Chapter 103: Sister Diagnosed, She Can Be Cured!


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Chu Yunfan and Ou Yang’s battle for the top 20 had also spread throughout the school.

“What? How is this possible? Isn’t Zhu Yi very powerful? How could he be completely defeated!”

“Right?! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it either.
Previously, when Tang Siyu was forced to a draw by Chu Yunfan, I thought that Tang Siyu was just an embroidered pillow.
I thought that she only looked pretty.
I didn’t expect the real embroidered pillow to be Zhu Yi!”
“You’re all looking at it from the wrong perspective.
How can Zhu Yi be an embroidered pillow when he managed to make a name for himself? The real question is, how is Chu Yunfan so powerful?!”

“Tm so jealous! It would be great if I was also born with godly strength!”

After hearing the news, many people looked as if they were in utter disbelief.
Although Chu Yunfan’s reputation had risen, in the eyes of many people, there was still a certain gap between him and a veteran powerhouse like Zhu Yi.
They did not expect that Chu Yunfan had already surpassed Zhu Yi and
would completely crush him.

After the initial shock, everyone quickly turned their attention to the top 20 battles between Chu Yunfan and Ou Yang.
“Is Chu Yunfan that strong? Even Ou Yang has taken an interest in him.” Many people looked as if they were in disbelief.

This was because ever since Ou Yang had entered high school, he had been on a completely different level from the other students.
Only Zhang Teng could rival his strength.
For a long time, everyone had been used to the way that Zhang Teng and Ou Yang stood on the high-ground and competed.
had never heard of Ou Yang being interested in other people and even mentioning sparring with them.

Not to mention, it was to be a competition among the top 20.

If it was an ordinary person, this agreement might not have been possible.
Everyone was used to Ou Yang being the last person standing, and Chu Yunfan was clearly one of the few strong people in the school.
The probability of the two of them meeting was very high indeed.
However, everyone felt that it
was probably just a chance meeting, Chu Yunfan might cause some trouble for Ou Yang, but it was certainly impossible for Chu Yunfan to defeat him.

Ou Yang was the strongest.
Some of the students thought that this was a fact.
It was irrefutable.
Even Zhang Teng could only cause trouble for Ou Yang!

However, some people felt that Chu Yunfan might not be able to meet Ou Yang.
He might even meet a situation where Zhang Teng would send him packing.

Fora time, all sorts of theories flew through the air.
Many people were interested in this exciting news that had appeared in this boring cultivation life.
These theories traveled so far that they even reached the ears of the teachers.

Even the homeroom teacher, Qin Wu, was alarmed.
However, Qin Wu did not say much.
After all, they were both his students.
He only encouraged Chu Yunfan to work hard and meet Ou Yang.
It was exciting to think that their Class 2 would take the top two spots.

To Chu Yunfan, this was just an episode in his life.
He still went about his regular life.
He went to class and cultivated every day.
After school, he went to Lu Qingxuan’s company to refine perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills.
Although three pills a day was the extent of his ability, he made no mistakes
and everything went smoothly.

Every day, 4.5 million was deposited into his account.
Chu Yunfan could barely contain his excitement.
His sister’s illness had been going on for so many years.
Now that there was finally a chance to cure it, one could imagine how excited the family was

While Chu Yunfan continued to concoct the perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills, his father, Chu Wencheng, and his mother, Yang Yayun, were also trying to contact the hospitals that could perform the surgery.
They were all top-notch big hospitals.
The doctors who could perform the surgery were
also top-notch doctors.
They were famous big shots throughout the world.

Usually, it would be impossible for ordinary people from small families like the Chus to meet such people.
Fortunately, money opened the path.
In the end, they managed to secure a top-notch hospital in Calm Ocean City that would perform the surgery.

After generously throwing in tens of millions of dollars into the deposit, even the most famous doctors would start researching the surgery overnight.
The Chus got to enjoy being treated like VIPs.
Although genetic technology had been developed for quite some time, in reality, there were not many
patients who came looking for such treatment.

Firstly, people with congenital genetic diseases were only a small portion of the human population.
The number might not even reach a million.
Secondly, people with this disease might not occupy high positions in life.
The treatment cost of tens of millions of dollars was not something that even
ordinary businessmen with small wealth would look down on, let alone commoners.
Therefore, the hospital in Calm Ocean City devoted its entire being to Chu Qingxuan’s case.
Thirty million dollars was not a small sum.

Chu Qingxuan’s case was sent throughout the hospital for all the doctors to study.
They even held a few video conferences.
From the assessment of the experts at the hospital, although Chu Qingxuan’s illness was serious, it could be treated.
The main problem was the defect of her genes.
With modern
genetic technology, she could be cured.
There was a 70 to 80 percent chance that she could recover.
They just had to wait for Chu Qingxuan to personally come in and have a check-up before they could confirm it.

And the hospital sent back the results, saying that the surgery could be done and that there would be no problems.
They sent people over to make a final confirmation and then prepared for the surgery.

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This made the entire Chu family cry tears of joy—especially their mother, Yang Yayun.
Although she was usually not one to show emotions, it was not the first time Chu Yunfan had seen her crying at night because of her sister.
She was afraid that it would affect her family.
During the day, she pretended
as if nothing had happened.
Now that she had confirmed the news that her daughter could be treated, she could not help but cry tears of joy.
Everyone knew that she was happy, and everyone else was equally happy.

Chu Qingxuan hugged Chu Yunfan’s waist and kept saying, “Thank you, Brother.”.

No matter how well-behaved and sensible she usually acted, she was just a teenager.
Ever since she was young, she had suffered from this illness and watched her legs shrink little by little.
That fear was something that others could never understand.
If it was not because she did not want to burden and
pressure her family, she would have been unable to hold out for as long as she did.

Meanwhile, her father, Chu Wencheng, could not help but shed tears.
Who said that men did not shed tears? It was just that they were not emotional.
He wiped his tears away and looked at his son.
His son had also grown up and was far more outstanding than he had imagined.
For many years, he had
stayed strong for this family.
He had never shed a single tear even after sacrificing himself.
Now, he could not hold it in anymore.

That night, everyone in the Chu family could barely sleep, including Chu Yunfan.

The following day, he went to school with dark circles around his eyes.

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