A faint voice resounded in the hall.

As they scattered, the 1200 white cloud guards had already assembled in front of the White Cloud City Lord’s residence.

These people were all wearing bright silver armor.

Even though they weren’t supreme class relics, they were still heaven-grade spiritual tools produced by the sky treasure Pavilion, and their defensive abilities were extremely powerful.

In addition, they also had heaven-grade spiritual weapon standard Spears in their hands, which could be said to be both offensive and defensive.

Any one of them could put up a fight against someone at the Tribulation passing stage!

And when these white cloud guards released their powerful auras …

In an instant, 1200 traces of spirit-refinement realm aura swept out and turned into an invisible mountain, towering above their heads.

At this moment.

Even if an expert in the sea of consciousness came here and faced this aura head-on.

In an instant, his Dao heart would be suppressed and he would be scared before the battle.

In front of the city Lord’s mansion.

Ye Zilong looked at the majestic white cloud guards in front of him and felt a sense of courage.

With these white cloud guards, they would be able to coordinate with the White Cloud City’s earth vein formation.

Unless the dynasty’s old ancestor came, the cultivators in the city were no enemies below heavenly God-level that they could not suppress!

At that moment, a face appeared in ye Zilong’s mind.

When he thought of Lin anruo, ye Zilong’s body couldn’t help but feel hot.

“After we capture that little lady, let her have a taste of this young city Lord’s power!”

Thinking of this, ye Zilong couldn’t wait and shouted,”

“Let’s go!”

At his command, commander Bai led the way on his Warbeast, and the 1200 white cloud guards quickly followed behind.

As the city Lord seal was taken away by Ye City when they left, ye Zilong could not use the earth vein formation to move the White cloud guards directly to the Liu residence.

They could only rush over in such a grand manner.

The entire Liu residence was completely unaware of the White cloud guards that were about to arrive.

Lin anruo and ping Xiu were left in the side hall.
The former was waiting anxiously, but the latter suddenly opened her eyes.

The next moment

A figure appeared in the hall out of thin air.

Lin anruo looked at the figure who had suddenly appeared.
Even though the face was a little unfamiliar, Lin anruo could still sense a familiar aura from the other party.

“Young master Liang!”

She didn’t care that ping Xiu was still in the hall.
In her joy, she directly pounced on him.

Gong Ziliang pulled Lin anruo into his arms, feeling the amazing elasticity of his palm and feeling restless.

“This little girl has become even more attractive after not seeing you for a while.

As he allowed Lin anruo to hang on his body, gongzi Liang’s hands unconsciously began to move up and down Lin anruo’s body.

Sensing Gong Ziliang’s movements, Lin anruo sniffled and immediately thought of something.
Like a frightened White Rabbit, she hurriedly jumped away and escaped from Gong Ziliang’s demonic grasp.

Lin anruo looked at ping Xiu with a flushed face.
When she saw that ping Xiu’s eyes were tightly shut and that he wasn’t moving, she stuck out her tongue.

Her cheeky and charming manner caused gongzi Liang’s heart to flutter.

Just as he was about to step forward to feel the residual warmth of his palm, Lin anruo saw through his intentions and took half a step back.””Young master Liang, why did you disguise yourself as someone else?”

Lin anruo’s question reminded gongzi Fang that he hadn’t returned in disguise.

Removing the myriad transformation technique and returning his appearance to his original one, gongzi Liang said,””Don’t mention it.
I bumped into someone at the South Gate.
I’m wanted in the city now.”

As soon as gongzi Liang finished speaking, pingxiu, who was pretending to be an old monk in meditation, coughed uncontrollably.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

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