Chapter 116: Finding a Backer


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Bai Hong finally could not hold it in any longer.
He could not maintain the appearance of an expert anymore.
It was because this pill formula was truly extraordinary.
The more basic the pill, the less room there was for improvement.
However, once it was successfully improved, the benefits it would bring was unimaginable.

Every year, countless newborns were born, and the demand for Body Refining Pills never stops.
All kinds of improved versions of this pill appeared one after another, producing Body Refining Pills that were twice as effective as standard Body Refining Pills.
The difficulty of concocting them was not high,
but the problem was that the price had increased exponentially.
The materials needed also went from common to widely grown, to rare and hard-to-find herbs.

This extremely high cost to performance ratio was something that even wealthy families could not afford.
In those large aristocratic families, only a few elites of the younger generation were willing to cultivate in this way despite the price.
The pill formula that Chu Yunfan gave him was not the most shocking in terms of medicinal effects.
The most shocking thing was that the ingredients used were all ordinary medicinal ingredients, and the price was the same as standard Body Refining Pills.
This was the most shocking thing!

He wanted to know who had improved it.
As far as he knew, even the Alchemy Kings would not be able to improve it to such an extent.
This was not something that could be done just by simply replacing a few ingredients.
It required a deep understanding of all herbs.
Only someone with a profound

understanding of pill refinement could have improved it to such an extent.

There was no such person in this world.
There was only one possibility, which was that Chu Yunfan, or the person behind him, had dug it out from the ruins of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
He understood even more clearly that if this pill formula was true, it would be a huge fortune.
As long as the pill formula was true, he could easily defeat even his most powerful enemies.
No one would be able to compete with him in terms of Body Refining Pills.

Under the circumstances where the price was about the same, who would not be willing to use a pill with twice the medicinal efficacy? How much money would that be? Even he did not dare to think about it.

That was why he could not hold it in any longer.
There was no business in the world that made more money than a monopoly.

“Whether it’s real or not, in fact, you just need to send the pill formula back to your company and find a trustworthy alchemist to test it out, Master Bai.
Won’t you know then?” Chu Yunfan said simply as he accepted a glass of water that Bai Ling’er handed him and leaned back into the sofa.
He saw Bai Ling’er standing behind Bai Hong and looking at him righteously.
He could not help but grin.

Following that, Chu Yunfan turned his gaze to Bai Hong.
He knew that alchemy masters like Bai Hong would have a huge pill company under their command to provide them with an endless stream of cash flow.
Otherwise, concocting pills would consume so much money that they simply would not be
able to afford it.
With Bai Hong’s ability, it was actually very easy to verify the authenticity of the formula.

Seeing Chu Yunfan’s confidence, even Bai Hong could not help but feel a little curious.
He opened his mouth and asked, “You’re really confident.
Aren’t you afraid that I’ll take this formula for myself? Even the Alchemy King would be envious when they see this formula!”
The Alchemy King obviously would not be envious of the formula, but rather, he would be envious of the endless amount of money behind it.

“It’s just a pill formula.
If that is your attitude, then I’d be very disappointed, Master Bai.
We’ll have plenty of opportunities to work together in the future.
A single pill formula can test one’s character.
I think it’s very worth it!” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

Bai Hong’s eyes stared fixedly at Chu Yunfan as if he wanted to see through Chu Yunfa’s fake calmness.
But who would have expected that Chu Yunfan was simply very calm and was not even the least bit nervous?

‘Where exactly did Chu Yunfan get the confidence to be sure that he would not take this formula for himself? The benefits within would be enough to make a supreme figure like the Alchemy King jealous.

Chu Yunfan smiled faintly.
He was extremely calm, Although the formula for the Body Refining Pill was very precious, it was nothing to him who had inherited the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.

There were more than one or two pill formulas that the Alchemy Emperor had improved.
Without the Body Refining Pill, there were still others.
What was there to be afraid of?

A mere pill formula for Body Refining Pills was enough to test a person’s character.
He felt that it was worth it.
It was better than being scammed in the future.

Of course, if Bai Hong took it all for himself, Chu Yunfan would not be so nice as to just let it go either.
He would definitely think of a way to destroy Bai Hong’s company.
To an ordinary person, it was simply impossible to destroy an alchemy expert’s company.
Moreover, the gains would not make up for

the losses.
It would definitely cost a lot.

However, to Chu Yunfan, who had inherited the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, this was not a fantasy.
The many improved pill formulas in his hands were his best trump card.
He was essentially just a hot-blooded youth.
He was not a character that was good at scheming.
He would rather lose 800 of his
own money than let the other party lose 1,000.

Chu Yunfan had also carefully considered choosing to sit by Bai Hong instead of starting his own company.
Although the improved Body Refining Pills were good, their price was too low.
They were considered basic pills.
If the quantity was large, then naturally, the profits would be endless.
Moreover, as
long as the human race did not stop, there would always be a market.

However, even if he were to risk his life to concoct pills every day, how many could he make? Only low-grade alchemists would do this.
For high-grade alchemists, the price of a high-grade medicinal pill was comparable to a hundred or so pills, even if it was a thousand or even a thousand low-grade
medicinal pills, that would be the biggest part of their profits.

Unless he published the pill formula and then collected the patent fee.
However, this was even more dangerous.
If he concocted a few pills himself, it would not be to the extent that those alchemy companies would take a second look.
However, if he published the pill formula and registered for a patent,
that enormous profit would be enough for some companies to take a risk.
If he died, this pill formula would become ownerless.
At that time, those alchemy companies would be able to produce whatever they wanted.

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Although Chu Yunfan was inexperienced, he was not stupid.
It would not be too much to guess that those alchemy companies had the most malicious of intentions.
However, it would be different if he had a strong backer.
His backer would be able to withstand the pressure from the outside world.
He only needed to be responsible for collecting the money.
Bai Hong was one of the few people in the field of alchemy that was qualified to be his backer.
Monopolizing the sales of Body Refining Pills was not the same as monopolizing all the pills.
Bai Hong would be able to withstand such pressure.

This was also the reason why he chose not to work with Lu Qingxuan.
Although Lu Qingxuan’s company had developed quite a bit recently, it would still eel down in the face of a storm.

Even a random group like Tengda was able to control all of Lu Qingxuan’s sales channels and force her to open up channels in other cities.

“Hahahaha, good.
This is interesting!”

Bai Hong laughed out loud.

“”TIl send the pill formula back to my company first..
If there are no problems, well talk about cooperating!”

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