Chapter 111: Not Good.
We’ve Been Ambushed!

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‘When Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun, who were busy taking care of matters regarding their daughter’s illness, received the news, they rushed back home.

They were shocked.
After learning that their daughter was almost kidnapped and that their son almost got into an accident, Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun were also shocked.
The Chus were just ordinary citizens.
Although they cultivated martial arts, they were just doing it to maintain their body and
mind which in tum kept their bodies healthy and prolonged their life.

Under normal circumstances, they should have been going through the same routine for the rest of their life and would not encounter any major crisis.
They had not expected that their children would encounter such a dangerous situation.
Their daughter was almost kidnapped and their son almost died.
Just thinking about it made them feel a sense of fear.

In order not to magnify the impact, the soldiers had moved the corpse of the Monster Cult member onto the transport plane and retreated, leaving only Xue Bailong on the field.
“Yunfan, are you all right?!” After confirming that her daughter was fine and was only unconscious, Yang Yayun hurriedly ran to Chu Yunfan’s side.
When she saw Chu Yunfan in a cast, her eyes turned red.

“Tm fine.
It’s just a cast.
I’ll recover in less than two days.
It’s nothing.
I can still make it in time for the final exam!”

Chu Yunfan grinned and said.
No matter how dangerous the situation had been, he was determined to not let his parents know.
It was all in the past now, so there was no need to increase their worries.

Chu Wencheng did not say much, but he had the same worried look in his eyes.
It was just not as intense as Yang Yayun’s.

“You did well, Son.
You protected your sister!” In his eyes, his son was all grown up now.

“By the way, Mom, Dad, let me introduce you.
This is Lieutenant Xue from the army who’s in charge of handling today’s matter.
Lieutenant Xue, these are my parents.” Chu Yunfan introduced them to each other.
“Hello, Lieutenant Xue!” Chu Wencheng stepped forward and said.

However, there was a hint of suspicion in his eyes.
Why would an ordinary kidnapping case involve the army? If the case reached Interpol, it was already considered a major case.


Xue Bailong immediately brought up the matter of the Monster Cult to Chu Wencheng.
Chu Wencheng’s expression immediately became solemn.
He had heard about the Monster Cult, but he had little knowledge about them.
It was like how many people had heard about robbery cases, but how many
people had actually experienced one?

But that did not mean he did not know the seriousness of the situation.
The fact that the target of the Monster Cult was his daughter made him even more alert and uneasy.

Chu, I think that the members of the Monster Cult are targeting your daughter.
If it happens once, there’ll be a second time.
So I want to arrange for some people to protect your house in secret.
If the members of the Monster Cult appear, then we can seize the opportunity to capture them!” Xue
Bailong said.

“Sure, no problem!” Chu Wencheng nodded and said.

Although he had some cultivation base, he was only an ordinary Energy Refinement Stage cultivator and did not have much combat experience.
He was no match for the truly powerful members of the Monster Cult.
It would be best if the military could protect his family.
“That’s great.
I’ll arrange for some people to protect you.
You just need to go about your normal routine.
Don’t let the people of the Monster Cult see through you!” Xue Bailong said.

“Thank you so much, Lieutenant Xue!” Chu Wencheng said.

Xue Bailong did not stay long after he finished speaking and went to make the arrangements.
When he left, the family finally had time to talk properly.

“Why would the people from the Monster Cult target Xuan Xuan?!” Yang Yayun felt that this was the difficult part to understand.

“No matter why, since Xuan Xuan is now their target, it’s no longer safe here.
I think we should move!” Chu Yunfan said.

“But how can we afford to move now?” Chu Wencheng had just finished speaking when he suddenly realized something and looked at Chu Yunfan.

“ll think of a way to get the money.
In short, we have to move out of this place as soon as possible.
Aren’t we going to Jinghua City for treatment in a few days?” Chu Yunfan said.
“According to the treatment plan, in addition to the surgery, there’ll be a long rehabilitation period.
I’ll settle the house then.
You don’t have to worry about it!” Chu Yunfan said.

Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun did not question their son because they knew that their son’s earning ability had increased recently.
Even the money for their youngest daughter’s treatment, which had troubled them for over ten years, also came from their son’s pockets.
“If it’s too difficult, don’t force it.
We’ll stay in Jinghua City for the time being.
There’s no need to hurry.
If it doesn’t work out, we’ll sell this house and buy another one!” Chu Wencheng said.

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“Don’t worry, Dad.
Just leave it to me!” Chu Yunfan nodded and said.

No one expected that the next wave of people from the Monster Cult would come so quickly.
They did not even wait for the next day but arrived that very same night.

Late at night, in the neighborhood, two figures sneaked into the neighborhood under the cover of the night.
One was tall, and the other was short.
The two figures had cultivation bases, so they did not make any sound when they walked.

“Leopard actually failed? Useless trash.
She was discovered by the patrol officers.
It’s only been a few years since she left the battlefield, and she couldn’t even beat the police!” The taller figure said.

“Don’t underestimate those police either.
Many of the policemen are retirees of the army.
There are even quite a few from special forces.
It’s not strange for Leopard to fail.
If you underestimate the police, you’ll be the one to die next!” The shorter figure said.

“That’s true.
The target’s just a little girl.
How did she gain the attention of the leader? She’s also a cripple.
What’s the use of kidnapping such a person?” The tall figure wondered in confusion.

“What do you know? We don’t know how the leader found out about this little girl’s talent.
As for being a cripple? That little girl isn’t a cripple.
It’s even more troublesome than that.
With modem technology, a mere cripple is nothing.
Regrowing a severed limb isn’t a problem.
The troublesome thing is that
she has an innate genetic defect.
To cure her, it would cost at least tens of millions.
If the leader didn’t have high hopes for her, why would he spend so much money to treat her!” The short figure clearly had more information.

“Idon’t understand any of it.
Forget it, it’s not our place to think too much about these things.
We just need to follow the order of the branch leader and bring her back!” The tall figure said.
“The Monster Cult is really bold!”
A cold shout sounded and a flood of searchlights shone directly onto the two figures.

“Not good..
We’ve been ambushed!”

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