at, I might as well focus on catching mosquitoes diligently.’


Suddenly, a tiny bug catches his eye.


It has wings, but they’re too small.


‘I don’t know if it’s a bug or a bird’


But when I take a closer look, it looks like a bat, so is it an insect?


It’s too small for a bat, so it might be a bug, but it’s also too big for a bug.


“It looks really weird.”


It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bug or a bat.


After all He’s the natural enemy of the vampires.


“Come at me!”


I said.


Surprisingly, at that moment, the creature’s form becomes blurry and then it disappears from his sight.


 It was as if it had turned invisible.




Even that won’t fool Junyoung’s eyes, who has the ability to detect bloodsuckers.






The amount of blood splattered is a bit excessive compared to a normal mosquito.


It must have sucked off a lot of human blood from somewhere.


Its scream is also much louder than that of a normal mosquito.


[You’ve levelled up].


At the same time, a pleasant notification came.




My level has increased to 3.


【Name】 Kang Junyoung

【Level】 3

【Mana】 160/160


Apart from the increase of 40 points in mana, there doesn’t seem to be any noticeable changes.
However, feeling a surge of energy, it feels like both his stamina and strength have slightly increased.


“So, I guess I have to kill those strange bloodsuckers to level up?


Previously too, I levelled up when I killed a strange mosquito that felt more like a wasp than a normal mosquito.


And just now, I levelled up by killing a bat-like bug.


‘Could they be a dangerous type of bloodsucker?’


I have a strong feeling that they are.


‘Then I have to find them and kill them.’


I look around to see if there are any more of those dangerous bloodsuckers, but there are only ordinary mosquitoes.








Whether they’re dangerous or not, they’re still mosquitoes.


-Emergency at the gate’s north entrance! Dangerous bloodsuckers have been spotted! Requesting support from the special containment team!


That’s when I heard the urgent voice.


It’s coming from the radio inside the helmet.


-At the west gate, a large number of dangerous bloodsuckers have been spotted! Urgent assistance needed!


-Emergency at the gate’s north entrance! Numerous dangerous bloodsuckers are appearing! Re..requesting support from the s..special containment team… aaaah!


What is happening there?


Looks like there’s a lot of trouble going on because of those dangerous bloodsuckers!


Just then, someone rushes toward Joon-young on a motorcycle.




‘Hunter Park Yura?’


Although she’s wearing a helmet and a protective suit, it doesn’t hide her slender figure.


Kang, get on the back, we need urgent backup at the west side of the gate right now!”




“The Children’s Grand Park gate has four gates, east, west, south, and north, and where Mr.
Jun-young is right now at the east gate.”


It would take quite a while to go to the west gate, but it shouldn’t take long on a motorbike.


“Wait a minute, Ms.


“What’s wrong?”


“You’ve been bitten by a bloodsucker in two places, haven’t you?”


The words came out of Joon-young’s mouth reflexively as he approached near Park Yura.


“How do you know that?”


Park Yura was stunned.


Two bloodsuckers had bitten her on the back of her left hand through a tear in her glove that occurred while she was fighting against the monsters.


Even after treating the wound with medicines, she is in great pain.


However, the wound is not visible from the outside because she has put on a new glove after receiving first aid.


It’s surprising that Jun-young recognizes it right away.


‘Do you have a clairvoyant ability?’


I can detect bloodsucker bites.
Take off your gloves for a second.”




Park Yura grimaced in pain as she pulled off her gloves.


There are two wounds on the backs of her hands, which were swollen and reddened, and looked awful.




But as soon as Joon-young lightly rubs them with his hand, the swelling disappears.


Not to mention, her skin has been restored to its original condition.


Park Yura’s eyes widened Inside the helmet.


“Wow, it’s like a miracle.”


“You’re fine now, right?”


Thank you very much.
Honestly, I was holding it in, I really thought I was going to die from the pain.”


“I’m glad I could be of help.”


It’s a strange feeling to have someone thank you for healing their wounds.


I feel like I’m a healer.


“I can’t believe you’re just an F rank, you look more like a C rank healer.”


“Well, it can only work on bloodsuckers, so it’s not that great.”


“These days, it’s rare to find a gate that doesn’t have bloodsuckers in it, so even if you’re a non-attribute Awakener, Mr.
Jun-young’s ability is pretty special.
Anyway, we’re in a hurry right now, so get in the back and hold onto my waist so you won’t fall off!”




JunYoung got on the back, and Park Yura said as she immediately set off.


“Actually, when the mana mosquito net was still on, the bloodsuckers didn’t approach us, but as soon as its duration ended, the bloodsuckers seemed to recognize it and swarmed us like ghosts.”


“I’ll unfold it again then.”


A red beam of light shot out of Junyoung’s hand and enveloped Park Yura’s body.


“Thank you, but how did the duration increase to 30 minutes?”


“I just levelled up to level 3.”


Jun-young smiled with pride.


“Really? It must have been difficult for you to kill monsters by yourself.”


“I just killed a few mosquitoes.”


“Oh my God, you can level up just by killing mosquitoes?”


Park Yura looks back up from her motorcycle in surprise.


“Not ordinary mosquitoes, I have to kill the stronger ones.”


“Still, it’s a total scam.
But congrats on levelling up!”




It’s a strange feeling to be congratulated for levelling up.


Especially from a Rank C professional Hunter.


I finally feel like a realHunter.


-Dangerous bloodsuckers appeared in front of the West Gate.
The Specialized Quarantine Team is using flamethrowers, but it’s not enough! We have many casualties! We need assistance!


Meanwhile, the urgent voice in my helmet continues.


The number of bloodsuckers is so high that they’ve even mobilised flamethrowers.


“We have to hurry, hold on tight!”




Park Yura sped up her motorbike when she heard the message.


Jun-young couldn’t help but wrap his arms around her waist to keep himself from falling off.


‘This is embarrassing’


Why do I always get sleepy when I’m on a ride?


‘This damn stamina of mine.’


It’s not even a bus or a car, it’s just a motorbike.




Park Yura turned around at the sound of a muffled snore from behind her, giving a puzzled look.


“What, are you sleeping now?”

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