newbie, so how does he
not notice it?” Jin Feng could not help but ask in puzzlement.

At this moment, in the arena, Zhang Teng also began to feel a little anxious.
Because he had been fighting for a long time, he was actually beginning to pant.
Once his Wild Waves Saber Technique was unleashed, it was
like an extremely powerful raging wave.
However, at the same time, it also consumed a lot of his stamina.
Normally, his opponent would also be unable to withstand his series of saber techniques and would lose.
However, Chu Yunfan was different.
He had dragged the battle out all the way until now.

At this moment, Zhang Teng could feel his stamina waning.
On the other hand, Chu Yunfan looked like he was attacking, but in reality, he was defending.
He was fighting steadily and calmly without the slightest sign of
He looked like he had a lot of physical strength, which vexed Zhang Teng.

He could also see that the battle rhythm had been taken away from him.
He had encountered this situation more than once, and that was when he was fighting with Ou Yang.
However, that had been Ou Yang.
Who was Chu Yunfan?
He had actually lost his rhythm to Chu Yunfan.
It was too embarrassing!

As for the flaw in Chu Yunfan’s technique that Jin Feng had pointed out, it was not that Zhang Teng had not noticed it.
It was just that Chu Yunfan’s two saber techniques were too perfect.
There was not the slightest

This made Zhang Teng frantic!

He did not know that Chu Yunfan had practiced the transition between two saber techniques.
And he had mastered them, so there was naturally no flaw.

With the sound of metal colliding, Zhang Teng used the recoil force to retreat out of Chu Yunfan’s defense circle.

He calmed his breath and pointed his saber at Chu Yunfan.
He said, “I didn’t expect you to be able to force me to this extent.
It seems that I have no choice but to use my true strength.
Originally, I planned to use it to
deal with Ou Yang, but now I’m using it to deal with you.
It’s like using a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken!”

Chu Yunfan raised his knife and looked at him, saying, “It’s too early to say such big words.
Let’s talk about it after you defeat me!”

“Such arrogance!” Zhang Teng cursed and then flew toward Chu Yunfan.

He was already moving at a high speed, but he actually managed to increase his speed once again.
Whether it was his speed or his aura, they actually rose by one level.
“Sixth-level Qi Sea Stage!”

A teacher saw this scene and could not help but exclaim in surprise.

Although there had been rumors long ago that Zhang Teng and Ou Yang had already stepped into the sixth-level Qi Sea Stage, rumors were still rumors.
No one had really seen them display this level of fighting

And now, they were finally seeing it.

“Students nowadays are really amazing.
A sixth-level Qi Sea Stage.
Zhang Teng is only a hair’s breadth away from getting into a focus university.
At this rate, he’ll be able to get into one of the top ten schools, right?”
“It’s hard to say.
And Ou Yang, who is as famous as him, is probably not simple either!”

Many teachers were exclaiming in surprise.

“This is Zhang Teng’s true fighting strength.
Qin Wu, your student stands no chance of winning!” Jin Feng laughed uproariously.
He almost stood up and clapped his hands together.

“Don’t jump to conclusions too early!”.

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