Chapter 112: The Crisis Had Been Temporarily Averted


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These two people had been through hundreds of battles.
They immediately understood that they had been ambushed.

On schedule, a few soldiers in military uniforms surrounded them.
All of them possessed a valiant air about them and strong battle auras.
They were first-class elites.

“D*mn it.
It’s an ambush from the army.
We have to get out of here!”

The tall man in black reacted immediately.
The two of them rushed toward the weakest point of the line of defense.
There was only one soldier blocking them.
When the two of them rushed him, it was impossible for the soldier to stop them both at the same time.
However, just as the two of them coordinated to slip past on the soldier’s left and right, a figure suddenly flew out from the thicket nearby.
Before the two of them even realized what was happening, they felt a palm strike their bodies.



The two men in black were sent flying and fell heavily to the ground.

“Now that you’re in front of me, how could I possibly let you escape?” A figure walked out.
It was Xue Bailong.
“I didn’t expect you to be in such a hurry.
This is good too.
It saves us from having to wait in ambush for a few more days.”

‘When the two of them realized the situation they were in, especially Xue Bailong who was standing before them, they knew that it would be impossible for them to deal with him.
They looked at each other and made up their minds.
They opened their mouths and were about to commit suicide by taking

However, Xue Bailong was more experienced.
He had long prepared for this move.
He attacked at lightning speed and incapacitated their four limbs and chin, rendering them unable to move.
Xue Bailong found a poison sealed with wax at the back of their teeth.
It was not his first time dealing with those
of the Monster Cult.
These members would prepare these things for suicide before going out on missions.
It was to prevent them from giving the cult away if they were caught.
Although these Monster Cult members had been hypnotized and brainwashed and would never betray the Monster Cult, there
were endless methods of interrogation in this day and age.
They would always find a way to make these Monster Cult members talk.
Once they were caught, getting information out of them would be easy.

“Take them back, remove their limbs, cripple their martial arts, and interrogate them.
It’s rare to catch two of them alive at once.
We must figure out a way to find their den in Calm Ocean City and capture them all in one fell swoop.” Xue Bailong commanded the soldiers.
“Yes, sir.”
The soldiers rushed forward and quickly took the two men away.
After a while, they disappeared from the residential area.

Xue Bailong let out a sigh of relief.
He then entered one of the residential buildings and found the Chu family home.
He pressed on the doorbell.
As expected, although it was already midnight, the family was in no mood to sleep—especially Chu Yunfan who was wearing his martial arts uniform and
seemed ready to fight at any moment.

Seeing that it was Xue Bailong, he opened the door and said, “Lieutenant Xue, why have you come so late?”
“Hahaha, look how nervous you are.
I came to tell you a piece of good news.
As expected, the Monster Cult had sent people again.
But they were all captured by us in one go.” Xue Bailong said.

Hearing Xue Bailong’s words, the Chus heaved a sigh of relief.
Ever since they heard about the Monster Cult, the whole family had been in a state of anxiety, especially when they were in the open while the Monster Cult was in the dark.
They could not guard against it.
People could be thieves every day, but
was there a way to guard against thieves every day?

“Lieutenant Xue, they won’t come again, right?” Yang Yayun asked.

“Don’t worry.
Now that we’ve caught them, we’ll interrogate them overnight and then mobilize the army to suppress the Monster Cult.
They probably won’t have time to find trouble with you during this period of time.
If they still dare find trouble with you, then it’s because we have not done our job well
enough.” Xue Bailong comforted them.

The three of them heaved a sigh of relief when they saw how relaxed Xue Bailong sounded.
It sounded like he was very confident.

“All right, I still have work to attend to.
You guys should get some rest.” Xue Bailong did not feel like he was working overtime at all.
Instead, he felt excited.
He had captured two members of the Monster Cult today and could trace the clues to the headquarters of the Monster Cult in Calm Ocean City.
might even be able to find their headquarters in Donghua City.
If he handled it well, he would have made another great contribution.
It would be enough for him to level up again.

“Thank you, Lieutenant Xue.
Take care!”

Chu Yunfan let out a sigh of relief after sending Xue Bailong away.
He finally felt like he could breathe.
At least for the time being, he did not have to worry about this matter.
After a while, he would think of a way to move away so that his family can avoid this from happening in the future.
“can finally get some good sleep!” Yang Yayun yawned and said.

Chu Wencheng took a look at his wife and children, then he said, “It’s still a little dangerous here.
Although I don’t know how the Monster Cult is doing, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Let’s book the tickets tonight and go to Jinghua City immediately.
We shall leave tomorrow.”

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“Okay!” Chu Yunfan said, “Tl book the tickets for tomorrow morning!”

“But what about your final exam, Yunfan?” Yang Yayun asked worriedly.

“It’s fine.
I’ll come back in a few days.
Anyway, the shuttle is very fast now.
It’s only half an hour from Calm Ocean City to Jinghua City!” Chu Yunfan said.

“All right then.
This would be a good chance to lay low!” Chu Wencheng said.
To him, nothing was more important than the safety of his children.

After the family had decided, they quickly retired to their rooms.
Chu Yunfan went online to book a flight to Jinghua City the next morning, Only then did he enter a state of meditation.
Although his arm was injured and he could not train his martial skills, he could still train his True Energy.

When Chu Yunfan started his meditation, he felt the Godhead in his mind fill him with a clear flow.
All of it was flowing to his broken arm.
Chu Yunfan began to circulate the Emperor Method and began to heal his injuries.
The Emperor Method was the best at refining the body and was effective in healing

When Chu Yunfan was awakened by the alarm clock, it was already past six in the morning, Chu Yunfan actually discovered that after a few hours of meditation, his injury had almost fully healed.
Although it was not completely healed, doing basic tasks was not a problem.
Even with the support of
modern medical technology, it would have taken Chu Yunfan a few days to recover to this extent.
But now, he had healed within just a few hours.
This Godhead and the healing effect of the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method made even Chu Yunfan click his tongue in wonder.

When Chu Yunfan pushed open the door, the other members of the family had already woken up.
It was obvious that they did not sleep well last night.
After having breakfast, the family headed out.
They took a taxi and went to the airport of Calm Ocean City..

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