Chapter 108: Monster Cult


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Just like in all stories, the police would always arrive after the event.
However, they could not be blamed, because cases often happened too suddenly.
Unless it was a targeted precaution, it was very difficult to detect in advance.

However, in modem society, the speed at which the police responded was extremely fast.
After Chu Yunfan pressed the 911 call button, in less than ten minutes, a police officer appeared.

Although Chu Yunfan did not say anything, pressing the speed dial 911 button was enough to explain a lot of things.
In modem society, the punishment for false alarms and playing with the police was severe.
Now, no one dared to play with the police anymore.

The first to rush over was the patrol officers.
When they arrived, they found the corpse of the black-clothed woman on the ground, Chu Yunfan who was taking in deep breaths, and Chu Qingxuan who was lying unconscious on the ground.
They realized that there was a big case.
Ina city far away from the monster battlefield, the case of a dead person was huge.

‘The leader was a middle-aged officer.
After taking a glance at the situation on the ground, he instantly constructed a picture of the incident in his mind.
With his many years of experience in handling cases, he was able to understand the situation in an instant.
That woman in black must have tried to
abduct someone and was killed by this young man.

“Xiao Wang, inform the army.
This matter is not something we can handle.
Xiao Li, bring the boy to the car and have him treated!” The middle-aged man said to the surprise of the others.

Behind him, a young officer could not help but say in surprise, “Captain Chen, why do we need to inform the army? Even if a person is dead, we only need to inform Interpol and they’ll take care of it!”

“Interpol can’t handle this matter either.
You heard me.
Report it to the station and let the army handle it!”

‘The middle-aged officer looked at the corpse of the woman in black with a rather ugly expression.
His eyes revealed a deep hatred.

“Yes, sir!”

The young officer quickly responded and ran to contact the station.

The other young officer quickly went and sprayed Chu Yunfan with a healing spray.
Chu Yunfan immediately felt much better and felt a cool sensation.
He was able to enter the police car to receive treatment with the help of the young officer.

In modem society, patrol officers often faced various situations, so their cars were usually equipped with medical equipment.
There was no way to treat some difficult and complicated diseases, but problems like wounds and fractures were easy enough to treat.

After more than ten minutes, Chu Yunfan’s arm was treated.
Back in the Ancient Zenith Civilization, such injuries could not be healed without resting for a hundred days.
However, in modem society, medical technology was far superior.
As long as he did not do any strenuous activity, he would be fine in a
few days.
To be on the safe side, Chu Yunfan was still put in a cast and strung up.

Not only that, there were many wounds and bruises on his body.
Even his internal organs were injured.
However, these were only minor problems.
After a little treatment, he would be fine the next day.
At this time, the middle-aged officer named Chen started to ask Chu Yunfan.

“Did you kill that woman?”

Chu Yunfan nodded.
He was acting in self-defense.
It would be fine even if he killed the other party.

“Ljust checked.
This woman in black is a master at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
How did you kill her?!” Captain Chen asked curiously.

Chu Yunfan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that his sister had been moved from the grass to the police car.
Then, he said, “She was careless.
She thought she could kill me for sure, but she underestimated me.
That’s how I found the opportunity to kill her!”

Chu Yunfan said it casually, without a hint of ignorance.
However, this Captain Chen was not a rookie who had no actual combat experience.
He knew very well that if an expert at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage wanted to kill an expert at the Qi Sea Stage, there would have been plenty of ways.
Even if the Qi Sea Stage person was very strong, it would not be easy to kill an Energy Refinement Stage expert.
It would have definitely been a close call with a slim chance of survival.
This was clear to see from the wounds on Chu Yunfan’s body.

“I’ve seen this before.
This is a person with very strong skills.
You must have been using a weapon to fight him head-on.
It’s also fortunate that you had a weapon.
Otherwise, you would have been instantly killed by him.
Experts in the Energy Refinement Stage have trained their True Energy into

thousands of forms.
For a martial artist like her, her True Energy is like a needle hidden in cotton.
One strike is like tens of thousands of needles stabbing into your body.
One strike is enough to take your life!” Captain Chen understood the struggle Chu Yunfan had gone through.

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Chu Yunfan nodded.
When he was fighting with the woman in black, he realized that when she had blasted out her True Energy, it had been in clumps.
The power was also dispersed, and the other party’s True Energy could be condensed into needles.
Whether it was in terms of lethality or concealment,
she was much stronger than him.

Learning to control True Energy and train it into a myriad of forms was the true meaning of the Energy Refinement Stage.
He had heard his teacher mention this occasionally before, but at that time, he only felt that the difference was too great, so he did not take it to heart.
He had not expected to cross
paths with such an expert.

“It is as you said.
You were really lucky this time.
The people of the Monster Cult rarely make a mistake when they make a move.
They usually make a lightning strike and leave immediately!” Captain Chen said.
When he said the two words “Monster Cult”, his eyes burned with hatred.

“Monster Cult? What Monster Cult? I’ve never heard of them before.” Chu Yunfan immediately grasped the key point of this sentence.

Being ambushed had given him a strong sense of insecurity.
He could not wait to find out more about this woman in black.

“The Federal Government doesn’t publicize the existence of the Monster Cult, but they don’t hide it either.
However, there were very few people who have ever interacted with them, so most people don’t know about the Monster Cult.
Since you’ve encountered them, you have the right to know.
Il tell you!”
said Captain Chen.

“You know that our mortal enemy is the monsters, right?” asked Captain Chen.
“Yes, I know!” Chu Yunfan nodded.
The war between humans and monsters had gone from Earth to the Kunlun Realm, from land to sea to the sky.
Even outer space had become a battlefield.
It was a war of life and death between two races.

“Among us, there are countless people who have sacrificed their lives for the survival and rise of humanity.
However, some people are ambitious and are dragging us down behind the scenes.
They believe that the rule of monsters is the right path.
Therefore, they are engaged in activities to subvert the
Federal Government.
These people are part of the Monster Cult!”

Captain Chen enunciated every word he said..

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