out a square box.

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He placed it on the bed and opened it to see that it was an apple-sized, crystal clear stone with a faint fog surrounding the surface.


Looking at this spirit stone, Gong Ziliang was extremely excited, but when he thought about whether this spirit stone could be successfully charged, he paused.


When everything was ready, Gong Ziliang looked at the progress bar and said seriously, “Charge! Spirit stone!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the original 99.99% number on the progress bar that had been stuck for five years directly jumped to 100%!

At the same time, the spirit stone in the box disappeared.

[Ding! Detected that the Ingot currency has been successfully charged.
The Legendary System has been activated!]

[The Legendary System that can stun the world is specially sponsored by White Fox!]


[Registered successfully.
Creating a game scene…]

Gong Ziliang: ???

“White what?”


At this moment, a pleasant voice sounded in Gong Ziliang’s ears.
At the same time, the progress bar suddenly transformed into a ray of light that flew into his forehead and entered his body.


After the Legendary System was successfully activated, a 4K resolution screen appeared in Gong Ziliang’s vision.



What confused Gong Ziliang was why this system was different from others.

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In his previous life, he had read many novels.
For example, those written by the extremely handsome novelist1 White Fox.
After signing in for 18 years at the beginning, the main character became directly invincible.


As for Gong Ziliang?

This… This was definitely not the legendary game where one slash could kill 999 people.


Looking at this 4K resolution screen, it displayed: Character, Inventory, Skill, Forging, Artifact, Divine Beast, Boss, Shop…


At the top were a few golden icons.
Looking at them in a daze, he saw: Sign-In, First Purchase, Newcomer Gift Bag, $1 Special Price Purchase, Limited Time Purchase, VIP Privilege, Divine Armament Gift Bag, etc.


Looking at this familiar scene, Gong Ziliang broke down.

“Oh my god! I didn’t expect this! I didn’t expect that after five years of hard work, after a full five years! In the end, I activated such a legendary game!”


Towards all of this, Gong Ziliang found it hard to accept.
If there was a piece of white tofu now, he wished he could immediately smash his head into it!

Just as Gong Ziliang was about to collapse, the pleasant female voice sounded in his ears again.

As she spoke, images appeared in Gong Ziliang’s vision.

[Dear! Are you still troubled by the fact that you can’t defeat a demon beast? Are you still dejected because you can’t defeat your brother? Then quickly charge $6 to purchase the first gift bag worth 1688 ingots!]


[$6 First Purchase Gift Bag: Levelless Red Weapon + 1 Profound-rank Skill Book + 5 Low-level Experience Pills + 1 Million Copper Coins + 100 Augmenting Stones + 100 Star Ascension Stones + Immediate VIP 1!]


Before Gong Ziliang could react, the female voice continued.


[$1 Special Limited Time Gift Bag: 1 Level 1 Leveling Scroll + 1 Million Copper Coins + 100 Augmenting Stones + 100 Star Ascension Stones!]

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[$3 Divine Paralysis Ring Gift Bag: 1 Divine Paralysis Ring + 1 Million Copper Coins + 33 Augmenting Stones + 33 Star Ascension Stones!]

[$6 Armor Protection Gift Bag: Levelless Armor Triple Set (Top, Pants, Boots)!]

[$18 Strengthening Gift Bag…]

[$28 Beast Control Gift Bag…]

[$38 Skill Gift Bag…]

[$58 Magic Artifact Gift Bag…]

[$98 Growth Investment…]

[$128 Lifetime Monthly Card…]



[All the above payments will be included in the VIP Privilege experience…]

[In order for you to develop smoothly in the early stages, the system suggests that you charge up to purchase the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag or the $1 Special Limited Time Gift Bag!]



Gong Ziliang was utterly stunned.

Was… was this really the system?

Was this really not a pay-to-win game?


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