Chapter 6

This Mystic Beast was only the size of a fist.
Its main body was an eyeball, and below the eyeball was a body that looked like a small spider.

As its speed was too fast, only Yang Xi, who had activated Super Brain, noticed it.


“It’s coming in my direction!”

Although this was the first time Yang Xi was facing off against a Mystic Beast, he was very calm.

On one hand, it was because Super Brain had strengthened his ability to control his emotions.
On the other hand, Yang Xi had the confidence to defeat this Mystic Beast.

Its physical defense and elemental defense were both so high.
Spiritual attacks should be its weakness.

It’s coming!!!

Yang Xi silently calculated the distance between him and the Mystic Beast.


Seven meters!

Five meters!

“When I find a host to absorb energy and recover, I must take revenge on that Hero!”

The Mystic Beast clone thought hatefully as it engraved Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Hero’s appearance in its memory.

“Hmm, there’s the scent of a young human male in front.
You shall be my host!”

At this time, the Cyclops Predator also discovered Yang Xi hiding behind the wall.

There were only three meters between them!

Is it here? Yang Xi smiled faintly and launched a Spirit Shock!

Fifth level!

An invisible shockwave shot out from Yang Xi’s glabella and easily penetrated the Mystic Beast’s body.

The Mystic Beast clone suddenly froze on the spot, and then with a ‘pata’ sound, it fell to the ground like rubber.

It was thoroughly dead.

Instant kill!

“This fellow’s weakness is indeed spiritual attacks.”

“However, if it was this fellow’s original body, I’m afraid my D+rank spiritual attack would only be able to injure it.
Fortunately, it’s only a weak clone.”

Yang Xi wore a white-golden West Chicken metallic mask from the Zodiac series on his face, and a wide black robe.
Securing the leather gloves on his hands, he walked over to the Mystic Beast’s corpse.

All of this was equipment he had found in the shop.
Although the surveillance cameras in the shop had all been destroyed, Yang Xi still disguised himself in order to not expose his identity.

He placed his hand on the Mystic Beast’s corpse and activated the Esper Ability Strip.

A faint-green light flashed across Yang Xi’s palm, and a green pearl appeared in his palm.

[Esper Ability: Fire-resistant Shell

Introduction: Grants immunity to flame-type attacks below Grade-B, greatly increases physical resistance.

Evaluation: Grade-B; a very practical tanking skill.]

After absorbing the Esper Ability Bead, there were now two Esper Ability Beads in Yang Xi’s body.
One was the cyan Fire-resistant Shell and the other was the yellow Super Brain.

“Activate [Fire-resistant Shell]?”

Information transmitted from the stripped Esper Ability in Yang Xi’s mind.

Only now did Yang Xi realize that the Fire-resistant Shell’s Esper Ability Bead looked a little dim.
It turned out that this was how it looked while in a state of not being activated.

After activating this Grade-B Esper Ability, the bead lit up, signifying that it was in a usable state.

Activating the Esper Ability, Yang Xi saw the color of his skin changing from white to bronze.
The texture of his skin seemed to have become more tenacious.
Upon closer inspection, there were faint black lines on his skin.
It was as if his body was covered by an invisible shell.

“Has my sensitivity to temperature dropped as well? I wonder what material this shell is made of…”

Feeling the sensation coming from his body, Yang Xi felt that Fire-resistant Shell not only gave him strong fire resistance, but also greatly increased his physical defense.
It was about three-times that of an ordinary person.

As for the weakness of the fire-resistant body — spiritual attacks, he had an innate strong resistance to it with Super Brain.

This was the terrifying aspect of Strip.
It could let Yang Xi develop in a very comprehensive direction.

“No matter how powerful an Esper Ability is, there will always be a weakness.”

This sentence, which was widely spread in the Esper circles, did not apply to Yang Xi.

The instant that Spirit Shock was activated, Blazing Butterfly who was far away, sensed the spiritual attack.
She looked over and saw a figure flash past.

“Senior, there’s something strange over there.
I’ll go take a look.”

“Are there any more enemies?” Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Hero was a little tired.
He didn’t have any combat ability at the moment.

“No, it’s just in case.”

After a short, cheerful flight, Blazing Butterfly’s small, bare feet landed on the ground.
Behind her were shards of glass reflecting the sunlight.

When she activated her ability, her body would feel very hot.
As such, Yan Die would usually wear as little as she could.
She would naturally not consider things like shoes.

I clearly felt a spiritual power burst here just now, and I also saw someone.”

“Over here!”

Blazing Butterfly’s toes that were painted with purple nail polish lightly tapped against the ground as she flapped her flaming wings, whistling as she quickly approached Yang Xi, who was still pacing back and forth in the corridor.

Yang Xi was still wearing that black robe as he walked towards the elevator.

The moment he came out, he’d stopped to consider for a moment.
If he took off his robe now, although he would not be exposed immediately, he would definitely reveal some clues under interrogation.
He might as well wear this outfit first.
As long as he could successfully escape, he would not be exposed.

Therefore, he walked slowly, just like how he usually did in the shopping mall.
In Yan Die’s eyes, he seemed fearless and unfathomable.

She flew to the middle of the courtyard.
Under the reflected bright lights, she looked like an angel.

“Um, did you use your Esper Ability just now?”

Blazing Butterfly was a little nervous when she saw Yang Xi who was wearing a chicken mask, and she stopped whistling immediately.

Yang Xi, on the other hand, was very relaxed.
This was because the professional Hero before him who had painstakingly trained her Esper Abilities from a young age, entered the university’s Hero Department, and diligently upgraded her ability to this level, had already completely lost the possibility of defeating him five-minutes ago.

She was only a Grade-C fire elemental Esper.
She couldn’t hurt Yang Xi at all.

I just helped you guys to clean up the loose ends.”

Yang Xi threw the Mystic Beast’s corpse to Blazing Butterfly.

Blazing Butterfly caught the tiny Cyclops Predator dazedly and immediately realized what mistake she had made with Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Hero.
If not for the mysterious person in front of her taking action, things might have gotten out of hand.

Blazing Butterfly kept her distance from Yang Xi and asked warily.
“Are you a Hero too? I don’t think I’ve seen your information on the Heroes Association’s official website.”

Yang Xi waved his hands dismissively.
“I’m not a Hero; I’m just a passerby.
I’ve already answered your question.
Can you let me go now?”

Not a Hero?

The burst of spiritual power just now was only for an instant.
In other words, this mysterious person in front of her had instantly killed this Mystic Beast which gave even them a headache.

Even though it was only a clone, it should still be difficult to deal with.

“But… but if you’re not a Hero.
You shouldn’t be using your Esper Ability without permission!”

Between cowardice and heroism, Blazing Butterfly still chose the latter.

“You… You have to follow me to the Heroes Association for investigation!”

Under the mask, Yang Xi sneered, “What if I say no? Are you planning to stop me?”

Blazing Butterfly mustered her courage and gave an ultimatum.
“Your actions have violated the Espers Act.
I am allowed to attack you by law!”

A few flame butterflies gathered in front of Blazing Butterfly, her tone was filled with warning.

If this mysterious person was still unwilling to submit, then she could only attack.
Although the Mystic Beast was immune to her flames, there couldn’t be a second such monster!

The probability of something like that happening was too low!

“Is this how a Hero treats ordinary people?” Yang Xi’s gaze under the mask turned sharp.
“How arrogant!”

Blazing Butterfly pouted her lips.
“You are not an ordinary person! You are a dangerous person who possesses a spirit-type attacking Esper Ability, but is not listed in the Heroes Association!”

The Heroine waved her hands and the flaming butterflies immediately flew towards Yang Xi.

However, Yang Xi just stood there as though he did not notice it.

The moment the flame butterflies got close, he stretched out his hands and extinguished the Dream of Flaming Butterflies move with a light pinch.

Smiling lightly, he showed Blazing Butterfly his unscorched palm.

“Is it my turn to attack now?”

“I’m sorry o (╯ ╰) o!!”

This young Heroine instantly disappeared from Yang Xi’s sight.

Yang Xi did not give chase.
Blazing Butterfly was not his target.

“Hehe, I still gained something today.”

“A little blue pill?”

“Did Glacier Hero take this thing the other day?”

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