Chapter 102: Stirred up Waves

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Everyone was stunned.
For a moment, one could even hear a pin drop.
It was as if no one had expected Chu Yunfan to beat Zhu Yi to his knees.
Moreover, he had really done it within ten moves!

Before the start of the battle, even the craziest person had never thought that such an outcome could occur!

Without using any opportunistic tricks, Zhu Yi was defeated by Chu Yunfan, one slash after another.

Zhu Yi’s strength was not weak.
Among the many students in No.
13 High, he could be considered one of the best.
For a long time, he had always been in the top few.
Although he was not as good as Zhang Teng or Ou Yang, they would treat Zhu Yi seriously.
There was no need to mention the rest of the
student body.
They were basically no match for him.
Tang Siyu’s recent rise had been very fast, but she had only received an evaluation that was on par with Zhu Yi.
Such a figure, regardless of whatever aspect, could be said to be outstanding, Yet, he had failed just like that.

It could be said that he had lost and had not been able to retaliate at all!

From the beginning to the end, he had not even been able to counter properly—not even once.

In particular, many of the students of Class 1 who were very confident in Zhu Yi were even more stunned at this moment.
It was as if they had seen the scene of Chu Yunfan single-handedly bullying Class 1.

“Impossible, how could I have lost?!”

After a long while, Zhu Yi finally seemed to have realized that he had been defeated.
The numbness in his arms was telling him how terrifying Chu Yunfan’s strength was.
He, who was holding a knife with both hands, was actually beaten to his knees by Chu Yunfan with one hand!
“Speed, strength, mastery of martial skills, and combat mentality.
Other than having a slight advantage in terms of stage, there’s simply nothing good about him.
Your loss was inevitable!” Ou Yang shook his head and said.

Although it seemed inconceivable, in reality, what he said were facts.
Speed, strength, mastery of martial skills, and combat mentality.
If Chu Yunfan, who had completely defeated Zhu Yi, had lost, that would have been a miracle.

Very soon, Zhang Teng also came to this conclusion, but his expression was solemn.
The top 20 selection was about to begin.
His goal was to get first place, so these people would be his competitors.
Right now, besides Ou Yang, there was another troublesome figure.
In addition, Tang Siyu, who was able
to tie with Chu Yunfan, was undoubtedly a threat to his position.

Looking at Chu Yunfan’s slender and thin figure, Zhang Teng could not help but be a little stunned.
How could Chu Yunfan’s body contain such a large amount of power?
Whether it was the innate divine strength or the cultivation technique that he cultivated, they should not be underestimated.

“Zhu Yi actually lost!”

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed that Zhu Yi lost to Chu Yunfan so easily!”

“From now on, I’m afraid that our school’s top four rankings will have to be reshuffled.
Below Ou Yang and Zhang Teng, it should be Tang Siyu and Chu Yunfan!”

“A dark horse.
He’s definitely a big dark horse that appeared in our school this year!”

After a long while, the students finally reacted and spoke out one after another, feeling extremely shocked.
However, at this moment, many people turned their gazes toward Tang Siyu.
Previously, they had thought that Tang Siyu, who had been forced into a draw by Chu Yunfan, was simply holding an
empty title.
Now, it seemed that the person who truly had an empty title was not Tang Siyu, but Zhu Yi.
Tang Siyu could at least block Chu Yunfan and not be defeated.

As for Chu Yunfan, in the eyes of many people, he had already become synonymous with a monster.

“Innate divine strength is indeed powerful.
I heard from teachers that those who are born with innate divine strength are gifted, especially in the early stages of martial cultivation.
It’s very advantageous.
I heard that there was once a person who had the strength of thousands of pounds when he reached
adulthood and beat up people who were much higher than him!”

Many people’s understanding of Chu Yunfan was still at this stage.
Only a small number of people could see that not only was Chu Yunfan very powerful, his understanding of martial arts was also far above Zhu Yi.
After ten moves, Zhu Yi did not make even a single decent counterattack.
All of them were

After being defeated, Zhu Yi did not have the face to stay.
He picked up his saber and left.
Seeing that one of the parties involved had left, the students also dispersed.
After all, it was time for the literature class.
‘Tang Siyu also walked out with her sword in hand.
When she passed by Chu Yunfan, she stopped and gently parted her red lips.
“Thank you.”

“It’s okay.
He’s so arrogant.
Didn’t he belittle me too? I’m just teaching him a lesson!”

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Chu Yunfan looked at Tang Siyu’s exquisite face and grinned.

Before he finished speaking, Gao Hongzhi came up to him and gave him a hard slap on the shoulder.
Gao Hongzhi said, “I didn’t expect you to be so powerful.
Recently, your breakthrough has been getting faster and faster.
Hehe, teach Zhu Yia lesson so that he doesn’t always act like he’s the second or
third in the world!”

Many students in Class 2 looked at Chu Yunfan with excitement.
In their eyes, this had brought glory to Class 2.
The competition between the two classes was omnipresent.

However, what Chu Yunfan had not expected was that Ou Yang had already walked to his side at some point.
Ou Yang said, “Your strength is not bad.
Let’s spar when we get the chance!”

Although Ou Yang had only said this sentence, it had ignited many people’s imaginations.
This meant that Ouyang had also recognized Chu Yunfan’s strength.
He was the number one person in the entire school.
His recognition was extraordinary.
“Okay!” Chu Yunfan nodded.

He looked forward to fighting Ou Yang.
In fact, he was even a little excited.
A few months ago, Ou Yang probably would not even look at him.
The two of them were not from the same world.

Dragons do not live with snakes!

Eagles would not waste their breath on an ant!

But it was different now.
Ou Yang saw him as someone on the same level.
After months of hard work, his position had changed.

“If you can make it into the top of the top 20s, I’ll be your opponent.
I’m looking forward to your performance!”

Ou Yang said confidently.
He was sure that he could make it to the top.
If Chu Yunfan could make it to the last round, he would naturally meet him.

“Okay, the top 20 selection then!” Chu Yunfan looked at Ou Yang and said.

“Great! This will be interesting” Ouyang laughed and turned to leave the training room.

Soon, news that Chu Yunfan had equaled Tang Siyu and how he had completely beaten Zhu Yi spread like wildfire throughout the third-years of the school.
Many students were shocked.
They all knew the names of Tang Siyu and Zhu Yi.

‘The news even spread to the teachers.

Many teachers were also lamenting that such a huge dark horse had appeared in Class 2.

Chu Yunfan and Ou Yang’s upcoming battle in the top 20 selection had also quietly spread..

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