Chapter 118: Cooperation Achieved


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After coming to this conclusion, Bai Hong suddenly felt enlightened.
Some strange things were no longer strange.
This included why Chu Yunfan was so young, but his knowledge reserves were frighteningly large.
It also included why Chu Yunfan was able to so casually produce an improved Body Refining Pill formula, and why Chu Yunfan was able to casually fill out a portion of the alchemy reaction formula.
It was not because Chu Yunfan himself was heaven -defying.
It was because the reclusive sect behind him was so astonishing in strength and had a deep foundation.

All of this could be explained.
From the looks of it, it was not strange anymore.
He also put away some of his thoughts.
He had originally guessed that Chu Yunfan had some big shot in the alchemy field behind him.
However, after confirming that there was a reclusive alchemy sect behind Chu Yunfan, it
was another matter.

He knew how terrifying a reclusive sect was!

After the great cataclysm hundreds of years ago, humans entered Kunlun Realm.
During the great martial arts explosion era, the Federation Government was the current leader.
Most of the essence of the super ancient civilization was absorbed by the Federation Government.
That was how the current
pattern of this era came to be dominated by the Federation Government.

However, there was still a portion of the essence that was found by some individuals.
Some people found the residence of an Ancient Zenith Civilization and obtained all the inheritance of the sect—a complete cultivation system, the knowledge accumulated over generations, as well as many medicinal
pills that had been stored in special methods for many years that were still effective, as well as many magical artifacts, and so on.

Some of these people appeared within the masses.
They were those large corporations, large companies, martial arts sacred lands, and the predecessors of the sects that now dominated the world.
Some people chose to hide away from the world.
They were silent, but they contained astonishing foundations.
Some of them did not reveal much, but their reach was deep in every aspect of the human world.

Even the smallest of reclusive sects could be extremely powerful!

The disciples of these reclusive sects would appear from time to time to travel the human world and gain experience.
He had once seen a person who was truly a giant amongst men—one in ten thousand.

Of course, Bia Hong was not afraid of these reclusive sects.
As one of the few great alchemists in the human world, the resources he could mobilize were extraordinary.
Moreover, he had always had good relations with the Federation Government.

Against the Federation Government, a few reclusive sects would not be enough.
However, it was best not to provoke such an existence.
It was better to try not to provoke them and make a strong enemy because of nothing.

As he thought about this, his attitude toward Chu Yunfan became much friendlier.
Chu Yunfan also felt this and could not help but feel a little baffled.
He did not know that during the conversation, Bai Hong had already in his mind made him out to be a disciple of a reclusive sect.

However, it did not matter even if he knew.
This was also a good cover for him.

Bai Ling’er, who was behind Bai Hong, finally confirmed that the level of this stinking fellow in front of her was indeed higher than hers.
Although she was unwilling to admit it, she had to admit that from the beginning when Bai Hong and Chu Yunfan were talking, she was still able to keep up.
But now,
she could no longer keep up with them.
The level of an official alchemist exceeded the scope of her knowledge.
She had only heard of many things from Bai Hong, and some she had never even heard of.

However, no matter what kind of question Bai Hong threw out, Chu Yunfan was able to speak with confidence.
It was very clear that his level in alchemy was far above hers.
However, this did not discourage her.
Instead, it made her want to compete with him.
Ever since she was young, as the successor that Bai Hong had diligently groomed, it could be said that she looked down on her peers.

‘There were only a few people who could stand shoulder to shoulder with her.
However, no one could completely convince her that they were stronger than her.
Chu Yunfan was the first and only one.

Right now, she was filled with enthusiasm to learn more.
The alchemy trainee test was just the beginning.
There was still the official alchemist test.
There would be plenty of time for both parties to compete in the future.

Time passed as the two of them discussed.
A few hours passed until Bai Hong received a message from the company.

After disregarding the content of his disciple’s surprise, there was only one fact left, which was that he had succeeded.
After the medicinal effect was tested, it was indeed about double the original standard pill formula.

Although he had long been prepared, when he received the results of the test, Bai Hong still revealed a somewhat shocked expression.

“Master Bai, the results are out!” Chu Yunfan knew when he saw Bai Hong’s expression.

“Little friend, you’re very calm.
Aren’t you afraid that the test results won’t pass?” Unknowingly, Bai Hong had also changed the way he addressed Chu Yunfan to “little friend.”

This meant that Bai Hong recognized Chu Yunfan to a certain extent.

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“Why would it not pass?” Chu Yunfan said, “Next, let’s talk about the specific details of the cooperation.”

“Okay, tell me your conditions first.” Bai Hong said.

“100 million in cash.
And I want 30% of the profits!” Chu Yunfan said.

“100 million in cash is fine, but that profit margin won’t do.
I will at most give you half of that!” Bai Hong immediately disagreed.
Although 100 million in cash was a lot, compared to the profits that could be brought about by the introduction of this pill formula, it was nothing at all.
Not to mention giving away 30% of the profit, even 10% would involve too much money.

“Half? Master Bai, you’re too stingy!” Chu Yunfan said.

“think this is normal.
You just provided a pill formula.
Whether it’s the cost of publicity for the pill, the cost of manpower, the cost of ingredients, or even stopping the counterattack from the other alchemy companies, we’re the ones doing all the work.
If you don’t do anything, you can’t just sit there and
collect the money,” Bai Hong said indifferently, “Besides, you have the pill formula in your hands, but you’re not working on it yourself.
Instead, you’re working with me because I can provide you with these resources!”

Chu Yunfan considered this for a moment.
Then, he said, “How about this? I’ll take the 100 million in cash and 10% of the profits.
We’ll meet each other halfway.
I hope that we can cooperate for a long time in the future, so I don’t want to haggle over every detail.
That’s it.
If we succeed, we succeed.
If we
don’t, we won’t be able to make a good deal!”

Of course, the 30% that he had previously said was a sky-high asking price.
The ideal price in his heart was 10%.

It was indeed as Bai Hong had said.
The pill formula that he had provided was indeed very valuable.
However, the person who could make this pill formula display its proper value was Bai Hong.
Only by relying on Bai Hong’s manpower, financial resources, connections, sales network, and so on, would it
be possible to maximize the benefits of this pill formula.

Most importantly, he might not be able to find another partner who would not swallow his pill formula without money in sight.

“Okay, deal!” Bai Hong said..

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