He wanted to remind Liu Rui not to have any ideas about Lin anruo, so as not to bring disaster to the Liu family.

It was true that Liu Rui was lustful, but he was not stupid.

Even if Ma Yuan’s dantian had not been destroyed, he would not dare to lay a finger on a woman that Ma Yuan had taken a fancy to, even if she was stripped naked and presented to him.

Therefore, he did not listen to Liu Feng’s warning at all.

On the other hand, Liu Rui’s face turned pale when he found out that Lin anruo had such a close relationship with the Liu family.

In his mind, Liu Rui could already imagine the fury that the Liu family would face from the dynasty’s ancestor.

The Liu family was finished!


The Liu family was not finished yet!

As long as he could tie Lin anruo up in time and send her to young master Ma.

When the time comes, I’ll ask ye Zilong to talk to the city Lord and plead for mercy for the Liu family.
Maybe that old ancestor will be lenient!

With that in mind, Liu Rui ran into the hall.

With his cultivation in the spirit-refinement realm, he unleashed a heavy wave of spirit Qi in an attempt to suppress Lin anruo.

Liu Feng’s pants were almost wet when he saw this scene.

He didn’t know what Liu Rui was up to.

He was about to attack Lin anruo.

However, he thought of Liu Rui’s carefree attitude.
What if he used too much force and Lin anruo ended up in trouble?

If that great God knew about it later, the Liu family would definitely be in deep trouble!

Liu Feng didn’t have the time to think.
He immediately made a move to protect Lin anruo.

Someone was faster than him!

A cold snort came from behind Lin anruo.

Immediately, an overbearing spiritual Qi tide with a royal aura that could suppress everything rolled up.

Liu Rui’s spirit Qi was crushed as soon as it came into contact with the spirit Qi tide.

Following that, the spiritual energy tide did not lose its momentum.
It was as if it wanted to devour everything as it charged towards Liu Duan.

The person who attacked was none other than ping Xiu.

Although his mind was immersed in the divine Dao technique, he did not ignore the movements of the outside world.

He reacted the moment Liu Rui made his move.

Facing the lightning and fire, it was like the collapse of a River and the ocean, pressing down on the spiritual energy tide above his head.

Liu Rui was suddenly filled with fear.
His fragile mind was shrouded by an unprecedented aura of death.

“Do not hurt my son!”

Suddenly, a familiar shout rang out as the cavalry charged forward.

As the sound exploded in Liu Rui’s ears, it also woke him up.

Seeing Liu Feng’s figure in front of him, the Qi of the sea of consciousness realm turned into an invisible mountain wall, blocking the violent tide of spiritual Qi.

Only then did Liu Rui get rid of the aura of death that shrouded his mind.

However, Liu Feng did not relax at all.
Instead, he was extremely anxious.

Because the spiritual Qi tide came wave after wave, and every time it hit, it was like a raging wave hitting the shore, making his Qi movement unable to hold on for long.

Furthermore, Liu Feng could clearly see that the spirit Qi tide was just a subconscious counterattack from the person behind Lin anruo.

The strength that he could display might only be one-thousandth of that person ‘s.

However, even with his cultivation of level three sea of consciousness realm, he could not resist such a casual attack!

What did this mean? the other party’s cultivation base was at least at the late sea of consciousness realm!

“No wonder this girl dared to run back.
She found a backer!”

Liu Feng was enlightened, but at the same time, he felt a sense of regret.

Previously, he had placed all his attention on Lin anruo and neglected ping Xiu.

Otherwise, if he had discovered ping Xiu’s strength earlier, he would not have ended up in this situation.

It was too late to say anything now.
Liu Feng could only hope that the other party would not dare to start a massacre in the White Cloud City.

Otherwise, the Liu family would be in grave danger today!

He was thinking.

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