Chapter 10

There were more people in the booth next door than Yang Xi and the others, but similar to them, they had two men among them.
One of them had a dirty braid and wore a hip-hop outfit, while the other had red hair and was wearing a casual suit.

The salesperson was busying around as he wiped the sofa for the youth with the dirty braid.
The youth with the dirty braid, who he had always called Young Master Liu, was lying on the sofa with a big yawn.
The cigarette in his right hand was smoking under the light of the bar.

“I’m so f*cking unlucky today.
If not for my McLaren being driven away by my brother, I wouldn’t have lost to that brat Gao Zhen.
Don’t you agree, Raging Flames?”

Liu Shaochong complained to the red-haired man beside him.
He drained the wine in his left hand and his face flushed red.

The man named Raging Flames threw the dice and shook his head.
“There are always wins and losses in racing.
If you lose this time, just win it back next time.
Don’t blame it on the car.”

Young Master Liu fell silent for a while.
He shook his head as if he had drunk too much just now and changed his posture to rest his hands on his knees.
Leaning forward, he closed the distance between him and Raging Flames.
He tilted his head and said, “Tell me, is the reason why you can’t follow my dad and only be my bodyguard be because you’re not good with words?”

Raging Flames’ emotions did not fluctuate at all.
He did not bother with Young Master Liu’s provocation and only said calmly, “I am not anyone’s subordinate.
I am not your bodyguard by your side.
We just happened to meet at a bar.”

“Hahaha! What about the racing track then? Was it a coincidence as well?”

Raging Flames smiled faintly and took a sip of his wine.
“That’s right, it was a coincidence.
An ordinary person like you just so happened to meet a Grade-C Hero like me every day.”

Young Master Liu’s smile gradually faded.
Suddenly, he gave the girl beside him a tight slap.
“Damn it, are you all just sitting around for nothing? Don’t you know how to fill our cups when there’s no more wine?”

The girl who was slapped was exactly Lin Naixue.
She fell onto the sofa with a “Ah!” and lay on the sofa for about four to five seconds before Lin Naixue got up to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth and staggered to pour a glass of wine for Young Master Liu.

The amber liquid trickled into the wine glass.
Other than the intense music from the bar, the only sound left in the booth was the sound of Raging Flames playing dice.
The other girls sat carefully beside him, not daring to even breathe too loudly.

Yang Xi stood up.

Fan Peng quickly pressed down on his shoulder.
“Do you know who that Young Master Liu is? His name is Liu Yuan, the second son of Kunlun Corporation’s Grade-A hero, Mechanical Battle Hero.
The red-haired man beside him is one of his father’s subordinates, a Grade-C hero, Raging Flames.
Are you, an ordinary person, his match?”

To be honest, the reason Fan Peng brought Yang Xi over today was to let him see Lin Naixue’s work environment.
But seeing this situation, he was also stunned.

Yang Xi gently placed the wine glass on the table.
He patted Fan Peng’s hand and said, “I know, I just need to go to the toilet.”

The music in the bar had grown even more intense at this point, and the people in the booths on both sides were headbanging crazily.

Lin Naixue also noticed Yang Xi standing up.
She covered her face and watched as Yang Xi disappeared into the crowd, her eyes growing dim.

After closing the toilet door, Yang Xi used Morph and chose the West Chicken outfit.
Within 0.01 seconds, a wide black robe, a white-golden mask, and a pair of black leather gloves appeared on Yang Xi’s body.

Then, he used Super Brain and thought about his next step of plans while listening to the commotion outside.
Finally, there was no one outside for the time being.
Yang Xi pushed open the door and walked out.

“It’s time for my performance…”

Yang Xi’s charismatic voice sounded out.
With the help of the Morph ability, Yang Xi’s temperament suddenly became extremely mysterious.

Other than Lin Naixue, who was drinking alone in the corner, the rest of the group were already in a frenzy.

“Drink! Drink! Drink!”

A pile of blue coins were scattered on the table and a girl dressed in revealing clothes was pouring glass after glass of wine into her mouth.

As for Liu Yuan, he had already drunk quite a bit.
He buried his head into the arms of a hostess.

“Why isn’t Yang Xi back yet? Is he having diarrhea?”

Fan Peng wondered if he should give Yang Xi a call to ask about the situation.
Right now, he was feeling a little guilty.
He had taken the initiative to arrange all these.
For Yang Xi to see the girl he liked being beaten up and not daring to make a move, he was sure that this strong-minded brother of his would surely not be feeling good.

At this moment, a mysterious black-robed man slowly walked past Fan Peng’s booth.
Seeing this black-robed man and the white-golden mask on his face, Fan Peng couldn’t help but hold his breath.
He stared blankly as the black-robed man passed by him, instantly feeling a chill run down his spine.

This person was very dangerous! That was Fan Peng’s first thought.

Since Yang Xi had put on the West Chicken outfit, he would try his best to avoid eye contact with Fan Peng.
If anyone found any clues and found him, not only would he implicate Fan Peng, his plans would also go down the drain.

“I heard that you are Mechanical Battle Hero’s son?”

West Chicken leisurely sat in the booth of Liu Yuan and the others.
As his body was wrapped in a black robe, it was difficult to see through his depths.

Liu Yuan, who was already completely drunk, narrowed his eyes and got up from the hostess’s embrace.
“You know my father? That’s right, I’m his son.
What’s the matter? If there’s anything, you have to find my brother.
I’m just a piece of trash! Hahaha!”

“Who are you?”

Raging Flames faintly blocked Liu Yuan behind him.
Although he did not like this second-generation heir, if anything happened to him, he would still suffer a punishment.

As one of the founders of Kunlun Corporation, Mechanical Battle Hero’s power was something that ordinary people and even ordinary Heroes could only look up to.

“Me? I’m just someone who’s here to discuss a deal with Brother Liu Yuan.”

Yang Xi said his lines according to the plan.

After activating Super Brain, his brain was working very rapidly.
On the way out of the toilet, he had already thought of a plan to probe this Kunlun Corporation.

And, the core of this plan was Liu Yuan!

In truth, Yang Xi had long heard of this second son of Mechanical Battle Hero.
His father was a Grade-A Hero, and his brother was also a Grade-A Hero.
Only he did not have any Esper Abilities and was just an ordinary person.
However, his personality was extremely twisted and he had always been jealous of his brother’s talent.

As he did not have any Esper Abilities, he could only relieve his boredom through drinking and fooling around.
Although his father was disappointed in this son, he still arranged for a Grade-C Esper to protect him.

In Deer Harbor City, the strength of a Grade-C Hero was enough to protect him from most dangerous situations.
Whether he raced or fought, it was not a problem.

With the Liu Family and Kunlun Corporation backing him up, he could do whatever he wanted.

“What deal?” Liu Yuan was interested.

However, Raging Flames noticed that something was wrong.
He immediately stood up and said, “Young Master Liu, I think it’s getting late.
It’s about time to go.”

Liu Yuan was a little drunk and lost his rationality.
He stood up and pushed Raging Flames’ hand away.
“Get lost… Get lost! Who do you think you are? Didn’t you hear that… someone wants to discuss a deal with me?”

“Come, come, come, masked man, let’s talk about your deal… Burp, haha, hahaha!”

“You’re drunk.”

Raging Flames grabbed the swaying Liu Yuan and gave a look to the escorts behind him.
“Send him to the car.
I’ll talk to this guy who’s acting mysterious.”

Liu Yuan’s words had angered him.
Since he could not vent his anger on Liu Yuan, he targeted Yang Xi instead.

Since you’re the one who delivered yourself to my doorstep, I’ll just beat you half to death.

“Are you planning to teach me a lesson?”

Yang Xi calmly sat on the sofa and played with the transparent wine glass.
The wine inside was a little murky.

“Actually, I don’t like violence, but since you want to stop me from talking with your master, I can only make a move to let you behave.”

With a bang, a faint flame appeared on the Raging Flames’ fist.

Raging Flames smiled and said, “Then we’ll have to see who’s the one who’s making the other behave.”

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