Chapter 100 Standing up for Tang Siyu

After realizing this, Tang Siyu was shocked! Only she herself was clear about the Inner Energy she cultivated-and its quality was extremely high.
There should not be anyone in No.
13 High who could compare to her.
Therefore, she had never been afraid of anyone who was in the same stage as her.

Although this was just an instinct, she had wholly believed in it!

On the other side, Chu Yunfan was also extremely shocked.
This was because he was clear about the strength of his slashes.
Moreover, he would occasionally throw out a Roaring Winds Saber Technique in addition to his Earth Splitting Saber Technique which caused his speed to suddenly increase by several folds.

If it was an ordinary person, they would have long been caught off guard.
Even the infant Armored Saber-tooth Tiger had been forced back by this move.
The monster was suppressed so much that it had barely been able to raise its head.

However, Tang Siyu, who was only a little unaccustomed at the beginning, quickly adapted to Chu Yunfan’s style of fighting.
This kind of battle wisdom was indeed astonishing.




In the blink of an eye, the two sides had already exchanged more than a hundred moves.
Normally, when a person reaches this point, their physical strength would inevitably decline.
Regardless of whether it was speed or strength, they would have started declining.
However, the two of them did not see any signs of slowing down in the slightest.
Instead, they fought faster and faster.
The other students in the ordinary classes who had not stepped into the Qi Sea Stage felt that their eyes could not keep up with the speed of their strikes.
They were all secretly shocked.

“Is this the strength of the elites of the focus class? It is indeed powerful.
Even the most powerful student in our class would not be able to withstand a few moves!”

“I heard that Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level had been about the same as ours just a few months ago.
Now, we’re actually so far apart.
I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to withstand even a single strike from him.
If he had not entered the focus class, would there really be such a big gap right now?”

“I heard that the two of them aren’t the most powerful.
The most powerful ones are Ou Yang and Zhang Teng.
I can’t imagine how powerful those two could possibly be!”

What the students did not know was that the Ou Yang and Zhang Teng that they were talking about were also shocked by the battle between Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu.

“Whether it’s their speed, strength, or comprehension of moves, they’re all impeccable.
D*mn it, how could they be so powerful?!” Zhang Teng was secretly annoyed.
Although he was arrogant, he was not stupid.
His foresight was much better than that of an ordinary student’s.
Naturally, he could see that these two people were outstanding.

Although they were not as good as him, the main point was that their improvement speed was extremely shocking.
Chu Yunfan’s saber technique was like a mountain pressing down from above.
One strike after another, it was clear that he had stepped into the Perfection Stage.
If they were in the same stage, even Zhang Teng did not dare say that he could completely receive Chu Yunfan’s attacks.

And Tang Siyu’s sword technique was also like drifting clouds and flowing water.
It was incomparably smooth.
Between each strike, there were almost no flaws.
Although he had never seen this kind of sword technique, it was definitely better than Chu Yunfan’s Earth Spitting Saber Technique.

In most cases, the higher the martial skill, the better.
When a low-level martial technique was practiced to its peak, its power would be endless.
However, this law did not apply to Tang Siyu.
This was because Tang Siyu’s sword technique had also reached the Perfection Stage.
Otherwise, she would not have been able to block Chu Yunfan’s seemingly endless strikes.

On the other side, Ou Yang noticed something else.

“It’s not just that the two of them have great stamina which far surpassed that of ordinary students.
Most importantly, their energy recovery speed is ridiculously fast.
The level of their Inner Energy is very high.
This strength is not normal!” Ou Yang noticed these things.
However, he was curious.
The price for high-level Inner Energy was very high indeed.
Forget about Tang Siyu.
When she transferred in a year ago, she had been shrouded in mystery.
Many people guessed that she had a strong background, so it was normal for her to be able to cultivate high levels of Inner Energy.
However, many people knew that Chu Yunfan was just from an ordinary family.
How could he have the money to obtain high-grade Inner Energy?

After being classmates with Chu Yunfan for a few months, not only did Ou Yang not understand him better, he even felt that he had encountered even more mysteries instead.


The two sides had already exchanged over more than a hundred moves, and it was still difficult to determine who the winner would be.
Chu Yunfan took the initiative to withdraw from the battle.
He raised his saber and put his hands together, saying, “If this battle continues, I think it’ll be difficult to determine the winner.
I think we should stop here!”

Determining the victor of this battle was not necessarily impossible.
It was just that there had been over hundreds of moves, and he merely wanted to test the extent of his strength.
It was not as if he wanted to fight Tang Siyu to the death.

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He noticed that the gazes of the people around him were different.
This battle had allowed him to rise to the top of the hearts of those in No.
13 High.
“Okay!” Tang Siyu agreed.
She calmed her breathing and put away her sword.

Suddenly, a provocative voice came from the crowd.
It was a youth around the age of sixteen or seventeen.
He wore a dark purple martial arts uniform over a strong physique.
He stood out from the crowd and sneered at Tang Siyu.

“Tang Siyu, you’re as famous as me.
Now that you’ve been forced to this extent by a guy who’s one stage lower than you, do you still have the face to be on par with me?” the youth taunted.

“Isn’t that Zhu Yi? This is going to be good.
Recently, he’s been on par with Tang Siyu and has been complaining nonstop.
Now, he finally found an opportunity to flare up!”

“He’s Zhu Yi from Class 1.
I heard that the strongest in the focus classes are the two class monitors, Ou Yang and Zhang Teng.
And below them are Tang Siyu and Zhu Yi.
They’re both top-notch powerful figures!”

“But what Zhu Yi said makes sense.
Tang Siyu has such a big reputation, but she was leveled by Chu Yunfan.
I think her reputation may have stemmed from her beauty!”

Many students were discussing animatedly.
After being leveled by Chu Yunfan, the halo on Tang Siyu’s body had weakened a lot in their eyes.

Chu Yunfan frowned slightly.
Just now, he was fighting with Tang Siyu.
How could he not know whether Tang Siyu was worthy of her name or not?

“That’s right.
If you ask me, do you think you’re worthy to be on par with her?” Chu Yunfan stepped forward and sneered at Zhu Yi.

“What do you mean?” Zhu Yi looked at Chu Yunfan with an unsightly expression.

“My words are literal!” Chu Yunfan said.

“Chu Yunfan, don’t think that you can talk to me like that just because you forced Tang Siyu to a draw.
You’re still far from my level!” Zhu Yi said to Chu Yunfan with a cold expression.”

“What more do you have to say? If I don’t kneel to you within ten moves, I’ll consider it my loss!” Chu Yunfan shouted.

“Good, good, good.
You actually dare to be so arrogant after drawing with Tang Siyu.
I’ll teach you a lesson!” Zhu Yi was angered by Chu Yunfan’s attitude.

The eyes of the students lit up.
There was going to be another great battle to watch.
However, many of them did not believe what Chu Yunfan had just said.
He said that he would beat Zhu Yi within ten moves.
Although he had just forced Tang Siyu to a draw, Zhu Yi was as famous as Tang Siyu.
He was not inferior to Tang Siyu in the slightest.

Tang Siyu watched this scene silently.
Her beautiful eyes lit up.
However, she did not stop Chu Yunfan from standing up for her.
Only she knew the thoughts in her head.

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