I Have No Health: Episode 2.1

I fell asleep on my usual bed, but when I woke up, I was in an unfamiliar environment.

I looked around and was surprised when I saw a luxurious room that seemed like a restored room from a 17th-century European royal family.

That was a good description.
This is absurd, but perhaps my playful roommate threw a surprise party.

However, my body’s changed.
It wasn’t my usual oriental skin.
I had dazzling white skin, similar to a person with albino.

When I jumped up in surprise, western looking foreigners gathered in the room and shouted out a name.

“Master Ninena!”

They were all dressed in white.
They looked like doctors.

I was petrified.
I thought I was kidnapped by a group of fanatics who are sprouting nonsense, and will soon have me undergo biological experiments.

Even so, my whole body ached.
It was impossible to pinpoint where the pain was.

As soon as I got up, I felt nauseous, my stomach felt queasy, and my hands trembled along with my feet.

I wondered if I had a severe allergic shock.

But that wasn’t it.
The only explanation left was the fact that I had possessed a character in the book I had read and fallen asleep with.

Who would believe me? This illogical reality!

But I had to believe it.
It’s impossible for all this to be a dream, the pain felt was too real.

As I woke up and repeatedly denied reality, I eventually came to accept it.

There was no time to be saddened by the longing for home and the dissonance from falling into somewhere unknown.

Because death has reached my neck.

“In all likelihood, why this body… Cough! Cough! Cough!”

In indignation, I forgot about my body that was like a piece of glass, and so the air pierced my dry throat as I raged with all my might.

Nausea and coughs occurred at the same time, my head was pounding like crazy.

The coughing did not stop until my pale face turned red.

After suffering from terrible coughs for a long time, my body had no strength.

“Cough, cough…!”


As I lay down on the bed like a corpse, the maids moved hastily and placed a wet cloth on my forehead.

“Master, please have a meal.
You’re going to be in big trouble!”

‘That’s not the problem.
It’s not like I don’t eat because I don’t want to eat..

I swallowed the rising tears and looked at the steaming, savory soup with bitter eyes.

I didn’t mean to protest.

It’s natural that this body is frail, but it’s not like I am going to starve to death.

Let’s get this straight.
It’s not that I didn’t want to eat, rather I couldn’t eat.

I couldn’t swallow the food.

Why? Because the feeling of being able to die at any moment was so eerie.

It was a nightmare for me, like the earth is collapsing and the sea is gushing up.
I can’t live with the thought that my life would soon be eaten.


The maids urged Ninena, but she couldn’t give a proper answer because of her sore throat.

“Just one bite.
I made sure to cook it carefully so that it doesn’t smell too much.”

As if feeling anxious and impatient, the old maid reassured Ninena, presumably to soothe her.

‘Ah… It’s really burdensome.’

I know she’s only worried, but my body hurts and my throat stings whenever I try to speak.


Fortunately, the maids hadn’t realized that their master had changed.

They were always by her side, but most of the time, Ninena was lying like the dead as she is now.

Instead of saying anything, I only groaned, so no one would notice that I had entered Ninena’s body.

Why am I worried about such a trivial thing when my body is on the edge of death!

She was only trying to comfort me, no!

I don’t need comfort, so get me out of this body this instant!

“Ugh! Cough!”

“Ahh! Master!”

What a horrible body! I can’t even get mad in my own consciousness!

After holding back her anger for a long time, it finally subsided.

I had to eat something and save my stamina.

“Then just one bite…”

She took a deep breath and said dryly.
Even though it was a voice that was forcibly squeezed out from her overworked vocal cords, it was heard.

The maid, who discreetly shed tears, gently brushed Ninena’s wet hair as if applauding her.

“That was good thinking.”

The maid spoon-fed the soup little by little with a spoon the size meant for a baby’s.

It was a thin soup that doesn’t require chewing.
There was no flavor, but it tasted delicious.

It’s definitely good… I think I’m going to die.
This is to die for!


“Oh my god! Master!”

That day, I was tired of non-stop vomiting and fell asleep.



The original Ninena generally didn’t get off her bed.
So, there were all sorts of luxuries in the room.

New flowers and new ornaments would appear and disappear every day too, as if they wanted me to feed on them.

Among them, a sparkling golden statue stood out.

Although she couldn’t figure it out, it was secretly sent by Rubenio to wish Ninena well-being and blessing.

But to me, it was just a statue of a goddess.

‘God, what did I do so wrong?’

The goddess, with her hands and eyes shut, only showed off her splendid light with no answer.

It was only natural, but because I felt so queasy, I was so sad that I cried a little.

‘Please, I owe a little debt to the country, but it’s a student loan that everyone has.
I’ll pay it back when I graduate.
If you return me back to my body, I will donate a lot, do a lot of volunteer work, and live an honest life.
If you remember me complaining about my body, please forget everything.
Now I will love my body without any complaints or bickers.

I could see why sick people would become annoyed.
Everything was resentful.
Moreover, I hated the statue of the goddess which didn’t answer.

“Send me back to my body, ugh!”

I jumped up to my feet in anger but I only fell down.
Pain welled up in my chest due to the sudden movement.

This body was as fragile as the feathers of a newborn baby bird, and had to be handled very gently.

‘I’d rather become a baby.’

It seemed that the body of a newborn baby could do a lot more than this now.
A baby can drink milk at the very least.

This body was never going to pass down a spoonful of soup.

It’s surprising that she still can survive.

‘Aren’t there two essentials of possessing a book? Live on as the possessed character and survive by helping the original protagonist.
But how am I supposed to survive?’

I couldn’t afford to think about anything else.
There was only one thing that was important to me, surviving.

In the book, Ninena was destined to die in the winter when she turned 20.

According to the information I got from asking the maids, it’s the autumn of the year I turned 20.

In other words, death was only about three months away.

‘It’s right around the corner! Did you put me in this sh*t only for me to live a three-month life?’

I wanted to live, but there was a cliff ahead.


Nineina’s death was no one’s fault.
It was because her body, already a miracle for surviving so long, could not overcome the freezing winter.

‘Should I go somewhere warm?’

That wasn’t a good idea either.

I’m certain that this body would die right away if I do something like travelling.

In fact, Ninena’s cause of death was not hypothermia.
Sure, the cold may have weakened her body, but it was not the main cause.

Her death came from her doomed weak body.

Her body was barely induced with all kinds of medicines and nourishing food.

By the time she was 20, she couldn’t even walk alone.

She’s already reached her limits.

The winter cold may have pushed the limits, but the underlying problem lies elsewhere.

‘Then what should we do?’

Thinking about it won’t make a difference.
There was only one condition required to survive.

‘What am I asking? There is only one way out! I must be healthy!’

Even if I moved my body even a little, I had to fight to get rid of my sagging posture.

There was no disease, so the method was simple.
I needed to eat well, do regular rehabilitation exercises, and do my best to remain unstressed.

‘I don’t think this is a situation where I can remain calm…’

I came into this body right after Ninena had caught a terrible cold.

I was already in bad shape, and when I asked Meia about this and that, I received a huge shock, causing me to lose all strength.

I have to actively move around.

It was painful enough to be stuck in the room, and the bed.
But I also had a bad temper.
What I really needed was to have the persistence to do this.

‘Doctors stated that there are cases of terminal cancer patients who have not given up.
Let’s go to the mountains, get some fresh air and eat healthily.
Why can’t I? I wish to live.’

Staying healthy.

Although it seems difficult, it’s easy once you understand.

All we had to do was give up some of the pleasures that bring satisfaction to humans.

‘I can live.
I will survive, even in a place like this, with a body like this… I’m going to survive.’

A changed environment.
Precious people who I can’t meet.
My previous body.

I forcibly pushed away the melancholy and sadness that came over me even when I was deep in my thoughts.

A gloomy haze filled my head.

‘Let’s not think about anything else.
Eating! Just keep thinking about eating!’

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