Chapter 22

At this point, the workspace was already surrounded by guards from the Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center.
Lots of Cash shivered as she hid behind Yang Xi.

Broken Stream gripped the hilt of his saber.
This saber had accompanied him through many battles, and it was chipped in many places.

The Heroes Association had also suggested to help him exchange for a new weapon many times.
After all, as a Grade-A Hero directly affiliated to the Heroes Association, this was the treatment he deserved.

However, he refused.
This old friend had accompanied him for many years, and its existence had long surpassed that of a weapon in his heart.

It was his best friend, his most trusted companion.

After that epic battle, Broken Stream had chosen to return to his hometown and came to Deer Harbor City to work in the Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center as a small director.

In the entire Deer Harbor City, only the branch president of the Heroes Association knew of his existence.

In fact, one of the reasons why he chose to stay in the Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center was that his injuries would not worsen if he stayed in a place where Mystic Beasts were being burned.

Even so, his strength had dropped from Grade-A to Grade-B.

However, that was just his strengths on paper.
If it was a real life-and-death battle, he would still dare to fight a Grade-A Mystic Beast.

He had been here for almost ten years and this place had been safe and sound all along.

Sometimes, the thieves of the Mystic Beasts Merchant Alliance would visit this place, but he always turned a blind eye to them.
After all, no matter which market the materials of the Mystic Beasts landed in, they would eventually be used by humans.
It made no difference in the overall situation.

Moreover, they had already reserved Mystic Beasts parts for the equipment department of the Rare Materials Association long ago.
It was not too much to give some of the remaining soup to these merchants to drink.

However, because he had not rushed to the scene in time today, his staff had suffered heavy casualties.
Although the Heroes Association would not hold him accountable for this, he was extremely vexed at himself in his heart.

In Broken Stream’s opinion, if he had sensed this unusual situation earlier, he might have been able to change this tragedy.

Broken Stream said to the security guards, “All of you, don’t make a move!”

He pointed his saber at Yang Xi and Lots of Cash.
“I know that all of this had nothing to do with you two.”

“However, I’m very unhappy today.
Your actions have also indeed violated the Espers Act.”

He slowly moved his blade.
“If you want to get out alive, try your best to defeat me!”

“As long as you defeat me, no one will stop you!”

“Director!” A voice of protest came from the crowd.
With so many colleagues dead, they did not want to let Yang Xi and the others go.

“Shut up! You shall not question my words!”

Saber Qi from the Big Dipper Saber Technique flowed out continuously.
If Yang Xi wasn’t wearing a mask, his face might have suffered some cuts.

Broken Stream’s aura was intense.
Behind his old voice, there seemed to be a warrior wielding a saber.
He sounded indifferent and cold-blooded.

A dense murderous aura rushed towards Yang Xi.
Yang Xi did not doubt this mad man’s determination to kill them.

Was this a true expert?

Yang Xi suddenly had this realization.
Before this, because of his Strip Esper Ability, he had never really placed Espers and Heroes in his eyes.
It seemed like even Grade-A Heroes were only targets for him to rob Esper Abilities from.

But now, he finally understood that in terms of his potential, he might be able to surpass all his opponents eventually.
However, true ability that was honed through life and death battles was not something that could be obtained through shortcuts.

“In that case, as you wish.”

The moment Broken Stream had appeared, Yang Xi had predicted that this battle would happen.

In the battle just now, he’d exposed his fire and metal manipulation abilities.

However, Broken Stream had not seen him using those two abilities.
Because of the Mystic Beast’s resurrection being too sudden, all the surveillance equipment here was damaged.
Only Lots of Cash, who was behind Yang Xi, had seen him using those two abilities.

According to Yang Xi’s plan, West Chicken should have taken the mental attack route.
Now, it seemed like he had no choice but to include metal manipulation as well.
As for Raging Flames, as long as he brainwashed her later, Lots of Cash would forget all about it.

Although there were very few people with dual Esper Abilities in the Esper world, it was not that rare.
But possessing three Esper Abilities were relatively rare.
In the upcoming battles, if there was no need, Yang Xi would not use anymore Esper Abilities.

“I can only use spirit and metal-type Esper Abilities.”

Among the many Esper Abilities that Yang Xi possessed, there were two Esper Abilities of the spirit type.
The Grade-C Super Brain and Grade-C Puppet Control, were Esper Abilities of the same type so they could be fused together.

However, because Yang Xi had a vague understanding of the relationship between Esper Abilities and Dark Energy, he knew that the fusion of the two Grade-C Esper Abilities would not result in a Grade-B Esper Ability.
Furthermore, the result of the fusion was uncontrollable.
Yang Xi was afraid that after fusing the Esper Abilities, he would lose the current powerful attributes of Puppet Control, so he had never tried to fuse them.

With the cooperation of two Grade-C and one Grade-D Esper Ability, Yang Xi was confident that he could survive against Broken Stream, whose strength had clearly declined.

“Uncle West Chicken, do you have any confidence to defeat this old guy?”

Yang Xi didn’t know how this girl, who was covering her face to prevent herself from being hurt by the Saber Qi, could reveal such a sneaky expression that only money grubbers would have in such a situation.

“I guess so… why don’t you go up instead?”

“Uncle, don’t say that.
As the saying goes, fortune comes amidst danger.
Looking at this lineup, we definitely won’t be able to leave until we beat this old man down.
Moreover, we’re already surrounded.
I can’t leave alone.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I have a set of Mystic Beast armor here.
Are you interested, Uncle West Chicken?”

Lots of Cash took out a seemingly powerful and domineering Mystic Beast armor from her storage bag.

“This is an armor made with materials from a Grade-B Mystic Beast.
It’s extremely expensive.
It’s not too much for me to rent it to you for 10,000 per hour, right?”

Yang Xi really wanted to kick this little money-grubber away with one foot.
At a time like this, she still wanted to scam his money.

However, Yang Xi had never heard of such a Mystic Beast armor before.

Still, Lots of Cash was similarly a grasshopper on the same rope as him right now, so Yang Xi was not afraid of being cheated and simply put on the Mystic Beast armor.

Disregarding the other things, this Mystic Beast armor actually fit quite suitably.
It wasn’t heavy either.
In fact, it was light and didn’t affect Yang Xi’s movements.

“Not bad.
Write down the amount of money I owe you together with the previous debt.
I’ll give it to you when we get out.”

Lots of Cash’s eyes lit up.
“Uncle, you must keep your word!”

Looking at her excited gaze, Yang Xi silently apologized in his heart.
In any case, he would have to brainwash Lots of Cash after this matter was resolved.
At that time, not only would he erase the money he owed, he would also make this little money-grubber owe him 10,000!

The happy Lots of Cash slipped to a corner to watch the battle, unaware that she had unknowingly owed 10,000 dollars.

“Are you ready? Perhaps wearing this armor will make things more interesting!”

Broken Stream, who had already finished gathering his Saber Qi, did not stop Lots of Cash from giving Yang Xi equipment.
Out of his pride as a Hero, he naturally wanted his opponent to be fully prepared before fighting.

Besides, was Yang Xi the only one with Mystic Beast equipment?

This old friend in his hand had an extraordinary background as well!

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