Chapter 32

The moment Qian Duoduo flew up, Yang Xi used Morph and turned into West Chicken.

Yang Xi had a strong premonition that Qian Duoduo would not be able to escape.
This was because from the beginning to the end, the woman in the sailor uniform had not made a move.

“Damn it! How dare you lie to us! Lady Snow Maiden! Please help us! We must get the Cursed Blade Murasama back from this lass!” The mustached middle-aged man with the Shadowmeld ability scrambled to the side of the woman in the sailor uniform who was known as “Snow Maiden”.

Snow Maiden frowned.
“If we attack in the city, we’ll attract the attention of the District One Heroes.
I’m afraid we won’t be able to explain ourselves if the situation gets worse.”

The yellow-haired punk also urged.
“Lady Snow Maiden, if we don’t make a move now, I’m afraid we won’t have such a good opportunity anymore.
If we can’t take back the Murasama blade and lose this Grade-S Mystic Beast armament, the three of us won’t be able to bear the consequences!”

Snow Maiden bit her lower lip and furrowed her brows.
“Damn it, it’s all that brat’s fault.
How about this, Lord Nairang, Lord Sasaki, you two of you prepare to restrain the Heroes who will arrive later.
I’ll deal with this girl.”


The two Sakura Group Espers received their orders and rushed to the two ends of the street to ambush the incoming Heroes.

Snow Maiden also released her Esper Ability at the same time!

Although it was winter in Deer Harbor City, the weather today was not bad.
The bright sun brought warmth to the citizens in winter.

However, at this moment, the sunlight suddenly disappeared.
A child walking on the road tugged on his mother’s clothes and said excitedly, “Mommy, look! It’s snowing!”

The young mother, who was wearing a pink down jacket, lifted her hair and looked up at the sky.
She saw that the snowflakes that were only as large as seeds had already turned into snowflakes the size of goose feathers in just a minute.

“This snow seems a little strange.
The weather forecast didn’t say…”

Qian Duoduo, who was shuttling through the tall buildings, suddenly sneezed and stopped.

“Why is it snowing all of a sudden? Bah!”

She spat out the snowflakes that had poured into her mouth.

But at this moment, a cold shout came from the ground, “Blizzard Tornado!”

Snow Maiden’s sailor uniform had already turned into a suit with sakura blossom patterns.
She wasn’t wearing her wooden clogs anymore, and she stood on the asphalt roads of the city with her snow-white feet.
Surprisingly, they were spotlessly clean.
Upon closer inspection, there was a thin layer of snow covering her feet, making it look like she was wearing a pair of extremely exquisite snowflake socks.

Snow Maiden’s eyes had also turned from a normal black color to a devilish red color.
Her originally faint lips were now as red as blood, and the discordant feeling from before had completely disappeared after she activated her Esper Ability.
All that was left was her breathtaking beauty.

Snow Maiden gently waved her hand, and the snowflakes in the sky instantly converged into a tornado that enveloped Qian Duoduo.

Qian Duoduo, who was wearing a pair of flying wings on his back, was “eaten” by the Blizzard Tornado.
She spun for seventy to eighty rounds before she was thrown to the ground.

Her wings had already been broken, and it was obvious that they could not be used again.

“Ouch! My butt!”

Qian Duoduo groaned as she rubbed her butt, which had become bruised after she fell onto the ground.
This was still because Snow Maiden had held back in order to force her to hand over the Cursed Blade Murasama.
Otherwise, if she were to fall from such a high altitude, she would have suffered a fracture even if she didn’t die.

Snow Maiden’s voice also turned into a seductive tone.
“Now, can you hand over the Cursed Blade Murasama to me? That’s not something you can possess!”

As she spoke, she slowly extended a red hand that looked as if it was covered in red nutmeg juice and opened it in front of Qian Duoduo.
Right now, Qian Duoduo felt like if she dared to say no, she would definitely be torn into two by Snow Maiden!

A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him.
Qian Duoduo pouted and took out three blades from her storage pocket unhappily.
“Beautiful big sister, may I ask if you lost this golden knife or this silver knife? Or it can’t be this broken knife that’s not worth much, right?”

Snow Maiden paid no heed to Qian Duoduo’s antics as she made her way toward the tattered Cursed Blade Murasama.

However, she didn’t expect Qian Duoduo to still be so cheeky even after being reduced to such a state.
With a sneer, she threw the Cursed Blade Murasama far away.
“Even if I throw it away, I will never give it back to you!”

“Uncle West Chicken, catch it! I’ll give this cursed blade to you to play with.
No rent!”

Looking at the Mystic Beast armament flying over, Yang Xi originally intended to use his Metal Transformation ability to directly grab it to his side.
However, he didn’t expect that this demon knife was actually immune to his control!

Yang Xi had no choice but to rely on his superb reflexes to accurately predict where the knife would land and grabbed it.

After Snow Maiden transformed, Yang Xi no longer concealed his tracks.
Qian Duoduo, who was flying in the sky, naturally noticed him

However, he did not expect that this girl would choose to throw the trouble at him.

“This is a Grade-S Mystic Beast armament?”

Under Super Brain’s enhancement, Yang Xi’s five senses were sensitive to the extreme.
Naturally, he’d found out about the origins of this Mystic Beast weapon from the yellow-haired punk.

“It doesn’t look very expensive!”

Before Yang Xi could finish sighing, the yellow-haired punk had already jumped up and slashed at him.

“This girl really had an accomplice! Die!”

His Sword Qi was much weaker than Broken Stream’s.
As expected, even though they were similarly Heritage type Espers, our District One’s martial arts heritage is stronger.

Yang Xi lightly dodged to the side and slashed at the enemy.


The moment he brandished the cursed blade, Yang Xi felt that half of his Spirit Power had been sucked away!

A green light flashed on the broken blade of the Cursed Blade Murasama.
Then, there seemed to be a faint sigh and an extremely fierce blade light shone.

The sword beam passed through the yellow-haired man’s body, leaving behind a crack dozens of meters long on the ground.


The yellow-haired punk barely spat out a word before his body was split into two.

He died with his eyes wide open, nursing a grievance.
Clearly, he had not expected that the opponent could use the cursed blade.

“Hu… Hu…” Yang Xi panted heavily.
He didn’t expect this sword to consume Spirit Power to use.
No wonder it was called a cursed blade!

After Yang Xi had absorbed more Esper Abilities, his Spirit Power had steadily increased and had long surpassed 55sp.
A small portion of his Spirit Power was probably already comparable to several ordinary people.
If it was someone else, they would have long been sucked dry of their Spirit Power with that move and died.

“Sasaki!!! You bastard!!”

Nairang watched helplessly as his companion was cut in half.
He was so angry that his eyes almost popped out.
Without thinking, he directly controlled his two Shadow Clones to surround Yang Xi.
At the same time, his shurikens flew out freely.

Yang Xi didn’t dare to use the cursed blade anymore.
He put his index and middle fingers together and pointed upwards.
Then, the car beside him morphed into a wall and blocked in front of Nairang’s attack.

The shurikens stabbed into the metal wall but were unable to penetrate it.
Yang Xi took the opportunity to use Strip on Sasaki’s body.

[Esper Ability: Sun Moon Tri-Sword Flow

Introduction: Triple blades sword technique.
Can unleash Sword Qi to attack the enemy.

Evaluation: Grade-C.
Actually, even if you have a knife in your mouth, you won’t look very handsome.]

“Damn it!”

Snow Maiden let loose an enraged cry as she descended from the sky with snowflakes fluttering around her!

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