p>Don’t be fooled by the fact that they were the leader of the four great clans in White Cloud City.

However, if they really offended a heavenly God, the Liu family would probably be wiped out of the White Cloud City before they could see the sun the next day.

If it wasn’t for that great medium, there wouldn’t have been any news of a breakthrough.

Otherwise, no matter how close he was with Lin anruo’s father, Liu Feng would have sent someone to ask Lin anruo to leave.

Liu Feng forced a smile and said,””Given my relationship with your father, I should have properly welcomed niece anruo’s arrival.”

“But you should have heard of what happened outside the city recently.”

“The birth of the divine seed has even alarmed the old ancestor.”

“White Cloud City is even more chaotic.
I’ve been ordered by the city Lord to be in charge of the city’s defense, and I can’t get away from it even for a moment.”

“So, niece anruo, why don’t uncle send someone to send you back to the Lin family first?”

Is he asking me to leave?

How could Lin anruo not understand the meaning behind Liu Feng’s words? he was beating around the bush because he was afraid that she would bring trouble to the Liu family if she stayed here for another second.

“Ah …”

Lin anruo sighed in her heart.
She knew that Liu Feng had his own reasons for doing this.

Just as he was about to leave.

“Father, your son has returned.”

“I heard that there’s a guest at home, and a beauty at that …”

Outside the hall, a shrill voice that seemed to be speaking with a pinched throat came in.

Immediately after, a face that was dressed up with a greasy face came to the outside of the hall.

Upon hearing the sound, Liu Feng didn’t need to look back to know that it was his good-for-nothing son.
He had finished fooling around outside and knew that he was back.

Liu Rui.

As for this fifth Madam, she had given birth to nine daughters before welcoming a son.

Since the moment Liu Rui fell to the ground, Liu Feng had been worried sick.

All kinds of treasures were given to Liu Rui as food.

She brought him wherever she went and did not dare to let Liu Rui out of her sight for even a second.

When Liu Rui grew up, Liu Feng even spent a lot of money to invite the patriarchs of the sect to train Liu Rui.

Whatever the Liu family had, they would give it to them.

What the Liu family didn’t have, Liu Feng would get it for Liu Rui even if he had to put down his old face.

He was really afraid of melting in his mouth and falling in his hands.
He was so pampered that he was calling himself the heavens.

However, it was also because of this that Liu Rui had a foppish personality.

He couldn’t stand the pain of cultivation and lived every day, angering the teachers that Liu Feng had spent tens of thousands of gold to hire.

Fortunately, Liu Feng’s investment did not go to waste.

With the help of the treasures, Liu Rui managed to break through to the spirit-refinement realm.

With Liu Rui’s talent, it was not impossible for him to reach the sea of consciousness realm in his lifetime.

However, Liu Feng understood that with Liu Rui’s temperament, it was very unlikely that he would be able to condense a divine fire in his life.

After Liu Rui achieved the spirit-grade, Liu Feng dismissed the teachers he had found.

Liu Rui would have to walk the rest of the way on his own.

Anyway, as long as he didn’t leave the White Cloud City, no matter how much trouble Liu Rui caused, he could bear it with his meager reputation.

Fortunately, after Liu Rui was released, he did not do anything out of line as Liu Feng had worried.

Instead, he hung out with the city Lord’s youngest son and the children of several large families in the city.

Ever since Liu Rui entered the entertainment circle, he spent almost all night in the city.

For a family like the Liu residence, it was impossible for them to return unless they spent all the money in their pockets.

However, Liu Feng was happy to see this happen.

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