Chapter 109 One Day, He Would Uproot the Monster Cult

“What? There’s actually such a cult?” Chu Yunfan’s eyes widened in anger.

They had been educated since young to fight for the survival and rise of mankind.
Human beings compete for living space with monsters —that was the righteousness of their race.

And there was only one kind of hero that was admired by modern society.
They were those big shots who had fought against the monsters and made outstanding military achievements.
Only those people were regarded as big heroes by human society.

“What’s so strange about that? There are all kinds of birds in a big forest!” Captain Chen sneered.
He was not surprised by Chu Yunfan’s anger, because this was the mainstream thinking of human society today.
“There are always people who are ready to stir up trouble.
Even in the Common Era, there had been many people like that, let alone now!” said Captain Chen, “People from cults are still lurking amongst human society.
Usually, there’s no problem.
However, they often use their identity to steal secrets.
They even caused the annihilation of our army on several expeditions.
Our men were annihilated by monster swarms organized by this cult!” “D*mn it!” Chu Yunfan slapped his thigh with his right hand and shouted.
He had not been taught any such thing in school.
“There are actually people who work for those monsters.
They deserve to die!”

The two young officers who were standing beside Chu Yunfan and Captain Chen were also stunned after hearing this.
After which, they also appeared to be filled with righteous indignation.
This was the first time that they had heard of the Monster Cult.

Captain Chen chuckled and said, “Of course, ordinary people would not work for them.
Other than a portion of people with ulterior motives, most of the members of the Monster Cult are abducted children and teenagers.
After several years—up to even ten years-of hypnosis, they’ll be brainwashed and used by them!”

Captain Chen’s words immediately enlightened Chu Yunfan.
He immediately felt that all the questions had been answered.
That woman in black was definitely a member of the Monster Cult, and her purpose in kidnapping his sister, Chu Qingxuan, was that she probably found out about his sister’s talent from some unknown source.
She had wanted to abduct her, brainwash her, and develop her into a new member of the Monster Cult.

Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.
If he had not discovered it, the consequences would have been unimaginable.
Thinking of how his sister might have looked after being brainwashed and hypnotized, Chu Yunfan felt a chill down his spine.

“Hehe, you’ve finally realized.
Your sister must have attracted the fancy of the people of the Monster Cult.
However, they usually target small children rather than teenage girls!” Captain Chen sneered.
“It seems that your sister’s talent is indeed outstanding.
Otherwise, the Monster Cult would not have made such a big move.
Generally speaking, the Monster Cult moves quickly and cleanly.
Only a few people have ever been found and saved.
Your family had better be careful.
Since the Monster Cult has set its eyes on your sister, they will definitely not let it go so easily.
If there’s a first, there’ll be a second!”

Chu Yunfan clenched his right fist tightly, his eyes flashing with a fierce light.
From Captain Chen’s words, he could tell that this Monster Cult must be a powerful organization that was not easy to deal with.
However, no matter what organization or whoever dared to harm his family, he would not let them go.

“However, my sister seldom goes out.
People who are not from our neighborhood don’t even know about her.
How did the people of the Monster Cult find out about her?” Chu Yunfan was puzzled by this question.
The people of the Monster Cult had targeted his sister.
However, where had they gotten her information from?

“Young man, don’t underestimate the network of connections the Monster Cult has.
Their influence is far more powerful than you can imagine!” said Captain Chen, “Moreover, you’ve killed their people.
They will not let it go.
When the army arrives, you’d better ask them to keep it a secret.
You killed a member of the Monster Cult, which is a great contribution to the human government.
But you’d better not make it public.
Otherwise, the consequences will be very serious!” “I understand.
Thank you for the advice, Captain!” Chu Yunfan nodded.
He understood the kindness in this officer’s words.
If this news was exposed, the revenge of the Monster Cult would be endless.

“Captain Chen, how do you know so much about the Monster Cult?” one of the young officers asked.

The head officer was silent for a long time, then he raised his head and said, “Because my youngest daughter was kidnapped by the Monster Cult.
When I saw her again many years later, it was on the battlefield.
I shot her myself!”

Captain Chen clenched his fists.
His eyes turned red as he tried his best to say this in a calm tone.
However, the scene from many years ago resurfaced in his mind.
Killing his little daughter with his own hands was a pain that he would never be able to erase.
Even if it had been on the battlefield.
Even though he had no choice.
He had a million reasons but he was unable to placate the guilt in his heart.
Not only had he failed to protect his daughter, he even killed her with his own hands.

Everyone was silent.
Although Captain Chen only mentioned it once, they all understood how painful it was for him to kill his own daughter with his own hands.

And all of this was caused by the Monster Cult!

Chu Yunfan trembled.
If he had not discovered and killed this member of the Monster Cult, would such a thing have happened to him and his sister?

“Captain Chen, if there’s such a day in the future, I’ll definitely uproot this d*mn Monster Cult and capture them all in one fell swoop!” Chu Yunfan looked at Captain Chen and said firmly.
Captain Chen only grinned and did not say anything.
This was because he had seen too many dark sides and knew how powerful the Monster Cult was.
It was already difficult to locate even one or two of their members, let alone uproot them and capture them all in one fell swoop.
This was something that even the Federal Government could not do!

“Look at the back of the black-clothed woman up to her neck.
There’s a tattoo.
It’s the ancient word for monster-monstrum.
Other than some special detection methods, it will only appear after death.
This is the identification method of the members of the Monster Cult.
I knew her identity after seeing the tattoo!” Captain Chen said as he walked to the side of the headless black-clothed woman and pointed at the tattoo.

Chu Yunfan silently swore that he would deal with the Monster Cult in the future.

Suddenly, at this moment, many searchlights fell from the sky, and a large transport plane landed.

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The army had finally arrived.

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