Chapter 26

Yang Xi threw away the withered carnations and placed a bunch of fresh pinkish-blue hydrangea by Yang Feifei’s bedside.

During this period of time, he rarely came to visit his sister.
After all, he had to be busy with work and also secretly collect Esper Abilities and train them on the side.

Due to the lack of exercise, the muscles on his sister’s body had started to atrophy.
Although there were nurses and family members who came to massage her from time to time, it was still an irreversible process.

“Perhaps before I succeed in my revenge, I should find a way to awaken her.”

There were all kinds of supernatural powers in this world.
Perhaps, there was a kind of Esper Ability that could treat Yang Feifei’s current situation.

After leaving the hospital, Yang Xi started making the final preparations to reel in Liu Yuan.

Although he had a convenient mind control Esper Ability, his goal was not just to obtain Liu Yuan, this tool.
His real goal was to use the Esper Ability Potions to lure out the Kunlun Corporation behind Liu Yuan.

When he got home, the series of ingredients that he had bought online earlier had arrived.
Yang Xi started to busy himself with the important prop, “Esper Ability Potion”.

The final product was a mixture of three different drinks.
The top half was blue, and the bottom half was red like a cherry.
After being evenly shaken, it looked as deep and beautiful as the starry sky.

At the same time, Yang Xi had also used his Metal Transformation Esper Ability to create a new mask, Snake.
For now, he would assign the Esper Ability Electric Plasma to this new identity.
If the situation was bad, he could also let this identity use Raging Flames.
The Snake outfit had mercilessly replaced the janitor outfit that had only been used a few times.

Snake was of the same rank as West Chicken and belonged to the same organization.

Yang Xi decided to name the organization “Judgment”.
After all, his original intention for becoming stronger was to judge those fallen Heroes.

The organization’s mission was: Investigate the secret behind the blue pill.

“I should consider upgrading my Morph Esper Ability later.
I can only have two sets of outfit now, and it’s still a little short on choices.”

“The organization’s activities funds also need to be obtained from Young Master Liu, this sucker.
I remember that this guy said that a sum of five million could be transferred directly.
Right, I also need an untraceable bank account.”

There were going to be many transactions later on, and he did not want the other party to know about his identity.
The Shadow Bank provided such services, but the annual fee for their accounts were a little exaggerated.
However, for safety reasons, Yang Xi could only grit his teeth and establish one.

“This time, I have to swindle out the entire starting capital from Liu Yuan!”

The Esper Ability Potion, Shadow Bank account, and the Star Devouring Ring were all prepared.
The most important thing now was to consider which Esper Ability Bead to give to Liu Yuan.

Although Yang Xi could seal Liu Yuan’s Esper Ability through sealing the Esper Ability Bead, to be safe, this Esper Ability could not be too powerful.
For example, if he gave Super Brain to Liu Yuan, the sneak attack of Spirit Shock might even catch Yang Xi off guard.
With all kinds of factors considered, Yang Xi decided to give Liu Yuan the bloodline Esper Ability, Werewolf.

Before activating this Esper Ability, he still needed to transform, and that would give Yang Xi enough time to react.

“I should just give Liu Yuan a Grade-E Esper Ability in the beginning.”

Yang Xi split the Grade-D Werewolf Esper Ability into three Grade-E Esper Ability Beads.
This way, when Liu Yuan completed his tasks for him, there would be room for reward.
He would also be more attentive to the things Yang Xi instructed him to do.

After confirming that everything was prepared, Yang Xi left for work in peace.

The appointed day finally arrived.
The night before, Liu Yuan was already waiting at the agreed upon location, an abandoned factory in the suburbs.

For the sake of this day, he had specially sent away all the guards by his side.
It could be said that he was really going into enemy lines alone.

As for why he came so early, other than the fact that he was too bored at home, the main reason was that Yang Xi did not give him a specific time.

What if the time given by Big Boss West Chicken was midnight?

Liu Yuan believed that if he missed this opportunity, he would definitely regret it for the rest of his life.
He had a strong premonition that he would definitely be able to get what he wanted from Yang Xi.
An Esper Ability.

No matter what price he had to pay, he had to become an Esper.
Only then would he be able to hold his head high in front of his brother and gain the approval of his old man.

As long as he could obtain an Esper Ability, he, Liu Yuan, could definitely become a Grade-A—no, a Grade-S Hero.
At that time, the entire Kunlun Management Agency would have to listen to him.

“Damn, it’s really a little cold here at night.”

Liu Yuan, who was lying in his sleeping bag, hugged his arms tightly and tried to warm himself up.

When Yang Xi arrived, Young Master Liu was actually sleeping soundly.
His snores were thunderous and there was even some mucus on his nose.
It could be seen that he had suffered quite a bit on this cold night.

Yang Xi nodded to himself as he observed for a moment.
Liu Yuan’s attitude made him more confident about his next plan.
After all, the more enthusiastic the latter acted, the easier it was to control him.

Yang Xi walked to Liu Yuan’s side and woke him up with a light cough.

“I’m glad you came as promised.
It seems you still believed my words.”

The smoky voice he chose for West Chicken was also one of the means he used to improve the organization’s image.
The mysterious white-gold mask which concealed Yang Xi’s expressions, would make the people facing him feel more nervous.

Liu Yuan got up in a daze.
After rubbing his eyes, he saw a masked man in a black robe bathing in the morning light, mysterious and powerful.

At this moment, he was exceedingly excited.
Ever since he found out that Raging Flames’ Esper Ability had disappeared, he had been looking forward to this day for the transaction to officially begin.

He quickly got out of the sleeping bag and went forward to hug Yang Xi’s thigh.
He said excitedly, “Big Boss West Chicken!!! I’ve finally waited for you! Previously, it was all my fault for having eyes but not recognizing Mount Tai.
As long as you can give me the Esper Ability, anything you want can be negotiated! Money, women, power.
I can give you anything! My old man can give it to you too.
I think you must know who my old man is.
He’s the head of Kunlun Corporation, a Grade-A Hero, Mechanical Battle Hero!!”

Yang Xi was very satisfied with Liu Yuan’s performance.
This was the correct posture to thirst for power.

“Let go of my legs first.
Next, I’ll tell you how to obtain the Esper Ability.”

The eyes under the white-gold mask emitted a strange glow.
Yang Xi directly activated Puppet Control on Liu Yuan.
For the next month, he would be absolutely loyal to Yang Xi.
At the same time, Yang Xi would be able to share his vision.
This would be of great help to obtain information on the blue pill.

However, after half a minute, Liu Yuan’s eyes still did not have any changes.

“The Esper Ability failed to work?”

“What’s going on?”

“Could it be that this Liu Yuan is actually a hidden expert? He actually has an Esper Ability above Grade-C, but he did not realize it?”

Yang Xi was stunned.
As long as the target’s Esper Ability level was lower than Puppet Control, they would definitely be successfully brainwashed.

Yang Xi broke out in a cold sweat.
At this moment, his thigh was being hugged by a person who seemed to be a Grade-C or above Esper…

This punk… could it really be this coincidental?

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