Chapter 115: The Alchemy Expert’s Shock


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In the end, Bai Ling’er decided to bring Chu Yunfan to meet her elder.

Because she had been cramming a lot of knowledge into her head these past few months, she also understood that matters related to the alchemy reaction formula were extremely important.
She did not dare to make any decisions on her own.
Although she was very angry that Chu Yunfan had taken
advantage of her, she understood the severity of the matter.

“All right then, come with me.
I’ll bring you to see my elder!” Bai Ling‘er said.

“Your elder is also here?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“Yes, my elder came here to visit an old friend.
I’m here to accompany my elder.
Otherwise, we wouldn’t have yet!”

Bai Ling’er glanced at Chu Yunfan, then tured around and left like a proud little swan.
Chu Yunfan hesitated for a moment but realized he could only follow her.
Then, he sent a message to his parents, telling them not to look for him.

Chu Yunfan followed Bai Ling’er all the way to a villa complex.

This was Chu Yunfan’s first time coming to know that such a villa complex actually existed in the inpatient department of Jinghai First Hospital.
He immediately understood that it must be a place for distinguished guests to stay when they were hospitalized.

He had thought that it was already extravagant enough for him to book a luxurious ward.
Now, it looked like it was nothing compared to the big picture.
He had been too naive.

Bai Hong was a great alchemist, one of the top figures in the world.
His old friend was naturally not an ordinary person.
It was very normal for him to be able to afford such a villa district.

Suddenly, as they were walking, a figure walked over to them.
That person was tall and sturdy looking.
He wore a luxurious robe.
Although he had a head full of white hair, he did not look old at all.
There were only a few wrinkles on his face, he looked at most like a middle-aged man in his forties or

It was alchemy expert Bai Hong!

Chu Yunfan recognized the person at once.
The information he had found previously had included photos and videos of Bai Hong.
“Elder!” Bai Ling’er hurriedly stepped forward and said.

Bai Hong smiled and nodded, then looked at Chu Yunfan.

He was in a high position all year round, so his gaze unconsciously carried a bit of scrutiny.
It was very difficult for ordinary people to not lose their composure under his gaze, but he found that Chu Yunfan seemed at ease in front of him.
This young man was either pretending to be calm, or he was very
normal when facing a very normal old man.

Thinking back to what Bai Ling’er had said before, Chu Yunfan did not even know him before this, but he could know the reaction formula.
There was only one word that could pop up in his mind, that was, a newborn calf was not afraid of a tiger.
“Are you that Chu Yunfan?” Bai Hong took a step forward and asked.

Chu Yunfan bowed slightly and said in neither servile nor overbearing manner, “That’s right, I’m Chu Yunfan.
Greetings, Master Bai Hong!”

He knew that Bai Ling’er must have sent a message just now, which was why he ‘coincidentally’ met Bai Hong here.

Chu Yunfan was right.
Bai Hong had indeed received news from Bai Ling’er, and that was why he had specially waited here.
It was impossible for Bai Hong to treat an ordinary person so seriously.

The only reason he acted this way was because of the alchemy reaction formula that Chu Yunfan had casually written down earlier.
The things that Chu Yunfan had casually written down had saved him at least twenty years of time.
He wanted to know if Chu Yunfan had any other parts of the reaction
Regarding the big deal that Chu Yunfan had mentioned, it was rare for him to have some thoughts.

“Theard that you have a big deal that you want to discuss with me?” Bai Hong looked at Chu Yunfan and said with a smile that was not a smile.

“That’s right, it’s a big deal!” Chu Yunfan nodded and said.
“But I’m afraid this is not a place for business!”

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‘There were cameras everywhere in this hospital.
They were there to protect the patients and prevent accidents from happening.
However, at this time, it had become a place that was not suitable for business.

“all right, follow me,” Bai Hong said and led Chu Yunfan into a villa.
“This villa was originally being used by an old friend of mine to recuperate.
Now that he’s not here, I can borrow it.”

After entering the villa, Bai Hong and Chu Yunfan sat down on the sofa while Bai Ling‘er obediently went to pour tea for the two of them.

“Can you tell me now? What business do you want to do with me?” Bai Hong said.

“Lwant to sell you a pill formula!” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

Bai Hong responded with an ‘oh’.
With his status, it could be said that many people wanted to sell him pill formulas every year, or even every day.
However, most of the pill formulas were either incomplete or worthless and he had not accepted even a single one of them.
“What kind of pill formula?” Bai Hong asked.

“How about this? I’ll write it down and you can take a look?” Chu Yunfan said.
He took a piece of white paper and a pen from the tea table and began to write.

Soon, he finished writing and handed the pill formula to Bai Hong.

Bai Hong did not think too much about it.
It was not that there were not any pill formulas discovered by the people, but most of them were of no value.
Or, they were what he already had on hand.
They were meaningless.

“Body Refining Pills!” Bai Hong’s interest was greatly reduced when he saw it.
The pill formula for Body Refining Pills was indeed not the standard pill formula that was popular on the market.
There were many types of Body Refining Pills.
However, in reality, only the standard pill formulas were

recognized, because that was the pill formula that had the highest value for money.

As for the other pill formulas for Body Refining Pills, they were basically only prepared for a small number of rich people.
Those rich people did not care about money, as long as it was the Body Refining Pill that had the best medicinal effect.
However, he had many of these pill formulas in his hands, so he was not interested at all.
However, with the respect he had for others, he still continued reading.
Along the way, he saw that all of the pill formulas for Body Refining Pills were very standard.
However, he soon realized that something was not right.
This was not an ordinary type of special Body Refining Pill.

He was an expert in alchemy.
He had seen most medicinal ingredients and could estimate the approximate price.
It was about the same as the cost of a standard one-way medicinal ingredient.
However, Chu Yunfan wrote at the bottom that the medicinal effects were twice that of an ordinary Body
Refining Pill.

This almost made him sit up in shock.
It must be known that with the standard Body Refining Pill formula as the benchmark, the medicinal effect of the pill formula of those special Body Refining Pills would only be ten to twenty percent stronger than that of the standard Body Refining Pill formula,
those who were able to increase the medicinal effect by thirty percent were already extremely rare elites.

And those Body Refining Pills with thirty percent more medicinal effect were more than twice the price of the Body Refining Pills refined under the standard pill formula.
And the medicinal efficacy of the Body Refining Pills recorded in this pill recipe was actually twice that of standard Body Refining Pills, and the price was actually about the same as the standard Body Refining Pills.

“Is what you wrote really true?” Bai Hong hurriedly asked..

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