Chapter 101 Completely Crushing the Fifth Level Qi Sea Realm

Many students felt their blood boiling in excitement.
There was about to be another great battle.

They had not expected to see two battles between the top students in one day.

After the draw just now against Tang Siyu, Chu Yunfan had risen to the level of being second only to Ou Yang and Zhang Teng in everyone’s eyes.
He was now comparable to Tang Siyu and Zhu Yi.

And now, Chu Yunfan was going to fight Zhu Yi after fighting Tang Siyu, which undoubtedly made many people very excited.
However, they did not believe what Chu Yunfan said about beating Zhu Yi within ten moves.
What a joke.
Chu Yunfan could only draw with Tang Siyu, and it should be the same for Zhu Yi.
How could he defeat Zhu Yi within ten moves?

“Hehe, Chu Yunfan, you’re really confident.
Do you think that the whole world is no match for you just because you defeated a woman?” Zhu Yi laughed coldly.
His expression was extremely confident.
It was not arrogance-it was a confidence that he had accumulated over the years.

In No.
13 High, although he was not as outstanding as Ou Yang and Zhang Teng, he was still quite outstanding in his own right.
He would definitely be able to get into a focus university in the future.
“What nonsense are you spouting? Make your move!” Chu Yunfan could not be bothered to talk any more nonsense with him.
He knew that nobody believed what he said just now.
They thought that he was just trying to intimidate his opponent before a battle.
This tactic was employed by many people before a battle.

Zhu Yi had an ugly expression.
This was not the first time Chu Yunfan had disrespected him.
He had already decided that he would teach Chu Yunfan a lesson.

He pulled out a saber from behind him.
He too used a saber.
The saber was huge.
Just by looking at it, one knew that it would deliver a very strong impact.
Whether it was in terms of width or thickness, it was more than double that of Chu Yunfan’s Shadowless Saber.

People who used sabers would usually walk one of two paths.
One was the use of a light and agile saber, and the other was a thick and heavy saber.
Obviously, Zhu Yi had taken the path of employing a thick and heavy saber.

“What a large saber.
To wield such a heavy saber, how much strength does this Zhu Yi have?!”

Many students were secretly speechless.
They could naturally see that Zhu Yi’s saber was indeed very heavy, which also reflected Zhu Yi’s terrifying strength.

Zhu Yi grinned and then instantly attacked.
He gripped the hilt of the saber with both hands because of its heaviness.
Although he had a lot of strength, he still had to hold the saber with both hands to ensure that his arms would not tremble and that he would be able to strike out with the saber steadily.

When he made his move, a whirring sound immediately sliced through the air.
The sound of True Energy and air being torn apart was heard.
Then, the pitch-black saber slashed down toward Chu Yunfan.


A dull sound of metal colliding echoed.
Chu Yunfan had raised his saber and blocked the opponent’s saber at the critical moment.

“You want to fight head-on with me? You’re courting death!”

Zhu Yi sneered.
He had to hold the knife with both hands.
Chu Yunfan’s best choice would have been to dodge it, but he had dared to block it.
His arm should be numb by now.

However, when Zhu Yi saw clearly, he realized that the reality was not what he had imagined.
Chu Yunfan had blocked his weapon with one hand.
His body was stable and did not shake at all.
Not to mention, his own arm was numb from the impact of the strike.

On the contrary, after Chu Yunfan blocked the incoming attack, he struck back almost immediately.
The flash of his saber gleamed with a snow-white light and went straight for Zhu Yi’s face.

Zhu Yi was shocked.
Usually, when he attacked, his opponents would mostly dodge.
When the opponent started to dodge, the initiative would fall into his hands.
Chu Yunfan, on the other hand, was not following common sense at all.
After casually blocking Zhu Yi’s attack, he actually turned around and slashed down with his saber.

Immediately, Zhu Yi retreated.
He hurriedly picked up his saber with both hands and pulled it back.

All of this took a long time to describe, but in fact, it happened within an instant.
This back and forth use of force made Zhu Yi’s chest tighten.

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There was another sound of metal clashing, and the two great sabers directly collided.
However, this time, the offender and the defender had switched positions.


Clang! Clang! Zhu Yi retreated a few steps before he stabilized himself.
His eyes were filled with unconcealable shock.
If his first attack had not been very profound, then Chu Yunfan’s counterattack had hit hard.
The difference between both parties could not be any more obvious.
Zhu Yi, who was holding his saber in both hands, was forced back by Chu Yunfan who held his weapon in just one hand.
Just how much strength did Chu Yunfan possess?

Chu Yunfan did not care what Zhu Yi was thinking.
He simply raised his hand and swung the knife down again.


There was another loud sound of metal clashing.
The blade of Zhu Yi’s saber emitted a buzzing sound.
It was a sound caused by the saber in his hands trembling because he could not hold it steady.

‘How is this possible? Chu Yunfan’s strength is actually superior to Zhu Yi’s!’ Zhang Teng thought incredulously.
He and Zhu Yi were students from the same class.
The two of them were also the best among the students.
It was inevitable that they would spar with one another.
Although Zhu Yi’s strength was inferior to his, his strength was still great nonetheless.
Zhang Teng did not dare let his guard down whenever he faced Zhu Yi.
Usually, he would suppress and defeat Zhu Yi with his skills and cultivation strength.

However, Chu Yunfan was different.
He was purely suppressing with strength, which Zhu Yi was best at.
This made him recall the battle where Chu Yunfan suppressed the students of Class 1 before they had set off for the actual combat session.

That event had also progressed in this way.
It was just that when Chu Yunfan was fighting Tang Siyu just now, he did not seem to have much of an advantage.
This made him forget the terrifying and strange strength that Chu Yunfan had displayed previously.



Clang! Chu Yunfan’s saber continued to slash down.
Each slash was much more terrifying than the last.
One strike after another, the blade continued to accumulate energy.
On the contrary, Zhu Yi had long been stunned by Chu Yunfan’s strikes.
He failed to make any coherent moves.
In the end, he could only parry and could not fight back.

“How could this be? Isn’t Zhu Yi said to be on par with Tang Siyu? Tang Siyu was able to fight equally with Chu Yunfan, but Zhu Yi’s performance is such rubbish!”

“Chu Yunfan was right.
Zhu Yi is the one who’s not on par with Tang Siyu, not the other way around!”

“Tsk, his performance is so poor.
To think that he has such a great reputation!”

Ou Yang frowned slightly.
He commented, “No, it’s not that Zhu Yi’s performance is bad.
It’s that Chu Yunfan is too strong.
Moreover, his strength is superior to Zhu Yi’s.
Zhu Yi’s saber technique is at most at the Impeccable Stage and has yet to reach the Perfection Stage.
If Chu Yunfan’s strength was inferior to his, Zhu Yi would have been able to rely on his strength to resist him.
However, Chu Yunfan’s strength is even stronger than his.
In front of Chu Yunfan, Zhu Yi is simply at a disadvantage, which is why his performance is completely useless!”

Then, he added, “But he is indeed far inferior to Tang Siyu.
No, it should be said that Tang Siyu is too strong!”

Just as everyone was discussing, they heard Chu Yunfan shout, “Ten moves!”

Then, everyone saw Chu Yunfan slash at the back of Zhu Yi’s saber.
Zhu Yi finally could not hold on any longer and immediately knelt down.
He could not hold the blade in his hand any longer and fell to the ground.


The sound of a heavy blade falling to the ground could be heard clearly by everyone.

They looked at Chu Yunfan in shock.
He had actually beaten Zhu Yi to his knees in ten moves.

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