Chapter 113: First Kiss

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It was early in the morning and Calm Ocean City’s airport was already bustling with people.
Although Calm Ocean City was only one of Donghua City’s satellite cities, it still had a population of over ten million people.
If it was back in the Common Era, this city would already be considered an international

As they had booked their flight earlier on, the Chus did not wait long before boarding the plane.
For the sake of comfort, Chu Yunfan, who was not short of money, had booked first-class cabins.

Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun did not say that their son was wasting money.
They knew that their son was being considerate of them.
Moreover, their son was not short of money now, even though it cost at least a few thousand yuan to take a plane these days.
The price of first-class was enough to
make people like them, who earned an income, extremely distressed.

However, for the current Chu Yunfan, this bit of money was indeed nothing.

After boarding the plane, his younger sister, Chu Qingxuan, looked around curiously.
In the past ten years, she rarely left home.
Not to mention leaving Calm Ocean City, this was actually Chu Yunfan’s first time sitting in a commercial plane.
If it was not for the military’s transport plane he had rode in
when he had gone for the actual combat session a few days ago, this could be considered his first time taking a plane.

Compared to the people of the Common Era, the people of the Kunlun Era took fewer planes.
Many people never leave the city where they were born and raised because once they left the city, there would be endless swarms of monsters.
The sky, the land, even the ocean were filled with monsters.
It was

because of this that traveling between cities was much more expensive than in the Common Era.

However, due to technological advancement, the current commercial planes were many times larger than during the Common Era.
Everyone had much more legroom than before.
There were even family group tickets.
Chu Yunfan had purchased this kind of ticket.
It was like a family living in a room with
no one else in it.
There were also a few beds that they could lie down and rest in!

The Chus laid down to rest.
They had not slept very well last night, so they took advantage of this time to get some rest.

There was no delay with the plane.
It took off quickly and soon flew off into the high sky.
However, it did not fly for long.
Not long after it flew out of Calm Ocean City, it encountered a group of flying monsters.
If it was a passenger plane of the Common Era that met with these flying monsters, it would
have been a dead end.
However, this passenger plane was equipped with offensive power.
A series of laser beams shot out and drove away these flying monsters.

Very soon, the plane reached the outer atmosphere.
Chu Yunfan had learned from his textbooks that passenger planes usually chose to fly at this location because the flying monsters were unable to fly here.
They could fly in relative safety in this area.
If necessary, the plane could even act as a spaceship
and fly into space.
Modern passenger planes all had this design, but under normal circumstances, it would not be used.

About half an hour later, the plane finally landed at the airport of Jinghua City.

After getting off the plane, Chu Yunfan’s family rushed to the destination of their trip—Jinghua First Hospital.
This was currently one of the best hospitals available.

Although there was still a sea of people lining up outside, VIPs like the Chus, who had spent tens of millions in one go, had special privileges.
They were immediately processed and put up in luxurious wards There was also a luxurious suite in the ward.
It was convenient for Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun
to stay with Chu Qinxuan as she underwent her treatment and had no need to find a hotel to stay in.

After everything was done, it was already close to noon.
Chu Yunfan could not help but sigh.
Money really was king.
If he had not had the money, he wondered how long it would have taken for the hospitalization procedures to be completed.
It would have been impossible for such a situation to happen.
After having lunch at the hospital, Chu Yunfan decided to head out to get some fresh air.
In the afternoon, the hospital had arranged for a specialist consultation on his sister’s illness to make final confirmations.

After everything was done, the specialist assured them that there would not be any problems.
It was just a final confirmation.
If there were no problems, the operation could take place tomorrow.
This operation would take a day and a night.
Fortunately, doctors also had their own cultivation.
they would not be able to hold on for so long.

In the garden of the inpatient department, Chu Yunfan sat on a long bench.
His mind could not help but let his thoughts wander as he recalled everything that had happened recently.

‘The changes in his life had all started from the moment he inherited the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
Although it had only been a few short months, he felt that it was more exciting than the past ten years of his life.
He had encountered so many things.

Although he had encountered quite a lot of trouble, he was still very grateful that the heavens had allowed him to have this fortuitous encounter.
Otherwise, just his sister’s illness alone would have left him helpless for the rest of his life.

In the azure blue sky, a white cloud slowly drifted past.
After a few months of living a life where every second counted, he had no idea how long it had been since he had been this relaxed and comfortable.

Suddenly, an exquisite face suddenly appeared before Chu Yunfan, blocking his line of sight.
A small wisp of black hair drooped down and landed on Chu Yunfan’s face, and a faint fragrance entered his nose.

Chu Yunfan was startled and hurriedly sat up.
That exquisite face had not expected him to react as such and had no time to dodge before their faces met.

As they got close to each other, a warm and soft touch landed on Chu Yunfan’s lips.

‘Then, Chu Yunfan sat up and looked over.
It was a young girl who looked about thirteen or fourteen.
Her face was exquisite and her eyes were as clear as water.
Her jet-black long hair cascaded down her shoulders.
She was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, looking quite casual.
It was the genius alchemist, Bai Ling’er.

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However, at this moment, Bai Ling’er’s cheeks were flushed, and the redness had spread down to her neck.
She looked very pretty, but her expression was panicked as she kept wiping her lips.

Her teary eyes stared at Chu Yunfan as she said, “Why did you do that?!”

Chu Yunfan had an exasperated expression as he said, “It was you who suddenly appeared like a ghost, and now you’re blaming me?”

Bai Ling’er was furious.
She had come to Jinghai First Hospital to visit an elder in her family.
She had not expected to meet that fellow who had surpassed her in the alchemy trainee examination.
She had wanted to fool around a little and scare him, but who knew that it would turn out like this.
Not only did she not scare that stinky fellow, but she was also even taken advantage of by him!

That was her first kiss!

In her imagination, her first kiss would be in a very romantic environment.
She would hand it over to her tall, handsome, rich, gentle, considerate, and powerful lover.
It was definitely not under such circumstances, with this stinky guy!

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