Chapter 117: The Disciple of a Reclusive Alchemy Sect?


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Bai Hong laughed out loud as if the person who had deliberately created the tense atmosphere just now was not him.
Under his gaze, Chu Yunfan did not panic in the slightest.
He was not pretending to be calm.
He really was calm and indifferent.
This made him even more suspicious that Chu Yunfan had a powerful figure backing him up.

After all, he could have obtained the pill formula by accident.
However, his alchemy knowledge was not to be looked down on.
Chu Yunfan had been able to surpass Bai Ling’er, whom Bai Hong had put all his efforts into nurturing, This was something worth considering.
It was not as if one could become
an alchemist just by giving one a pill formula.
An alchemist with a master was completely different from an alchemist without a master.

Just by obtaining a few pill formulas, one would not be able to concoct them.
Just the huge amount of money required was not something that a person without a foundation could obtain.
This made Chu Yunfan even more extraordinary.

However, he did not know that Chu Yunfan had obtained the memories of an Alchemy Emperor.
An ordinary person would need to spend an endless amount of money in order to cultivate alchemy.
Chu Yunfan had practically inherited it.

Bai Hong scanned the pill formula and sent it back to his company.
He asked the alchemists in the company to start concocting according to the pill formula.
The results would be out very soon.

Then, Bai Hong sat down.
Then, he said, “Last time, it was thanks to you that I noticed a few mistakes in my book.
I don’t know if you saw it yourself or if your teacher told you about it.”

Bai Hong still wanted to test whether Chu Yunfan had a powerful backer behind him.

“It was such an obvious mistake.
If even a child could see it.
Why would anyone tell me?” Chu Yunfan said without the slightest hesitation.

Bai Hong felt the muscles on his face cramp up.
If even a child could see it, it meant that he was even worse than a child.

Bai Ling’er, who was behind Bai Hong, laughed hard but did not dare to make a sound.
She only held it in until her face turned red and her shoulders shook.

Originally, she was the only one who had suffered a setback.
Now, even her elder had suffered a setback as well.
Now that she thought about it, it was not too difficult for her to accept that she had suffered a setback at the hands of this stinky fellow.

She suddenly felt much better!

Bai Hong could only put away his thoughts and smile sheepishly.
He no longer tried to probe into Chu Yunfan’s background.

“The alchemy reaction formula you wrote last time…” Bai Hong probed again.
Compared to this, Chu Yunfan’s background was not important.

If he could deduce even one of the alchemy reaction formulas, then he could be certain.
He did not dare to say it from afar, but at the very least, it was very likely that he would be the next Alchemy King.

“That’s all there is!” Chu Yunfan said decisively.
How could he let go of this issue?

He also knew the importance of reaction formulas.
Even back in the Ancient Zenith Civilization, the emergence of every reaction formula would cause a huge sensation.
Every person who deduced a reaction formula would become the cream of the crop of that time.
Deducing a few parts of an alchemy reaction formula would be great, but it would only be surprising.
After all, it was not a complete formula.
It was valuable, but that was all.
However, if it was a complete reaction formula, it would cause a huge uproar.

He might announce the reaction formula in the future, but that would have to wait until he had the ability to protect himself.
It was definitely not now.

Hearing Chu Yunfan’s resolute and decisive words, Bai Hong could not help but feel a little disappointed.
However, he did not doubt it.
As far as he knew, even the Alchemy King was deducing a reaction formula, but there was still no result.
Even if Chu Yunfan had someone backing him, could he still be
more powerful than the Alchemy King?

Ifa complete version of a reaction formula really had appeared, it was impossible for him to not hear any news at all.
According to the new formula, the Body Refining Pill would still need a few more hours before it was ready.
Chu Yunfan was not in a hurry, and in order to pass the time, Bai Hong began to find some topics to chat about with Chu Yunfan.
Originally, this was just to pass the time, but Bai Hong soon realized that something was not right.
Because no matter what topic he threw out, Chu Yunfan would be able to continue the conversation.

In the beginning, he only threw out some very simple topics.
Seeing that Chu Yunfan was able to answer smoothly, he could not help but have some thoughts about examining deeper.
He began to speak about more profound subjects.
However, he was soon pleasantly surprised to find that Chu Yunfan

could hold his own.

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It was not that he could recite the answers fluently but actually did not understand what he was saying.
Instead, he did indeed have his own opinions.
He had many opinions, and they were completely different from the average person.
It could be said that as long as it was knowledge in the field of alchemy, no knowledge in the world would be difficult for Chu Yunfan.

This also made Bai Hong secretly shocked.
This meant that Chu Yunfan’s knowledge reserves had already reached an extremely shocking level.

He had not seen Chu Yunfan make a move yet, but just this amount of knowledge reserve was enough to allow him to become an official alchemist without any problems, let alone an alchemy trainee.

This was something that even his proud granddaughter, Bai Ling’er, could not compare to.
Being an alchemist was an occupation that consumed a lot of time.
Whether it was the ability to officially concoct pills, or the vast amounts of knowledge of alchemy, all of them needed time to be achieved.
Bai Ling’er had been by his side since she was young, She had all kinds of knowledge.
Forget about her peers, even adult alchemists who were alchemy trainees could not compare to her.

However, all of this was nothing in front of this young man who was speaking with confidence.

However, what made him feel strange was that Chu Yunfan revealed some of his knowledge in the field of alchemy in his speech.
It was very old-fashioned.
Much of the knowledge was right, but it was very old-fashioned.

Although the modem alchemy system was inherited from the alchemy field of the Ancient Zenith Civilization, many of the details had been modified according to the times.
Some of them were already very different from the Ancient Zenith Civilization.

Many of them were modified by Bai Hong himself.
However, Chu Yunfan’s words, whether it was knowledge or specific methods, all appeared very old-fashioned.

It was not that old-fashioned methods were wrong.
It was just that there were better alternatives in modern times.
With the support of science and technology, they could do things that could not be done in the past.

On the other hand, Chu Yunfan appeared like an old pedant of an ancient alchemy sect or an apprentice who was taught by an old pedant.
This alchemy sect had been isolated from the world for many years.

And Chu Yunfan was the successor of this alchemy sect who had walked the world!

This feeling became more and more profound as the exchange went deeper.
The more he was certain of his judgment, the more certain it was that this was the case.

Even in modem society, there were indeed some sects that operated in seclusion.
They were not large in scale and did not have many members, so they were not known to others.
However, their heritage and knowledge were frighteningly deep.

He had seen this kind of disciple before, and the feeling that Chu Yunfan gave him was exactly the same as those people.

He was definitely the disciple of a secluded alchemy sect!

Bai Hong made this judgment in his heart!

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