The butler’s eyes widened.

I don’t know which particular word it was, but it seemed that he was impressed with what I said.

“May I dare to state my opinion?”


The noble middle-aged man’s faithful eyes were burdensome, so Nineina slightly averted her eyes.

“It’d be good to leave a mark so that today’s mistakes can be engraved deep in her bones.”


The mark that Caesar had engraved came to mind.

I imagined a magical pattern imprinted on Meia’s body, but that thought soon disappeared.

“Why don’t you cut off several tips of her body, such as fingers, toes or ears?”

The butler’s eyes, as he calmly explained as if that much would be adequate, were cold.

To the butler, I was the Master that required protection, and Meia was the slave who dared to put such a Master in danger.

Although I was very surprised by the change in the butler’s demeanor, in this world, his idea of punishment will be taken for granted.

I knew at first glance that this place was different from modern times, but that fact came to mind.

‘I had no intention of defending Meia but…….’

My sensibility as a modern person remained, and Nineina’s face hardened by itself.

“….Isn’t that a bit too much? It’s not like Mayer did that on purpose.
It isn’t Mayer who activated the magic stone, and he probably didn’t know how to turn it off nor on.
So, perhaps he got caught in the water whilst trying to deactivate it….”

(QC/N: reminder, Meia is cross dressing, so it’s Mayer.)

The butler looked at me with tender eyes.

It was a face that pitied me, who was naive for believing all of a slave’s words.

“Then, what about leaving him to starve for seven days as punishment?”

The butler went along with me instead of refuting.
It wasn’t a butler’s job to dare and speak out to their master.

‘Isn’t she going to die of starvation in seven days?’

I was horrified inside.

Maybe it’s due to the fact I’ve never had to starve before, but I wasn’t sure if it would be okay for a hard-working slave to starve for a week.

“Any ideas for a long-term punishment? Seven days are too short.”

I tried not to particularly disagree with the butler’s words.

I didn’t entirely know the storyline for this time period yet, so I have no desire to interfere with it unless the sun comes back.

I was hoping for a lighter punishment in the long run instead of a heavier and longer one.

Threats to the life or bodily harm of the protagonist were disinclined.

Of course, it was for my own safety.

I also needed time to observe the character known as Meia.

The experienced butler must’ve seen through my reluctance for a cruel punishment.

He was willing to follow my wishes, concealing his true wills.

“How about cleaning the stables for a month and only sleeping 4 hours a day.
Reducing bedtime is one of the things that slaves are most reluctant to do, so it should be worthy enough as a punishment.”

I carefully weighed the butler’s words.

I had no problems with the punishment since cleaning the stables would be ordinary cleaning.

‘And sleeping 4 hours a day…….’

It reminded me of my high school days.

When the SAT was just around the corner, even 4 hours felt like a luxury,

Even though a month of repetition may severely damage the body, the people of this world are strong.

And considering Meia’s condition, I figured it’d be okay to shorten the period.

“Then, we’ll go with that.”


“Also, bring him to my room three times a week, I have questions.”

My heart pounded nervously as I thought of an excuse if the butler asks for further details.

The butler seemed to be puzzled by my interest in a mere slave, but didn’t say anything.

“I will.”

The punishment for Meia has been decided.

In other words, this dilly-dallying is over.

I returned on the backs of the servants, which supported me.

Adios, lovely sun!

I’m tired of this, time for bed!


I’m stuck in bed once again, but now I have all of this room to myself.

“I’m capable of shaking the bell now.”

There is no way to hide my joy.

Because this is a victory for humanity!

I smiled and reached for the bedside table.

The golden bell, which was made as small and light as possible considering the strength of its owner, was lifted and lowered slightly in Nineina’s hands.

“If something happens, I just need to shake the bell, if nothing happens…….
What shall we do now?”

People’s gazes were burdensome, so I chased them all away, but it was boring to lay down and do nothing by myself.

“Shall I even run around the bed, which I had put off earlier?”

There was no time to slack off if I wanted to be healthy.

I surveyed the bed’s surroundings and floor carefully because I didn’t know what would happen to this glass-like body if I were to trip over something.

I dawdled slowly like a person who was very sick, but the graceful yet pained-looking gait, which was well-kept, was a characteristic of this body.

“I’m glad that it’s one of this body’s habits because I naturally followed it.”

If I had walked around like my usual self, people would have thought it was strange, so I was very fortunate.

This fact also applies to all activities of this body, not only her gait.

It was thanks to this body’s memory that I was able to casually speak the language of this world and read illegible, foreign characters.

I was able to use this body so naturally.

As if I’ve used it for a long time.

But I’m not accustomed to it either.

Huh………What kind of body… is this!”

I whimpered and continued to move my heavy foot like a pendulum.

I looked at myself in the mirror across the bed.

The mirror reflected a pale blonde woman with a dull face.

I looked in the mirror bitterly, feeling an unavoidable sense of incompatibility at my changed appearance.

Black hair and black eyes.

I didn’t know that I’d miss that common color terribly because I didn’t possess it anymore.

It’s sad that I only see it’s value once I lose it.

‘I’ve decided to focus on my health instead of thinking about all that.’

I glared at the mirror with strength in my swollen eyes.

After a while, I regained my composure.

I stood close to the mirror and lifted my bangs.

“What do you see that I don’t?”

I know that Caesar had left a mark on my forehead, but I couldn’t see anything.

It seemed to be a special mark that only psychics could recognize.

“It can’t be seen in other people’s eyes, right?”

Given that the butlers and maids didn’t say anything, it’s clear that no one else could see it.

I accepted his offer thinking it’d be a tattoo, but it’s a relief that it’s hidden.

“If I call Sona, will I be able to see him with my eyes?”

The wind gathered around me as I muttered unintentionally.

The transparent air swayed in a deep green light, creating a small, lovely fairy.

“Oh, my gosh…….”

My heart fluttered.

‘It’s so cute, cuddly and adorable!’

I was surprised at how such a lovely creature could exist.

Its face, body, and even the small wings on its back were all pale, but they weren’t strange at all.

The petite wings that made a fluttering sound as if it couldn’t fly without constantly flapping its wings, and the innocent look created by the plump cheeks and docile eyes was the best highlight.

It was so cute, it made me a little dizzy.

My staggering back was supported by something solid and hard.

“Is this a shield?”

Poking the transparent light blue shield, Sona shyly nodded, confirming that it was her doing.

Heat rose to its cheek.

I wanted to touch it, but I couldn’t because I was afraid Sona would be surprised.

Also, to summon a spirit, it would consume Caesar’s mana.

“I’d love to stay with you, but I can’t just use Caesar’s mana like this………..
How do I send you back?”

“I’m the one who sends it back,”

“I see.
It’s your duty to send it back….

I looked around to where I heard the voice.

Caesar stood outside the window with an expressionless face.

‘Isn’t this the second floor?’

Confused, I walked towards him.

“What are you doing there? How are you there? Is there anything for you to step on?”

There should be something supporting him because he’s standing like that, but I didn’t know the exact answer.

He opened the window, spilling his words to the surrounding.

(QC/N: ‘대중’ means public or masses.
It seems a little weird in this case, so I replaced it with surroundings.)

“May I come in?”

Caesar, who leaned slightly into the window, was already full of momentum to come in.

For some reason, his expression felt nasty.

“Well, go ahead.”

I nodded my head in approval.

Walking in with a cold face, he glanced at me before moving it onto Sona.

“Go back.”

Upon the contractor’s cold command, the spirit bowed her head sullenly and disappeared.


It was very sad, but I couldn’t help it.
It’s because he had the upper hand.

I called its name by mistake and summoned it.”

Caesar is the mana provider, so whenever the spirit is summoned, he will be alerted.

Seeing that he’s walking around with an angry expression, I guessed it.

“Are you angry?”

Caesar gritted his teeth with a squeaking sound.

My heart throbbed at how rough it was.

“I need to engrave it again.”

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